Royce Fellowship: Babette Thomas ’20, Emma Wexler ’20, & Caín Yepez ’22

Royce Fellowship: Babette Thomas ’20, Emma Wexler ’20, & Caín Yepez ’22

Hi, my name is Babette Thomas and this
summer, I’m going to be conducting archival research in black radio
archives in Indiana and I’m also going to be interviewing black social activists
and black radio producers about how they see radio fitting into the current
political movement for black lives, so through my research, I’m going to be
creating a chronology that documents the rich history of black radio in the
United States and contextualizes it in the current political moment. I’m hoping
that this work can serve as an educational tool but also a reference
point for generations to come. My name is Emma. I was adopted from
Vietnam at the age of one, one of over 250,000 Asian children adopted by
Americans over the past 70 years. Even so, I grew up completely unaware of adoptee
history – of my history. This summer, I’ll be working with several adoptee
organizations to understand two things: one, how do asian-american adoptees make
sense of their identities and two, how did this influence their political
organizing around issues like adoptees without citizenship. It’s my hope to
address adoptee invisibility. My name is Caín and during my Royce Fellowship, I
will be conducting research in São Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City, Mexico,
where I will investigate the relationship between government policy
and society’s definition of race. While I conduct this research,
I’ll also film a documentary which will inspired a dialogue on the topic. This
research will also help address a gap in the current literature while also help
people from Latin America better understand their heritage.

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