RVMS Business Profile: Centre Cuts Salon & Spa

RVMS Business Profile: Centre Cuts Salon & Spa

Hi Roslindale, my name is Vinny Fieg, I’m a
resident and volunteer with RVMS and today we’re at Centre Cut Salon and Spa. Do you want to start out with explaining to
everyone what your business does? Centre Cuts Salon and Spa is a full-service
salon. we’re a Aveda concept salon, which means we only use Aveda products and
exclusive color, that’s the only color that we use. And we offer hair, nails, skin
and massage services. And what is something that you think customers may
find surprising when they come in here? I think that they’re surprised by the size
of the salon and the fact that we have a spa next door, I don’t think a lot of
people are aware that we offer spa services. What do you find most rewarding about
running your own business or working at Centre Cuts? I think the most rewarding
for me is watching my employees grow and being able to provide a good living for
them and being able to give back. I think having a well-run business, you’re able
to give back more and I’m proud to do that. I find it really rewarding to
contribute to people’s self-esteem you take somebody who
might not be feeling that well about how they look and then you turn them into
you know, a smile and it just really helps them get through their day.
And how did your business start. I started Centre Cuts in July of 1980 in
Jamaica Plain, we were located on Center Street at the monument. After 19 years, we
started looking for a larger space but we couldn’t find anything in Jamaica
Plain. Both Edna, my business partner, and I were
residents of Roslindale and we started looking here and we chose this space. And
a lot had to do with the speaking with the Main Street’s office because they
were telling us about the revitalization that had started and we felt it would be a great
move for us. And so here we are 20 years later. So what do you think is one thing
residents of Roslindale should know about living here? Roslindale has a very strong
community feeling. I think if you went from this Square to any other
neighborhood in the city, it’s a very different vibe and we hear it all the
time, maybe because it is a square and everything’s kind of together that
people feel like you know, everybody kind of knows everybody and everybody helps
everybody else out. And I live in this community and you know I feel very good
being part of this community. What do you think makes Roslindale a special place?
Roslindale Square or Roslindale Village, it’s had its evolution and the peak
moments. But when I was a child, every Saturday came to the double feature at
the Rialto, oh we begged my mother for the money to
get down here and it was a great time. I bought my junior prom dress at Park Snowe
and I did all my Christmas shopping at Kresge’s. Then there was somewhat of I
guess a blight, but now it’s a center of activity with all of the restaurants and
the businesses, it’s great to be back. And can you share a special Roslindale
memory? For me, Roslindale is very, very important because this is where I moved to 20
years ago from Albania. And this is where I learned actually how
America have to offer and for me it was Roslindale. This is the place I knew and
this is where I started you know going to school for cosmetology and this is the
first salon I start working and this is where I raised my family, so it’s very dear
to me and I’m still here. Thank you for watching. If you’d like to
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