Royce Fellowship: Tara Srinivas ’20 & Nivedita Sriram ’20

Royce Fellowship: Tara Srinivas ’20 & Nivedita Sriram ’20

My name is Tara and this summer, through
the Royce Fellowship, I’ll be studying the genetic and molecular basis of
autism and intellectual disability. Now even though intellectual disability
is the leading cause of disability worldwide, very little is understood
about its biological underpinnings. Consequently, approaches to caring for
individuals with intellectual disabilities both socially and clinically are very
underdeveloped. Transdisciplinarily, I’ll be working with patients and families to
guide my questions in the lab and taking my results to health care providers to
improve scientific understanding of intellectual disability and
individualized care for those with intellectual disabilities. My name is
Nivedita, but everyone calls me Nivi. During my Royce Fellowship, I will be
researching the efficacy of mobile learning in women’s health education
with MobilTrain, an NGO that provides text-based information to underserved
communities. Before coming to Brown, I was diagnosed
with polycystic ovarian syndrome and I want my research to help other women
with similar health struggles if they’re not as privileged as I am. Although my
project will be in my hometown in India, I hope my research can begin to improve
access to quality health care and information across the globe.

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