Sainsbury’s and Remploy working together to show the business benefits of employing disabled people

Sainsbury’s and Remploy working together to show the business benefits of employing disabled people

Hi, we’re here in Holborn at Sainsbury’s,
to find out more about what they’re trying to do to employ disabled people. The Minister
for Disabled People is on her way to join in the celebrations to mark their 2000th employee
through Remploy, so let’s find out more. Today we’ve been celebrating a real landmark
for Sainsbury’s with our partners Remploy, and through our partnership we’ve just recruited
our 2000th colleague to come and work with us, so we’re very excited, and we’ve had a
great day today with the Minister for Disability coming to celebrate with us. Today we’ve been celebrating our 2000th placement
at Sainsbury’s in the store in central London. What’s really pleasing about that is not only
do we have somebody who’s reached that milestone, but we’ve had 12 colleagues who have joined
this store, so as a small store of 21 people, to see an employer like Sainsbury’s recruit
12 disabled people as part of that really is something to celebrate. It’s always fantastic when we get recognised
externally for what we do, so it’s great for Sainsbury’s to say we’re doing a great job,
but actually when other people tell our colleagues that we’re doing a great job, that makes a
massive difference. Sainsbury’s and Remploy have had a really
successful partnership now for just over 4 years. Over that 4 year period then we’ve gone from
strength to strength, and we’ve seen the numbers of people that are placed each year grow and
grow and grow, and this year we expect over 700 people to move into Sainsbury’s stores
through the partnership. We work with Remploy as part of our You Can
programme, where we work with partners to help us recruit colleagues who’ve maybe found
it a little bit difficult for whatever reason to get back into the workplace. The route for disabled people into Sainsbury’s
through You Can as an example is very innovative, it’s very supportive, it helps disabled people
come into the store, but also here, they’re treated the same
as every other colleague. My name is Roop Kumar and my job is replenishment
and from time to time I come on the till and serve the customers. I’ve been in this store
for 2 weeks but with Sainsbury’s, I’ve been 4 weeks. I really really enjoy my job and
I am very happy that I got the job in Sainsbury’s. I would tell other disabled people there is
no need for nervousness, because everybody helps each other. If you’re disabled that
doesn’t mean that you feel, oh I’m disabled, I can’t do that job. So, if you come into
Sainsbury’s, they help you, they don’t consider you are disabled, you see, they don’t consider
you are disabled, so they will help you. They will consider that you are as others who are
not disabled, so don’t consider yourself that oh, I’m disabled I can’t do that job, I can’t
do that job, everyone is equal there. Recruiting colleagues with disabilities is
the right thing to do, and customers and colleagues alike like to see companies doing that, and
it actually gives you a point of difference, and that has a massive business benefit. And
additionally, when we work with colleagues who have disabilities, it makes it easier
for us to serve customers with disabilities, because they give us hints and tips and signposters,
and that just delivers benefits all round. So it’s been a great celebration today. The
partnership between Sainsbury’s and Remploy is clearly working really well. Sainsbury’s believe
in the benefits of employing disabled people, and the employees here are really
an integral part of the Sainsbury’s team.

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