Royce Fellowship: Jacob Alabab-Moser ’20 & Amanda Block ’20

Royce Fellowship: Jacob Alabab-Moser ’20 & Amanda Block ’20

My name is Jacob and I’m a student of
Latin American history. Last summer, I had the privilege to live in Mexico City
where I got to visit museums and talk to friends who told me about el Movimiento
Estudiantil, the 1968 student movement in which students rose up against their
authoritarian government to demand democracy. I’m going back to Mexico City
this summer to discover more about the genealogies of that activism and
specifically the forgotten ties between Mexican students and allies from around
the world also demanding democracy. My name is Amanda Block and I’m a junior
concentrating in public health. Through the Royce Fellowship, I will be
investigating how a coach normalizes eating behaviors of athletes. I will do
this through interviews and surveys of women’s cross-country coaches and
athletes at NCAA Division One universities. I hope for this project to
create a greater understanding of the larger sport culture and to develop an
education program to address these issues.

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