SAP Concur Pro Tip: How to Use TripIt’s “Go Now” Feature

SAP Concur Pro Tip: How to Use TripIt’s “Go Now” Feature

if you’re anything like me, you make a lot of day trips for business meetings. I live in Seattle and frequently visit our San Francisco office only for the day, and it’s really hard for me to concentrate in the afternoon meetings when I’m anxious about what time I should leave for the airport. Or maybe you wake up in new places and don’t want to have that “Hey, what time should I leave for the airport if my flight is at 6:00?” conversation again. Good news for you and me – the fine folks at TripIt just released a feature called ‘Go Now.’ 24 hours before any US domestic flight, you can check Go Now to see a suggested time to leave, based on your location, current flight status, and local traffic patterns. Then two hours before you need to leave, a countdown timer will begin showing you how long you have until it’s time to head to the airport. It’ll even send you a push notification 10 minutes before it’s time to go. Once you’re on your way, TripIt Pro’s Go Now feature will show your estimated arrival time. Well, Jon (that’s me), now that I know when to leave, what about finding the best way to get there? The new TripIt Navigator feature has a search tool that shows me the transportation options, along with estimated costs and travel times for each option. Nice.

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