Royce Fellowship: Yanhoo Cho ’21 & Maksymilian Dąbkowski ‘19.5

Royce Fellowship: Yanhoo Cho ’21 & Maksymilian Dąbkowski ‘19.5

My name is Yanhoo. During the Royce Fellowship, I’ll be working at two different feminist organizations, respectively located in Seoul, South Korea and Providence, to learn how these two different organizations got to shape completely different understandings regarding the sex work industries. I’ll be conducting ethnographic research, volunteering at each organization during the summer, and conducting interviews with the activists. I hope this research teaches us about how and why these completely different understandings regarding sex work industries and sex workers rights’ movements across the globe came into being, and find points of agreement and connection between the two. My name is Maksymilian Dąbkowski. I study linguistics and logic, and for the past three years, I have studied Cofán, an indigenous language native to Ecuador. This summer, I will travel to Ecuador to document it extensively. Very little is known about Cofán, which makes researching it absolutely thrilling. It can help us further our understanding of linguistic variation, what human languages can be like. For the community of speakers, the value of my work lies in documenting their lore to keep their language and culture robust. I hope that my project will help maintain the world’s linguistic diversity by contributing to the preservation of Cofán.

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