Samsung – A NEW ERA

So Samsung’s Mobile division now has a new
boss. Yes, DJ Koh is no longer making the calls,
it’s now going to be Roh Tae-moon..not really sure if I’m pronouncing his name right, he’ll
be taking over the job from DJ Koh, who by the way, was the head of Samsung’s mobile
division ever since 2015. Roh Tae Moon is going to be the youngest president
of Samsung at the age of 51. He’s been with the company from the last two
decades, he was the person responsible for the development of Galaxy series, yes the
series of phones that dominates the smartphone market. Previously he was the number two guy in the
mobile division, the first one was, of course, DJ Koh. Now Samsung has decided to make Roh Tae Moon
the number one guy in the mobile division who’s going to carry the legacy forward. By the way, this doesn’t mean that they are
firing DJ Koh. In fact, he has been promoted to the CEO spot. Now he’s the CEO of Samsung’s IT and mobile
communications business which means Roh Tae Moon still works under DJ Koh but DJ is Kinda
stepping back from the smartphone business management. It’s Roh Tae Moon who’s the making the calls
now. Of course that being said, what does this
mean to Samsung and to us, the consumers. Roh Tae Moon is known to be a decisive person,
he’s appointed to make some bold moves to keep the number one position of Samsung in
the mobile market and to keep its lead over competitors like Huawei whose market share
has been on the rise. He was the one who played a vital role in
overhauling Samsung’s budget and mid-range phone, the Galaxy M series and A series of
phones. Earlier Samsung’s budget and mid-range phones
sucked compared to the competition. Now they’re as good as the competition. Roh Tae Moon was also responsible for Samsung’s
new strategy to outsource the production of some of the Galaxy A series of phones in order
to bring costs down. If you don’t know already last year Samsung
has decided to let a Chinese manufacturing company produce phones for them. Samsung will only design it and the rest will
be carried over by this Chinese manufacturing company. It’s the same strategy that all the Chinese
companies use, that’s the reason their phones have a very low price tag. So Roh Tae Moon was the one who made this
decision and now under his leadership, we can expect it to be expanded to more devices. Those who are familiar with him say that Roh
Tae Moon is very decisive, and he will take some bold and swift decision in order to respond
to the changing smartphone trends which will surely help Samsung to keep its lead over
Huawei which has been unstoppable even after the US ban. Going forward we can expect some bold moves
taken by the new head. The Galaxy S20 Unpacked event is right around
the corner and sadly we may not hear this at next month’s unpacked event…

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