Royce Fellowship: Kaitlyn Lew ’20 & Zachary Ngin ’22

Royce Fellowship: Kaitlyn Lew ’20 & Zachary Ngin ’22

I’m Caitlyn and when I was younger my
grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and became more religious in Buddhism. Now I study Immunobiology and Contemplative Studies, understanding contemplative
practices such as meditation and yoga in different cultures. Through the Royce
Fellowship, I will be in Thailand interviewing Thai breast cancer patients,
learning how Buddhist meditation has affected their treatment experiences and
outcomes. I hope to show the value of Southeast Asian religious practices in
medicine. I’m Zak Ngin. This summer I’ll be studying food, diaspora, and nostalgia
in Malaysia. I’ll conduct interviews, take photographs, record sounds, and study
art and literature. I seek to attend both to my own experience as a
diasporic Malaysian, and to bigger topics like migration, ethnicity, and colonialism.
Ultimately, I seek to model decolonial ways of
seeing and creating.

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