Royce Fellowship: Daniel Riojas ’20 & Rachel Rood-Ojalvo ‘19.5

Royce Fellowship: Daniel Riojas ’20 & Rachel Rood-Ojalvo ‘19.5

I’m Daniel, and through the Royce Fellowship,
I’ll be studying people’s responses to stress and how this affects mental
health. I’ll engage with the Rhode Island community by using their own stories and
their own responses to stress to see how this affects their mental health. I’m
motivated to study this because it was my Mom’s response during my middle
school years which got me through and saved my family. I hope that my project
will contribute to the world by showing people what a positive effect resilience
can have in our lives and emphasizing it as an approach in clinical settings. I’m Rachel. For my Royce fellowship, I’ll be in Los Angeles researching how
transformative justice can help build a bridge between the #MeToo movement and
criminal justice reform. Transformative justice is a community-based conflict
response model that focuses on restorative healing and structural
transformation without relying on the prison system. I hope that my project can
contribute to the world by expanding our imaginations and asking, “What if we
imagine a #MeToo movement where justice comes from root-level change and
holistic healing?”

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