Rotary Peace Fellows in Action

Rotary Peace Fellows in Action

I’m the CEO of Red Dot Foundation. It’s a not-for-profit in India as well as in the US and our main work is sexual
violence prevention. Right now I’m based in Bangkok
building up a social enterprise network supporting small holders farmers in moving to a
sustainable agriculture. One of my passions is working with youth providing
mentorship and drawing out the leadership and skills that so many of
our young people have. I’ve been involved with Aikido for over 35 years. I have been working a lot with traumatized clients especially from abuse from
domestic violence. I’m the founder and CEO of the Female Voice. A global hub for
females to empower the world. My work is to build bridges
between communities. To make sure that communities
understand each other. To create receptivity for immigration. I work now at the Sanitation and Water for
All partnership. What we do as a partnership is to really catalyze action
around the water sanitation and hygiene. Some of the skills that I took back from
the Rotary Peace Fellowship program was you know better communication in the
nonviolent space. if we can support the economic development
in a very sustainable way I believe that we have a chance
for building a peace platform. First of all, we are a family of peace fellows. And we see ourselves as change agents in
the community. The fellowship creates sort of this hotbed of growth and
evolution for peace builders for people advocating for social change. The training for me it helped because
I didn’t just come out as somebody who understands development policy but I also have this insight into peace and conflict resolution It’s my personal experience that Aikido
can bring peace from within and then you can expand that to other people
through your interaction. And if you have the passion and you have the
desire to make change in your community or in the world, you’re the right person for this program.

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