Safety & Security on The Bronfman Fellowship

Safety & Security on The Bronfman Fellowship

Security is a top priority for the Fellowships. We have a security director who is with the group at all times Each day that security director checks in with the embassy, checks in with the Ministry of Defense to make sure that our route for the day and every piece of what we’re doing with the fellows is completely secure and safe. My daughter and I both felt that she was safe I knew that they had dedicated a lot of resources to establishing systems whereby they were getting the information they needed to be safe We received regular emails with updates about the program, but also updates about the security situation I really appreciated when I received a message that said that today we actually changed our plans in response to the security information that we had received. I’m worried about her emotionally being right there, but in truth I didn’t need to worry about her emotionally. She was really being well taken care of

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