S. Korean firms take measures to prevent spread of coronavirus

S. Korean firms take measures to prevent spread of coronavirus

with the corona virus outbreaks spooking
many people here in South Korea local industries are on an emergency footing
as well scrapping business trips and bring back its workers based overseas
business circles are becoming increasingly concerned about how the new
virus will affect South Korea’s domestic and export markets in the days and weeks
to come a Sanjay explains thermal imaging cameras are a new addition to
the first floor lobby of this major corporation in South Korea they detect
the body temperature of employees and others going in and out of the building
with the new coronavirus on many people’s minds companies are springing
into action their first major task is to withdraw any South Koreans working in
Wuhan the Chinese city at the epicenter of the virus companies are also either
limiting or completely halting business trips to China to the old business trip
to not only whoo-hah but the whole of China
we’ve been limiting business trips to since the middle of the month but as the
situation worsened we were ramp to a measure in the case of candy murder a
families of workers in China requests they return the automakers paying all
the necessary travel expenses to bring them home in order to prevent the
further spread of the virus most commercial banks are mandating that
their tellers wear face masks also government guidelines have been issued
for domestic airline cabin crew members to wear masks on all routes as the
corona virus could impact export and import demand the government is also
unveiling measures to lessen the impact of any potential problems that may pop
up but as South Korea faces the same uncertainties as other countries with
confirmed cases both the public and private sectors are already trying to
look two and three steps ahead especially if the crisis worsens easing
J Arirang news

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  1. Does no-one in South Korea understand these two words? Asymptomatic Transmission.
    Thermal cameras do nothing to detect those without symptoms who are spreading the virus like Typhoid Mary.

  2. The Virus is Virus! God bless all! 😂😂😂💐🕊🌷🙏🏼🙏🏼🕊🕊✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼🧚🏻‍♀️😢✌🏼😭

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