Sanders’ plan to protect journalism draws concern

Sanders’ plan to protect journalism draws concern

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  1. not a free press it's a mocking for bird press one says something and they all say something in other words there's nothing free about it it's just reap Pete and Repeat sitting on the fence Pete fell off who was left same thing over and over again you get online 1 company or just name a name CNN NBC you know CBS all these name the Free Press it's a bulshit is what it is because you know do your own investigation basically it's just repeating what's already been said on television any given day you can turn it on anything new they say it and then the next one says it then the next one word for word

  2. Seeing Trump supporters defend the Mainstream media now that Bernie is criticizing it is beautiful hypocrisy <3

  3. The Washington post ran 16 negative stories about Bernie Sanders in 16 hours and conservatives think he’s beloved by the media LMAO

  4. Bernie is tax crazy he wants to tax the weather, for a guy who never had a job he's been living off of tax payers all his life he has more schemes to tax everything and everybody but himself. Bernie will tax the fleas on a dog.


  6. These people at Fox News living in their own bubble have clearly never heard of the BBC, which is leagues above any corporate news in America.

  7. That hurt to watch… it’s like they all agreed but disagreed and were arguing over details (except for the Janeane Garafaolo lookalike in the bottom left who had to grit her teeth and smile while everyone else got to butt in)

  8. Go home Bernie and spend some time with your wife before she or both of you go to prison for the loan fraud in the money that you and your wife took from the college and the banks

  9. Hilarious–and telling–that Fox News doesn't like Bernie's plan to split journalism from corporate domination. Fox News is the primary propaganda organ of corporate rule. It uses the taxpayer-funded publicly-owned airwaves to distract the 99% from the fact that its corporate masters are fleecing millions from our pockets.

  10. Bernie is trying to help make media more independent less cooperative control and this corporate media doesn't want more independents media? Haha

  11. Sanders protects journalism and now after a $trillion medicare for all? Hmm🤔.
    What Bernie wants to protect journalism from? The most media in USA is Democrats players and also Democrats have media plantation around world in every Nation. The journalism is also one of the medicare policies the Democrats effectively used and using. That's how Democrats opened many channels of TV and even started Youtubing to make money with kick of likes. If Sanders protects journalism then what Obama/Michelle doing with media journalism? And many journalist and media journalism got addicted to sharing-caring of news with meat and lusty toppings.

  12. Mr. Trump promised during his first campaign to eliminate the national debt “over a period of eight years,” but huge debt does not seem to matter much to him now. In his State of the Union address this year, he did not utter the words “debt” or “budget deficit” once.

    His biggest legislative success, for instance, was a $1.5 trillion package of tax cuts for individuals and corporations that has pushed the national debt higher than nonpartisan forecasters projected.

    “This is Keynesian on crack,” said Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist, referring to the theory — to which he is sympathetic — that the government can stimulate the economy through aggressive steps like cutting taxes and increasing spending. “We have the largest tax cut ever,” Mr. Bannon added, “and $4 trillion in government spending.”

  13. There is no journalism left. It's propaganda leftist Protectionism. We've been in the dark about so many ill deals within our government whether Trade deals or state laws. Now we see how corrupt and one sided everything has been thanks to social media, actual investigative Journalist and a more transparent white House.

  14. Our elections are far more influenced by biased journalism than by any other nation. We have become a country manipulated by biased, misleading propaganda.

  15. I agree that we need a CONCRETE solution on our border! The concrete should be placed , very carefully, in the mouths of those trying to change our laws, our freedom, our government, AND WORST OF ALL, OUR AWESOME CONSTITUTION WHICH IS THE ENVY OF THE REST OF THE WORLD!
    This is the only country that I know of, besides the Great Wall of China, that has to build huge walls to keep people OUT! The Most fences , like the BERLIN WALL, ARE TO KEEP PEOPLE IN, NOT OUT!
    In the past, people came here not just to be free, but to be able to work and to make a better life in a FREE country, Many early immigrants got off those sailing ships and kissed the 'freedom ground. (possibly just solid, not moving ground! ) but they came to WORK, and make a better life for their families, and the only thing those hands got was a chance for the FREEDOM to choose how to work, worship, and make a better life for themselves and their families, there was NO welfare, Just a the opportunity to work hard!

  16. Plan to protect their hateful corrupted leftards propagandists of cnn msn cnbc … etc.. those who are diffaming, manipulating, pushing insidious traitorous narratives,…
    not making professional journalism or investigations .

  17. It's hilarious how they're arguing against Bernie! Bernie is talking about ENFORCING LAWS which are ALREADY on the books!! And they're arguing against that!? They're conservative???! LMFAO😅😄😅😄😃😂😂😂😂😂😃😂


  19. Let the market determine which Media outlet survives. CNN is going away as ratings drop because of fake news. Print the news and let readers determine which is true. Taxpayer funded news outlets is a kin to socializim.

  20. This is what Justin Trudeau is doing in Canada. Giving hundreds of millions of tax dollars to the "news" organizations of his choice.

  21. Bernie would like the North Korean press if he were President. You media guys will push what I want or I will feed you to the dogs. Just imagine Bernie in charge of what the citizens get to see or read? Gives me shivers.

  22. The Brady bunch format never works in television for sensible discussions ,the only thing it's good for is if you like your television opinion programs to descend into a out of control screaming match ,I thought CNN were the only ones that aired this type of pantomime.

  23. The news is NOT protected by the constitution under most of their formats. THE guidelines of the strict constitution interpretation nullifies them for following foriegn interest and not reporting the deep state excess .

  24. all this lib want free everything who going to pay for the 1 1/0 no is tax payer mean time politico person fill their wallets

  25. Democratic socialists like Bernie have a habit of accusing others of doing exactly what they themselves are doing. So, when he points the finger and says people shouldn't be able to control media and punish their enemies…it's because he wants to control media and punish his enemies…

  26. But the press is not free when they tell you lies and propaganda and the american Public does not get serve by it. This is why Donald Trump attacks the practice of fake news and Propaganda. Not The right of free press.

  27. We don't have a free press!! We don't. We simply are lie to by the press every day and night and never get the real events that are going on. It is all a propaganda Operation to hide the truth and squeeze the alternate universe. Wake up people!

  28. There are some Extremely good reporters out there! They work at EPOCH Times, One American New Network OANN, and some at FOX News. I have even followed a few people that do their own research and report this findings AND links to where they get all their information! There are some good ones… Just that there are as many Bad ones that have a very long reach and are pure Liars in the MSM! Those reporters are acting AGAINST America and it's Citizens Best interest and should be held Accountable for their lies! Everyone in America knows this… They are fooling no one!

  29. Be nice if it was a law again that you could only report substantiated facts instead of opinion pieces for each party.

  30. Paid liers all. Bernie is right. 90% of outlets are far left activists. No one is talking about the government funding the press, just cancelling out the protections giving freedom from libel and slander. The press is not supposed to be gatekeepers, like they all seem to think they are. The 2nd lady is the silliest, saying we have freedom to speak, when Silicon Valley is the biggest censors of all.

  31. Yeap that is the socialist way so you will never criticize the government. They will tell you what to publish and you cannot ever exposed their crooked behavior. I won’t vote for you Bernie. But I’m all for punishing the media. So sick and tired of their hate.

  32. Thanks to the democrats and Obama and CIA and FBI the media journalists has become a weapon to smear and lie and frame innocent people , their Jussie tv ! Their a Hoax machine to sway votes and smear/frame people and pollute minds with lies !

  33. Lol, the media is getting scared because not Trump nor Bernie like them.
    The fall of CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc is coming.
    Maybe we'll get actual news again instead of these daily lies.

  34. babbling barnie is like hearing gears flying apart in a transmission. he`s kind of like listening to interviews with crazy Charles Manson. scary old man.

  35. Hypocrite …he is …Los Angeles, Paris, London…Once great cities. LA a sanctuary city … full of illegals who have invaded our borders looking for promised handouts.

    These cities are Now all shitholes. Flooded with homeless, standing in line waiting for a FREE TENT…

    Coming to your town very soon. Run by Democrat Socialist

  36. Uhhh what Bernie is trying to say is that media outlets like FOX, CNN, MSNBC etc are OWNED by corporations such as Viacom, and wealthy billionaires like Rupert Murdoch. These same corporations and billionaires donate thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars to political campaigns. Murdoch donated thousands to establishment politicians like Hilary Clinton and Obama so that they could continue to own the news narrative. Bernie wants to end the power of these CORPORATIONS AND POLITICAL interests. In other words, media today is currently being dictated by politicians pushing their agenda on naive people who believe these "journalists". A simple google search will confirm what I just wrote.

  37. 6 individual companies run all of the MSM. Those same companies sponsor the " news" Every social issue, endless wars, health care big oil, climate change, lack of transparency in our democracy, all has a direct correlation to our present world event's

  38. Did any of these people even listen? If government wanted to allow 1 on 1 fair fights and ban gangs from jumping individuals by the logic they are going by, let the gangs be gangs free choice. The market is not free. Many who want a free market only want to be free to prey on people. Why then can we not be free from the market and those predators?

  39. First frame is exactly what's wrong with the 'news': five wealthy talking heads ready to give biased disinformation.

  40. Why should we believe these buffoons who get paid by the wealthy to keep their mouth shut, and keep brainwashing the public. Capitalism is killing America.

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