Royal Enfield’s entire business runs on G Suite

Royal Enfield’s entire business runs on G Suite

Royal Enfield is actually the oldest
motorcycle company in continuous production. So that goes all the way
back to 1901 actually. We were a few locations
in India and we were poised to actually
grow to multiple locations outside India as well. So we absolutely needed
a collaboration platform. And the type of collaboration
that was happening was through endless
email chains, which is not the right way. I think, traditionally, I
think we’ve all been wedded to downloading things locally. That’s actually,
if you look at it, information withholding, if
you would, I think, you know, unintentionally. Not really
intentionally, but that’s how everyone was brought up
in the corporate industry. In fact, my peers
the other CIOs whom I know in the
industry thought I was crazy to actually go
email and the rest of the ecosystem on the cloud. But I think, you know, our
CEO was extremely supportive. He saw the benefits
in actually having a collaborative platform
that is more modern and forward looking. We slowly started with
one product at a time, and I think there’s no
looking back right now. Google Drive has been very
pivotal in our G Suite journey. And single point of truth
through the Google Drive has been the fulcrum
of everything that we do with G Suite. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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