Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Full Specs LEAKED!!!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Full Specs LEAKED!!!

What’s up guys Azeem here So samsung s20 series has been leaking in smooth flow and has been almost leaked fully But there are some of the specs left behind to leak Other than that every feature is just official now even hands-on video has been leaked So Sean Agarwal tweeted out this chart of s 20 series showing every rumored and leaked specs Some of them are mostly hundred-percent official now You can see we have talked about almost every feature in previous videos described in this image Except the front camera. We know as 20 series is gonna have 120 Hertz of reference rate. We know it’s gonna have 12 GB Lpddr4 Ram. We know the camera setup designed even the battery capacity so the front camera set up on has 20 altra that is going to be the higher-end Willian or fast 20 series will have a 40 megapixel camera sensor and this is amazing. But according to a trade from Samsung This sensor will have really really small size like it will have 0.7 microns of size but as we know bigger the sensor will be more light it will capture So this ISO cell gh1 sensor also has an higher probability of using binning technology as samsung will be using for in 1 pixel bidding process that will provide pixel size of 1.4 microns that will result in photos of 10 megapixel Hope so samsung will be doing some ultra things with their front camera on s20 ultra to provide as much better quality as possible Now second league that is also circulating around is use of eggs, eNOS and Snapdragon chip sets in s 20 series So according to some sources Samsung will be using eggs. ENOS 990 in Asia and Europe while rest of world will get trapped like an 865 chipset This is not confirmed yet But we are sure that this thing will also get lit before the launch event And then we have an image from a Shawn Agarwal that gives idea of Samsung S 20 series Camera design how it’s gonna look thanks to him for this render We have seen this same setup in hands-on video too, but here it is detailed We can see the two lenses. There are primary ends the kendry and then we have a periscope lands and next There is a flashlight and below it. This could be the tof sensor Or maybe this could also be micro lens not sure about that But thanks through is Sean again for this short detailed image of camera array and at the bottom it is mentioned hundred x that means there will be 100 times zoom capability in that periscope lens of has 20 series Well, that thing has been also confirmed already Other than that, we have those same specs that would lead like battery of as 20 will be 4000 milliamps as 20 force will have 45 hundred milliamps while the ultra motor will be backing up massive five thousand milliamps of battery all of these three models will have AMOLED displays with wide quad HD plus resolution and also with support of 8k video recording in near cameras at 30 FPS but ultra model will have 108 megapixel sensor that those two base models will not have and every model will have Android 10 with 1 UI 2 point also that Were new leaks, but in case if I get some more news I will let you know instantly guys till that stay tuned and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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