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  1. It all will fall as people are fine with their current phones for the most part. In fact, many people have a phone that already is either the best or pretty much offers everything they need. And because of that, the issue is saturation of the market. Until smartphone manufacturers offer some new innovations, then people will stick with what they got.

  2. The third world war will take place very soon followed by the great tribulation and there these stupid new world order so called moronic leaders so obsessed with obeying these demonic creatures whose only intention is to destroy mankind for your information all those giant companies are going to become bankrupt. When war takes place there will be no electricity all over the world so how will banking transactions take place for your information it is estimated that 5 billion people will die and all these so called giant companies will also no longer exist Mankind's only hope is jesus the lion of judah. Jesus said one must be born again and you will receive the holy sprit in you the very sprit of jesus the lion of judah there is no way out on this problem either its God's way or die the second death

  3. Quit making excuses and being so easily amused by presentation.
    Hold company's feet to the fire so they're competitive again!
    You always act like they're the victims or circumstance, they're not, this is a free market so take off the kiddie gloves!

  4. The technology has hit a plateau where the consumer just isn't getting added benefit with a newer model. We reached that point where an Apple engineer first suggested "What if we removed the headphone jack?"

  5. Samsung charge apple about $200 for the iPhone 10 as apple use Samsung screen. If apple down, Samsung will be down too.

  6. People have realized that they don't need a $500-1000 phone EVERY year. They have also realized how much they are being overcharged for tech by Apple and Samsung. New tech manufacturers are now holding the feet of the old giants to the fire.

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