RVMS Business Profile: 20 Belgrade Avenue, 2nd Floor

RVMS Business Profile: 20 Belgrade Avenue, 2nd Floor

Hi Roslindale! My name is Alia Hamada
Forrest and I’m the Director of Roslindale Village Main Street and today, as part of
Rozzie Reveals, we are going up to the 2nd floor of 20 Belgrade, which in the
past 2 years has been totally renovated, so I’m excited to meet the
business owners of all of these businesses. We’re gonna peek inside rooms,
it’s gonna be awesome! Hi, what’s your name? My name is
Holly. What is this place and what is your business? This is my healing
space and my business is helping people let go of all kinds of different
things and move through things. Shamanic Reiki Master is my title, so that sounds really weird and bizarre, but it’s a combination of a lot of ancient wisdoms. But people come to see me to help move through grief, from partners losses, miscarriages, help to let go of things, to
get ready and prep for weddings or to move forward. riverwomanministries.com is my website and River Woman Healing is my Facebook page and so I also have some
free events, Reiki shares, classes where I teach people how to make essential oil
sprays to replace like the odor, you know, I can’t say a brand name, the
deodorizers that have neurotoxins like all-natural muscle rub, those kind of
things. So I have a lot of free things that people can pop in and do classes/
It does smell very nice in here, what am i smelling? You are smelling from the
diffuser a combination of Palo Santo and cedar oil. Oh cool!
Well thanks for letting us in, this is beautiful. So Leise, tell us about your business. So
I’m a photographer, as you mentioned. And my specialty is
helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera so they can be themselves
and feel natural and not be all stiff and weird and awkward. I do a lot of
wedding photography, as you can see there’s wedding photos up on the wall.
This is the space mostly where I meet with couples before their wedding to
talk through various logistics. I also do family portraits, I work with a lot of
nonprofit groups, so anytime somebody needs a story told through photos,
especially if they’re a little nervous about it, that’s my favorite thing. What do you think is the best part about
Roslindale? I think the best part from my perspective, I have little kids, I have
four year old twins and the best part about Roslindale is that there’s kids
everywhere, families everywhere. So much fun things to do, so much beautiful
outdoor space for the kids, that’s the best part for me. And how have
you collaborated with businesses on this floor? We haven’t yet, we know each other
and I think we’re a supercool powerhouse of women business owners that we should
be doing super cool but we haven’t
figured that out. I think there might be something. It’s all women business owners? It’s all women, yeah. It’s all women in the arts and the healing arts and
it’s really, really a powerhouse, so something might be coming. I think we will be hosting artists for Roslindale Open Studios, this will be an
artist showcase space so that will be something fun, but there will be more
collaborations down the road for sure. Thank you Leise. Thank you. What is your practice here? I’m a licensed acupuncturist, so I offer
acupuncture treatments and also yoga therapy.
I’m a certified yoga therapist as well but the main focus is acupuncture. And
how did you find this space, it’s so hidden from a lot of people in
Roslindale? I think I found it from a Facebook post actually that Jess Alvarez
put up. She’s one of the healers in this space and so I’m working with her and
there are a few of us that are rotating and using it a few days a week, which is
a great way to do it. So we’ve got our own little cooperative coalition going
here for healing. And what is your business called,
like the official name? The official name for my business is Boston Wellness Center.
And you opened pretty recently? Well, here I opened just a few months ago
but the Boston Wellness Center has been around since 2003 actually. And it
started out mostly as just yoga instruction, yoga therapy, Ayurvedic
consultation and Reiki. And then we’ve just added acupuncture into the mix in the last year and so I needed a actual physical space.
The yoga and yoga therapy was more traveling around to different locations,
corporations, schools, hospitals, things like that, so it’s nice to have a home
now and to be in this community in Roslindale Village. And how have people that
are local, how have they heard about your practice? Well, I think a lot of them
saw some of the announcements in blast emails that you guys send out, (the newsletter) it’s just
been really helpful yes, and then a lot of people knew me as a yoga instructor.
I’ve been teaching in West Roxbury, Westwood for about 15 years.
So a lot of my patients are from that and then I have another location,
also in Roslindale, up at Chiropractic Naturally on Belgrade Avenue.
Oh yeah, next to Starr Yoga. Yes right next door and I’m there on Fridays, so Dr. Marsella
sends me her patients. Very cool. Tell me about your
business on this floor? All right, well I am in unit 8 on this floor, I’m a yoga
therapist, so I see clients one-on-one. I also work with couples to do couples
yoga therapy. I also sublet the space to two other businesses,
one is a doula businesses, they offer birth support services, prenatal
postpartum, everything in between. And I also sublet to a mind-body
therapist like me who works with the body to support clients and her name is
CarmenLeah Ascencio. Cool. So what is yoga therapy? That’s a great question, most people don’t know. Even though a lot of people know what yoga is now. So it’s basically the
reasons why you would go to a yoga class, and the reasons why you would go to a
talk therapist, and then the reasons why you would get a massage, all put
together. Wow. So I use dialogue in my clients sessions while doing yoga poses,
and I also offer body work in the experience, so I work with people
struggling with anxiety and depression, which
sometimes seems like it’s everyone. Also, working with PTSD and trauma and general
stress. And if you if you were to name this floor since, it’s so unique, it’s
gotten all women-owned businesses, it’s got healing arts,
it’s got art. I know this is a question out of nowhere but have
you named this floor? You know Jess Alvarez and I were the the first to
wellness practitioners to exist here together and there was definitely this
vision for like a wellness community center in Roslindale, so it seems like
we’re making our way there with you know all the different services that are here,
but really a lot of healing arts that are available too. What would you say makes
Roslindale a unique place to live and work? It’s got so much to offer
without any of the attitude. People here are just really happy to have a home
community here and to support the local businesses, to show up at the farmers
market and local events that you guys do which, is so amazing and there’s just
such a sense of community. I think in large part because of Roslindale village
Main Street really pulling people together and creating communication
about what’s out there and what’s available, so I appreciate you guys. Thanks Alex, that was really nice. This is Nancy, she’s the Executive Director of MusiConnects. Tell us a little bit
about this place? Sure, so MusiConnects is 11 years old and we offer string instruction to
to students primarily in Mattapan and Dorchester. And then we also have a
Roslindale community program that we have here at 20 Belgrade. And we provide
violins, violas and cellos, and individual one-on-one instruction to students, and
group and chamber instruction to students. And how long have you been in
Roslindale We have been in Roslindale almost from
the beginning. I think we started at an elementary school in Roslindale. Which one? We were at the the Sumner and the Chittick and I think
Sumner is Roslindale, right? Yup. Sumner here in Roslindale and we actually even have a
quartet named after it, the Sumner quartet. Yes, they play at our Farmers Market. We do play
at the Farmers Market yeah and we love playing here, everywhere. I think
right now we’re trying to put together a group to play for the porch fest. Oh cool.
Yeah, last year I think we played in front of Fornax in the parklet. Are you gonna try to do that again? I
think so, I’m gonna try. What else should people know about MusiConnects?
People should know that we’re here, at 20 Belgrade. Rozzie Reveals! Where in the
world is MusiConnects. And that we’re a nonprofit organization and that we
operate on grants and donations. We’ve met a lot of people in the neighborhood
by doing other Roslindale activities. For example last year, we did Roslindale open
studios and we hosted three or four artists here. We’re going to be doing
that again this year, so we’re really interested in meeting people in the
community. If anybody ever wants to come up and just kind of see what we do, come
on up and hear some kids play or also our quartets rehearse here so you can
hear some professional musicians play. In the summer we open up our windows, so
that when the quartets are rehearsing you can probably hear it out in in the
Village. So I love how they’re renovating the
building, you know they’re using all the original doors, I guess they found these
in the basement and renovated them and put new glass in them. And it’s
really cool that they’re keeping the building to what it used to be and
bringing it back to what it used to be. It looks great, the floors look great.
They redid all the floors, it was you know tile down there, yeah it’s a
great space. And all women? And all women, yeah! That’s awesome. Yeah which is pretty cool, yeah,
it’s all women businesses right now which is really neat. Thank you so much for watching this
video Roslindale. If you’re interested in seeing more, click subscribe to subscribe
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