S. Korean gov’t to roll out COVID-19 economic relief package by end of Feb.

S. Korean gov’t to roll out COVID-19 economic relief package by end of Feb.

the government is reviewing options to
help businesses deal with the kernel virus outbreak that includes announcing
the first economic relief package by the end of this month
kim de machette slide on the measures pledging to kill two birds with one
stone South Korean president moon Jane has a once again about to take control
of both quarantine measures and the local economy president moon said on
Friday that the government will take unprecedented measures to revitalize the
local economy the first economic relief package to be announced at the end of
February will cover all possible measures including tax budget and
regulatory innovation that includes injecting 1.7 billion u.s. dollars and
new policy funds for local SMEs and small businesses providing a 41 million
dollars for small and medium-sized tourism businesses and allocating
emergency funds for low-cost airlines in fact a relief package for local small
businesses will be announced next week finance minister home language said on
Friday the measures will include ways to help small business owners who are
behind on their rent the new measures may also see the return of the so-called
spending coupons introduced in 2009 the coupons were provided to people in a
lower income brackets for six months around eight hundred and sixty thousand
people spent tea coupons at local supermarkets and traditional markets the
presidential chief of staff for policy kim sungjoo further added that the
government is also reviewing all options including allocating a supplementary
budget to tackle the outbreak kim also noted that the government has a
sufficient emergency funds to fight the virus especially compared to when a SARS
broke out in 2003 kim dami arirang news

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  1. I love sauth korea and i prey for them sauth korea and saudi arabia are one love from saudi arabia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. South Korea cares about their people giving them food coupons and properly contain virus. China doesn't care. China deserves bad name for spreading WuFlu Bing du Flu everywhere and ruin our life

  3. How can you buy anything when there is nothing for sale? Because the rest of the world is not taking this seriously it will spread. It will only be when the stock market continues to drop will the oligarchs pay attention. SAD.

  4. Too bad South Korea failed to stop Coronavirus super spreading in their country. Now SK will be the second China, and Daegu be it's Wuhan.

  5. It might help not to have press conferences now, in fact no conferences, stay at home, and do the interviews and give instructions via conference calls!

  6. Japanese Restaurant in France Paris become a Racist target against Asians… https://twitter.com/basejumpbr/status/1230981429204418560

  7. XI: 'No one can stop us.'
    Trump: `Release the FREEDOM VIRUS`
    XI has left the chat
    Moon enter the chat: 'please give us the vaccine'

  8. KRW quickly fell against USD by that. Coronavirus is an additional cause for sorrow toward Korea´s economy being in red zone. Poor Koreans.

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