Royce Fellowship: Mara Dolan ‘19.5 & Zeinab Kante ’21

Royce Fellowship: Mara Dolan ‘19.5 & Zeinab Kante ’21

Hey y’all, my name is Mara and during my
Royce Fellowship I’m going to be looking at the ways that the feminist movement
and the environmental movement have come together to create a new global climate
justice coalition that’s rooted in feminist practice and ideals.
This group has radical and revolutionary ideas about what a vision of a just
world could look like and it comes out of the legacies of many social justice
movements around the world, so through my interviews and my work with these
activists I’ll be tracing the formation of this movement and understanding which
movements and groups it draws its inspiration and ideals for. My name is
Zeinab Kante and I’m concentrating in ethnic studies. After I took my first
course in ethnic studies I felt so inspired to help others grow
in ethnic solidarity and gain a newfound sense of empowerment just as I did, so
this summer I’m seeking to make ethnic studies more accessible to communities
outside of Brown. I’ll be teaming with the local middle school to create an
after-school program for students to engage in discussions about race and
multicultural heritage, all to unlearn biases and foster inclusive environments
for themselves and others.

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