Roofing Business vehicles: what to buy: Truck VS Small Van VS Cargo van VS Minivan

Roofing Business vehicles: what to buy: Truck VS Small Van VS Cargo van VS Minivan

in this video we’re going to be talking
about vehicles we use on our roofing businesses a lot of you guys been
hitting me on YouTube and Facebook asking questions about some of my
vehicles advice would I recommend and stuff like that so I want to break it
down what can the vehicles do you really have to have in your roofing business
what’s better for everyday there’s a four major types of vehicles you can buy
obviously there’s something for sales it doesn’t really matter it can be everyday
commuter like a Prius then you have heavy-duty trucks then you have repaired
vehicles usually it’s a smaller service types like minivans or utility events
and then of course you have a big cargo vans all of those think place in our
businesses depending on what stage you are right now if you’re getting started
you can’t have all four I have a luxury to choose today we have a fleet of seven
eight different vehicles in a company right now
but when you’re getting started you have to consider all factors
what’s the best vehicle for you let’s talk about it so I’m gonna start with the number one
the one type of vehicle that I think absolutely beats them all it’s a utility
service vehicle right now we have Mercedes Benz just came up with one
mattress something that I’m considering buying myself obviously have for Transit
Connect Dodge Pro Connect they call them we have Nissan nv200 as a matter of fact
have all of them all of those are real real good options and for me personally
its number one they’re really really good on gas I would put minivan right
next to them as well cargo van like Dodge Grand Caravan makes one so those
vehicles I call them utility vehicles service
vehicles they’re small enough for guests for use every day for estimates for my
sales guys are using them you can put production manager in them and it’s the
most versatile vehicle you can buy for your business obviously if you’re saving
a lot of money and gas you can just do more appointments you’re not gonna think
twice about taking appointments further away especially in the beginning when
you drive a lot or if you live in bigger markets and you spend a lot of times in
the traffic I highly recommend you to find something economical it’s also real
good perception from potential home owners when you come to them people look
at you and they just think that you’re smart you’re saving their money you’re
saving your money you’re not wasting it it’s actually really really good on
maintenance as well there’s not much to them they’re simple they’re cheap I
bought mine brand new they were like one was twenty thousand dollars there was
dodge another one it was $25,000 for Transit Connect two years ago others
have bought used it doesn’t really matter when you compare it to like big
trucks for 60 grand you can buy two or three of service utility vehicles
another thing what I like about them is they have really big walls
I call them moving billboard so you can wrap them they make real good
impressions on the highway special if you have a good name and really sticky
design so all of those pretty much beats all other vehicles that you can buy
today of course you’re going to be limited which you can do you cannot hold
trailers you cannot do something really big like you cannot put too much in them
you or payloads I’m not gonna be super big
but for everyday for repairs for estimates
nothing beats small service utility vehicle number two in my list are mean
events I know mean events are not popular but who cares about them
you have amazing sliding doors on both sides so they’re really wide getting get
out you know you can put two by fours in them because they’re so long I mean mean
event is great I would be careful what kind of mean event I get it’s one thing
when you get Honda Odyssey in verses like dodge Karen for me dodge caravan
it’s actually not just your regular minivan it’s actual cargo van the one I
bought for my business couple of years to go have the steel deck I think you
can get one to like twenty thousand dollars in taxes almost brand-new these
days so they’re not expensive they’re actually more powerful than your smaller
vehicles utility vehicles they’re gonna have a six cylinder so it’s a little bit
smoother you can put actually plywood sheets in
them you know pretty much load them up so many vents are awesome depends where
you are I see a lot of construction company are using mean events for sales
there’s a reason for it if you’re in sales you’re gonna have a lot of shit in
and and start piling up fast like samples and yard signs what’s not so
having more cargo space obviously helps you just have to make a decision as a
business owner if you want to drive minivan for work every single day number
three in my list is trucks I’m not against trucks I just don’t like
efficiency of the truck unless you have a smaller truck like Toyota Tacoma or
some like of that nature but overall big trucks they’re just too big for everyday
use for me unless you have a trailer you have to hold on a regular basis unless
you involve in production and you constantly have to be bringing materials
to the job site maybe hauling them and we grab a pallet
then yes you have to have a truck but for everyday use I don’t think you do
and like a lot of guys are buying trucks because they have kids and you want to
put car seats in the back and you want to use it for everyday totally fine my
preference would be to have a truck and a service utility vehicle so one is for
everyday use to run errands heavy-duty truck just to do heavy-duty
stuff what it made for but I would not be buying $60,000 truck for one it’s a
lot of money for two perception also not in your favor a lot of people will look
at you like okay here’s just another big contractor like I said I would rather
have a perception of the service guy on a service vehicle then perception of the
big contractor on the big truck there’s just me there’s my humble opinion you
can do anything you want to do in your business and last one on my list are a
big cargo vans I love cargo vans but you only need them
if you have really good service departments so if you have a service
department if your team constantly does repairs every single day for sure buy
big cargo van like Nissan NV is one of them I mean for transit those big ones
program I mean there is a lot of good vehicles on the market right now
mercedes-benz Sprinter I mean diesel beats almost everybody so mercedes-benz
was always my number one option but the same time like Nissan NV will do the job
I mean any big cargo van will do the job but you have to justify it with enough
repairs with the employees who running them on a regular basis and the same
thing you have big walls to wrap make it count
make sure you invest in it to wrap it’s gonna cost you about three four thousand
dollars to make it running billboard but every time is gonna hit a highway people
gonna see it every time it’s a neighborhood people gonna see it you’re
gonna get free exposure so big cargo vents are absolutely must for bigger
business again if you’re in the beginning you can get
away with the smaller utility vehicles I don’t expect you to go and buy chalky
Chile vehicle and the cargo van again after a couple years in business I have
a larger to have all of them and compared in your business you kind of
have to have a little bit of everything for different purposes it’s just
different tools to do different jobs let me know what’s your favorite vehicle if
you have one right now and it’s absolutely the best change your world
change your mentality change the way you do things comment below I would like to
hear from you I also would like to hear feedback on the newer models like
machetes mattress if you have one those let me know in comments below I’m
considering for myself like I said so let me know what you think about newer
sprinters or other newer vehicles that just hit the market in the last couple
years comment below give me one of this if you like my content and I’ll see you
guys in the next video

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  1. Box trucks been nice for us , plenty of shelf space table for our metal brake , compressor and all of our tools minus our ladders

  2. I use a vw caddy , great on fuel and reliability, slightly to small though, I’m going to get a bigger van next year. ,

  3. I run a chevy express…….. it can still PULL….. huge diffrence between the promaster style vehicle…… HUGE STORAGe functional. Gas mileage only goes so far…..BIG TIME!!!🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  4. who cares about sales vehicles, thought this was about roofing business? what about real utility body vehicles with toolboxes or bucklifts, what about dump trucks, stake bed trucks? almost every truck you showed in this video was a playboy truck and nothing to do with a regular standard work truck. I personnaly think KUV toolbody 1 ton ford van is the way to go

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