Royce Fellowship: Laney Knudson ’23 & Victoria Lansing ’20

Royce Fellowship: Laney Knudson ’23 & Victoria Lansing ’20

My name is Laney. Grids can be found
everywhere you look, from tiled floors to windows on buildings, to the patterns on
your clothes. Through the Royce Fellowship, I plan on going to
Minneapolis, Minnesota to study how grids are used as a tool of settler
colonialism through modern art, urban planning, and systems of blood-quantum. I’m Victoria Lansing, and this summer, I will be building an ancient Roman lyer.
Ancient instruments hardly ever survived to the present day, so by building one of
my own, I will get as close as possible to recreating the lost music of Ancient
Rome. Through this hands-on approach, I hope to make the field of classics more
accessible and engaging.

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