Sacramento Student Media Day 2019

Sacramento Student Media Day 2019

Welcome to Media Day! [music] We’re really excited Center High School
has put together a media day, to give students an opportunity to explore
different media applications. From hands-on materials that they would use, to editing, to story building. So, it’s just a great opportunity for our
students and every student in the county, or beyond to explore what what media is
all about. [music] We’ve got professional news crews here,
we’ve got Fox 40 here, we’ve got KCRA 3 here. So we’ve got the examples of
the professionals. Learning the ethics of news journalism and how to
present all sides of a news story, and get it right, and be accurate. You know, when you make mistakes, which happens, you know, own up to it. [music] People do not understand that video
has become a huge part of our social fabric. What they learn here they’ll be
able to take anywhere. The skills that they learn here are going to be awesome. [music] All the wisdom that’s coming from the people that really know what they’re doing in the industry, and learning new things, and really helping with my future, and the future of all the people here. [music] Welcome to Media Day! Welcome to Media Day! [music] you

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