Royce Fellowship: Sara Runkel ’20 & Addy Schuetz ‘19.5

Royce Fellowship: Sara Runkel ’20 & Addy Schuetz ‘19.5

My name is Sarah Runkel and for my Royce
Fellowship project, I will be in La Paz, Bolivia, using the intersection of
science and policy to create a robust report of air quality for the region.
With the Lab for Atmospheric Physics, I will be using data collection of
pollutants, atmospheric dynamics, and understanding local climate policies. By
mapping the scientific factors within the local political context, this will
provide a basis for more targeted research to inform climate policies. My name is Addy and
for my Royce Fellowship I will be working with several
organizations across the U.S. that use cooperative models to enact change and
justice in their communities. Cooperative models have the potential to reimagine
governance and democracy, economy, and labor. I will be using storytelling
approaches to investigate how cooperative models can
specifically create sustainable and caring communities within their
organizations that enable dignified and meaningful livelihoods and lives for
their members.

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