Rookie Report: Sam and Deegan’s t-shirt design business – Behind the News

Rookie Report: Sam and Deegan’s t-shirt design business – Behind the News

Hi, BTN, my name is Deegan.
And my name is Sam. BOTH: And we are the cofounders
of Pretty Rooster. Well, we met in Year 2? We met in Year 2 and then really became friends
in Year 4 when we have a project together. And we’ve been best friends
ever since. My school nickname is Pretty Boy. And my nickname’s Rooster. So, we mushed them together
and got Pretty Rooster. Well, Pretty Rooster is a T-shirt
company started by Deegan and I. Well, I’ve always loved drawing
and Sam said, one day, “Why don’t you put your drawings
on a T-shirt “and get some printed and stuff?” So, then we joined together
and made T-shirts. Yeah. We launched Pretty Rooster
in November 2017. It took several months
to work it out. Yeah, and get all the things ready and get the website and
advertisement ready and the printer. The designs represent mining. And one is a hard hat
and one’s the boot. Steel-capped boot. And we wanted to help kids connect
with their parents if they’re doing fly-in fly-outs. So they could both be wearing
the same T-shirt and take photos of one in the mine
and one at home. (SCREAMING AND LAUGHTER) My mum works at Heathgate
and she’s an HR manager. She has to fly out every, like,
two weeks and stay there for a few days. And my dad is a mining engineer
and when I was very young, he always did fly-in fly-outs,
so I barely ever got to see him. So… He doesn’t do that now, but we wanted to support kids
who that is happening in… ..their life. We’ve had lots of people asking for
T-shirts that they want us to make. And we’ve had lots of orders. It’s been amazing…
Yeah. ..the support we’ve got. Lots of businesses have looked
into it and asked for us to design and produce a T-shirt
for them. We’ve had about 60 orders
since November. Sam, when’s the last time
you checked the orders? I checked last night,
we’ve got three new ones. Great! What designs are they? Well, we’re funding the business
all with our own pocket money. Mm-hm. And our main goal is to get
our pocket money back afterwards. And we’ve also had to sell
several things. I sold my drum kit
to pay for this. And I’ve done lots of jobs. Mowing the lawn,
going over and helping my grandma, doing lots of things to earn money. We do want to print on some
other clothing items. Not just T-shirts. Like hats and maybe ties
and shirts. And hopefully,
once we get really successful, we’ll be able to get
our own printers. Some advice for younger kids and other kids who would like to
start their business is don’t just think about it,
you have to actually do it. ‘Cause if you just say, “Oh, I
should do that, I should do that,” it never gets done. That happened with us a bit. So you have to actually build up
the momentum and get it going.

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