S. Korea’s working mothers still face low pay, job instability

convert the past Korean women have more
opportunities to work after starting a family but government data shows many
have to settle for unstable conditions with relatively low pay one in ten make
less than eight hundred forty dollars a month
Kim J help us look beyond the digits according to data released Friday by
statistics korea 2.8 million mothers with non adult children had a job this
past april and the vast majority of them nearly 2.3 million had paid jobs but
more than 40% of moms who earned money had relatively low monthly incomes of
less than one thousand six hundred and eighty US dollars around 10 percent of
them earned less than a hundred and forty dollars a month and 33 percent
were somewhere in between only 13 percent made more than three thousand
and three hundred and sixty dollars another issue they face is employment
stability while seven and ten paid workers are employed full-time three in
ten were contingent whether a mother was employed or not was also correlated with
how many children they had and how old they were those with multiple children
had a lower employment rate than those with just one child and the younger the
child the less likely it was the mother will be working mothers whose youngest
child was below six years old had an employment rate of under 50% but for
those whose youngest was between 7 and 12
61% had a job and that rose to 66% for moms with kids aged 13 to 17 meanwhile
moms were working fewer hours a week on average compared to a year earlier the
decline according to statistics Korea was caused in part by the new system
limiting the workweek to 52 hours Kim Jae Hee Arirang news

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