Running my own business with Parkinson’s

Running my own business with Parkinson’s

I bought this children’s shoe shop back
in 2017 looking at what I could do to be in charge my own destiny How’s it going? It is a bit of a struggle at the moment because retail is not doing very well at all but that aside this is the best thing I could have done This gives me the opportunity of working life balance with my daughter, Beau to be able to pick her up from school Yeah it’s fantastic We have a lot of regular customers they’re used to me shaking They actually ask me about my Parkinson’s rather than just looking and staring You get the odd one who just looks and stares The staff are great They understand my Parkinson’s so they help me a lot I’ve always managed people so I don’t find that a problem as such The only thing that I find a problem now is the fitting of shoes Measuring of shoes With children I tickle their feet with my left hand but they don’t mind too much, they just giggle When I’m on the till I press two keys with one hand So I have to do everything with my right hand which is fine Overall it’s the best decision I’ve ever made

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  1. Good on you. I think it's wonderful when we can empower ourselves. I have an online store I create t-shirts that promote awareness, positivity and show the sometimes humorous side of PD.😊

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