Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 75: CamCard Free Business Card Reader Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 75: CamCard Free Business Card Reader Review

Hello everyone Michael here with the daily
note 2 YouTube channel and welcome to another episode today show you an app called Card
business card reader let you take a picture of all your business cards and then it’ll
do a nice little automatic Rob and it’ll do its best to read that information on the card
and edit your contacts and I might apps like these because people still love passing around
physical business cards and although you’ll need to contact information really people
really love doing that this app bridges the gap for doing that so let me show you what
this app is capable of and since will be using the camera on the galaxy note 2 to take pictures
of the business cards will help to just know how cameras work in general digital cameras
work in general and the work best in well-it situations and if you have dimly lit light
you introduce a lot of noise on the image and if you ever taking a picture in a dimly
lit room you’ll see lots a little color spots in imagine trying to imagine the app trying
to read text and there’s lots a little thought the color on their probably want to bitch
also try to take these in a well lit room on a different color destined the color of
your card so that it helps with the resizing so you have to light source next is see me
out as the NFL issued my videos you could see it does a nice little automatic crop here
is the little mock heart there but you can make corrections and probably will need to
do that and will hit the save button Were that course ends up ends up is the part of
your and you could see there are there is my card here and you could see that you just
for fun this my parts here and you can group them as well: the features on here $1000 interesting
is see that you have business card needed a refreshing the business cards that are passing
around virtual business cards anyway so you could create record manually and actually changed design of the court’s
phone not sure if the peak version as any different designs for their dignity three
sisal work with so say that you like that one sure thing that could share it is sure
through QR code oriented sure through SMS email and a seat so you know if you choose
as SMS option your only emailing the information on the card you in the picture but the emails
since a picture of the parts that find that interesting and you can use the they did get
an email with the image of McCarthy just you select photo and the run it through the whole
process so you/are little preview on this adventure there’s a lot lot more to do with
it and yet if you do need more than 20 cards of the first week and two more cards every
other week that he could definitely for this app its 11 nine and for the feedback that
even though that might be a little bit more pricey than what you’re used to seeing in
that market it is a business that and all business apps as soon little bit more on the
expensive side so anyway if you haven’t been to my channel you please come to my channel
and check out my hundred 50 videos on the galaxy note 2 and if you happen subscribe
get please subscribe as I tried to create a video as often as possible to get the most
out of your Samsung galaxy note 2 once again thank you for watching

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  1. Wow.. Criticism is everywhere.. Is actually good to see these random apps running on the Note2, so we can get the idea of how they run and how to use them.. Keep up the good work Lucidmike78.

  2. I bought my self a note 2 because you explain things why this phone is better than other android phones and im very happy with it!!!

  3. Mike could you tell me the difference between the micro sd cards? I wanna get a 64gb but I don't know the difference between the 6 and 10…which would you say it's the best ? Thank you

  4. I know this is of topic, but I have the VZW Note 2. I noticed that the feature were media/phone ringing is supposed to pause/turn off by flipping three phone over (screen down). My phone doesn't do this thought my settings are (double checked) correct. Any suggestions? I have the latest JB version 4.1.1.

  5. There isnt an option to edit on my multi task menu. Could u do a vid about multi tasking, specifically about changing the apps. Thanx

  6. hi there mikel you should not say mikel here with the dally youtube channel cause you don't put up a video very day

  7. Hi I'm very fan of your videos, i have a question for you, i have a problem whit my phone, when a take pictures the phone don't let me save the photos in the SD card, only in the internal storage… do you know what's the problem? Thank you =)

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