Romantic Comedy – “Outrighteous” – Full Free Movie! Watch Today!

Romantic Comedy – “Outrighteous” – Full Free Movie! Watch Today!

(adventurous music) (upbeat rhythmic music) – Oh please, can
we take a breather? – Nice try Angela,
two more laps to go. – No. – I heard that. Come on now, you gotta
take care of that body the good lord gave ya. – What about that whole
made in God’s image thing? I don’t know if I wanna be
messin’ with perfection. – Nice try. Come on now, keep up. – I mean seriously, I wish
you were just determined to finding a man. I get worried about
you sometimes. – Oh here we go. – No, it’s like you stuck
on stupid or something. Ever since. – Please don’t say it, okay? – First step in recovery
is just admitting that you have a problem. – And where’d you
hear that, Dr. Phil? – No, America’s Next Top Model. – Oh my dear goodness. – Yeah, so, go ahead on. Say it. – Dwayne. – Yes, great. Dwayne was fine, I
thought you two were set. – Well how am I suppose to
compete with his new girlfriend? She makes her living
dancing with a pole. – Well, that fool did you
a favor then when he just disappeared last year. – More like 16
months, 19 days and a little change. – You. Girl you are so whooped. But you need to move on and get over it. – I’m done with men, okay? – I’m not. – I know. And what about you? Dating all the time and no
closer to finding Mr. Right. – Let me tell you something,
Simone, men are like cars. You gotta take em’
out on a test drive before you sign that paperwork. – Oh. I haven’t seen
you dotting no I’s or crossing no T’s lately. – But all of that’s
changing tonight. – Oh yeah?
– Got a date. He’s fine. With potential. – Oh does he go to church? – No doubt. And he takes care of
his elderly uncle. – Okay well I can’t
wait to hear about that. Come on now. – Come on honey, hustle, hustle. The bride’s an hour behind us. Besides, they’ll be no
wedding poses without roses. – Okay no disrespect to
you or your work, Monique, but I think the weddings
a go with or without us. – No doubt. But their chances of happily
ever after are greatly enhanced with a proper
floral accompaniment. – Okay and what does that mean? – It’s scientific. Besides, I don’t want a
divorce on my conscious. – Okay can you keep it down? Because they’re not
even married yet, okay? – I have a feeling this
couple is gonna be just fine. – And how do you know that? – Their check cleared the bank. – Hey well you know the
kitchen’s back there through the social hall. You know, God blessed us
with a very successful financial campaign and now we can do weddings
and receptions and things we normally lost
of the function halls. – Right. – So where you from, son? – Back east, Philadelphia. – Philadelphia?
– Yeah. – Tell you man,
back in my old days. I used to back up
like the barcade, I was spinning
around like the OJ’s. Clapped it like I was hot,
like I was Barrowen K. Yes I did. – Got you some game, huh Pastor? – That was back in the old days. So what brings you to LA? – Well you know, my uncle. Yeah I came to spend
some time with him and he’s pushing 80 and. (romantic hip hop music) – Oh K look, you look around. – Okay, yeah. Okay pastor, look,
I’ll see you Sunday. – Alright God bless.
– Okay, God bless you too. – [Florist] Well
what’s up with you? – Nothing. I’m good. – Would you like to lie down? A pillow? Perhaps a cold drink? – No, stop, I’m fine. Thank you.
– No problem. – What a gentleman. Calvin, dinner was
the bomb, thank you. – Yeah that pizza
was off then chain. – Yeah. So. Moving across country. New job. Must’ve been tough. – Well it’s like
anything else you know, just takes faith. – I heard that. I have this wonderful
coffee upstairs. Wanna come in? – Coffee makes me jittery. Besides, I gotta get up
early in the morning. Got my rain check. – Rain check? – Yeah. – Okay. Well. – Alright. I’ll give you a call. – You should. Jesus make it rain. – Good morning, Harry. – Hey Flower Power. What can I get you? – One large cappuccino. One large coffee. Four creams and six sugars. – Monique likes it
large and sweet huh? – Hey here, I would
hook you up but you know Monique’s married. – She’s not the one
I’m interested in. Look, grab a seat, I’ll
bring you a new paw. – Excuse me. Am I anywhere near
Western Avenue? – Yeah.
– Sort of, yeah. If you go up about three blocks and you make your first left. – First right. First left.
– You got it. – No I don’t. – Let me see your pen,
I’ll help you out. Thanks. Okay, here you go. – Thanks. It’s always good
to have a backup. – That’s true. – Hey you know what, I bet
guys tell you this all the time but I swear I think we’ve
met somewhere before. – Yeah? Just like you know
where Weston Avenue is? – A pretty face I remember. Now directions,
that’s another thing. – Oh I see you’ve
chosen the proper career choice for yourself. A delivery guy. – Look once I get the route
down it runs pretty smooth. I’m still working on that part. Besides, I just moved here. – Oh, well welcome. – Calvin Warner. – Simone St. Claire. – It’s nice to meet you.
– You too. Wait, maybe you seen me
at Monique’s Boutiques, have you ever been there? – Yeah that’s that,
that lingerie spot down on Crenshaw right? – Do not make me
lay hands on you. No, it’s a flower shop. – Oh, flowers. – Yeah you should
come by sometime. You know maybe get something
for your girlfriend or your wife. Monique does beautiful work. – Yeah I don’t have a
girlfriend or a wife. How ’bout I just
come and see you? – That could work.
– Okay. Well, I better get going. Well it’s nice meeting you. – You too.
– Simone St. Claire. A beautiful name to
match a beautiful face. I’ll be okay, I’m
alright, I’m alright. – Here you go Gorgeous. – Thank you. Hold on I’ll be right back. – Church. – Church? – Yeah, that’s where I saw you. At the church, last week
I was setting up flowers for a wedding. – That’s right.
– Yeah. – Girl with the. The hair, yeah when you. The hat, I didn’t
recognize you, wow, hi. – [Simone] Hi. – Well that’s good, I
mean we’re old friends. You know?
– Something like that. – Yeah. You busy tonight? – No. – You think we could hangout or? – Sure, yeah. I’d like that, yeah. – Alright, Monique’s
Exquisites, right? – Right. – I’ll get in touch with you. – Alright.
– Alright. Take it easy. – [TV Host] Jesus is
knocking on the door of your heart today. Jesus is the west
and the lord and all. – Got your food for ya. – Oh thank you, thank you. – No problem. What is this? – I was wondering where
that wandered off too. – Oh for real, this
don’t make no sense. It’s a fire trap in here. – Where’d you learn
how to cook like this? – Oh well that’s one of the
benefits of being a bachelor. You get tired of take out. – Well, you know, you gonna
make some of that real mad wife some
day. (chuckling) But you looking good there son, – Spit up old man. I’m gonna make you eat
that old moldy sandwich. – Cal.
– Yeah? – I know this ain’t
easy for a young man. You know, watchin’ out for a
old geezer like me. – Come on, Uncle Earl. You know I like this,
it’s no problem. – I just want to let you know
how much I appreciate it. You know, if it wasn’t for you I could be stuck away in
some old smelly nursing home and everybody forget all
about your old Uncle Earl. – You’re my uncle, I love you. You don’t have to
worry about that, I’m not gonna let that happen. – Well I really
appreciate it son. But you can keep that
spaghetti coming you know. – You got it, coming right up. – Okay, yes man. – [Calvin] You like it? – Yeah it’s been a long time
since I seen a good movie so. – Me too. – Yeah, right. Bet you have someone
different every night. – No. Besides, I’m more of a quality type of guy than quantity. – Oh. – What about you? I know you got somebody
special in your life. – I was dating this guy,
it was kind of serious but, we split up.
– When? – About 16 months, 19. I mean it’s been awhile. – Oh one of those. Yeah I know. – Yeah, sorry if I’m a
little out of practice. – You got game to me, girl. Shoot. Come on little girl. – Good morning.
– Hey. Somebody’s in a good mood. – Oh well, I took your
advice, I met a man at the coffee shop. And I only mentioned Dwayne’s
name about seven times. – Oh really, well that’s better. – Yeah so wait, tell me about
Mr. Fine with the tension. – Oh girl he’s not
just fine, he’s fizine. – Okay can somebody out here
please get this woman a biev. – But you know how hard it
is to find a good man though. – Yeah, especially when
they’ve been looking as long as you have. – I been looking.
– I know. So finish telling
me about your date. – Okay so. Not only is he fine but
Calvin’s really grounded. He might be the one. – Wait did you say Calvin? – Yeah, why? – Okay how crazy is it that,
that my guy name is Calvin too. – Yeah. He’s a delivery guy. – Wait and from back east? – Uh huh. – [Both Women] Philadelphia? – No, yes. Is his last name? – Walker? – Calvin Walker? Hell no. – Wait, what are the
odds of that happening? – Yeah, what are the odds? But it doesn’t matter
anyway ’cause you’re not gonna keep
seeing him, right? – Okay wait, you’re
the one telling me go out, meet new people. – Calvin ain’t new. He’s taken. By me. We have a date on Sunday. – Oh that’s really good
so since you’re keeping up with the score, I’ve
already had one date, two accidental meetings and
one planned for next week. – Okay. I love you girl
but I will cut you. – Look, okay. Seriously, you tell me to go out
and meet new guys, I finally meet a good man,
church going, hard working and you’re telling
me to step off? That ain’t really gonna happen. Alright, look, you meet
more men when you walk to the bus stop then
I meet all year. – So? I mean, I don’t mean to be mean
or rude or anything. ‘Cause we like sisters,
we go way back but, I think he’s just a little
bit out of your league. – What did you say? – You heard me. You don’t have what it takes
to catch a man like this. – So you think that that
little bit of junk in the trunk is gonna go far with him? – Well. – Oh and those
conversation skills. Not that good. – Simone, who cares? And you think he gonna pick
your little corny self? Over? – Okay wait, let’s stop,
let’s stop, let’s stop, okay. Over a man? Let’s not do this. – No Simone, Calvin’s
not just a man. – I know that, that’s why
I don’t wanna say something or do something we’ll regret. – Simone, we’re way
passed that when you brought my ass
into the equation. Remember that? – Okay Angela, this
is stupid, okay? – That’s right, do
what you do best, run. Run away. Go hide in your little
corny flower shop. It’s probably best. I’m still gonna see Calvin. – So am I. – No you are not. – Yes I am. – Well let’s bet on it. – I don’t bet on men. – I win. – No. – So then we’ll see who
Calvin commits to, wins. – Okay. And the loser acknowledges
their defeat publicly. – Get ready to work
on your speech. Crusty hands.
– Fake fingernails. – You plan on working today or
just destroying my inventory? – I’m gonna take the 15
cents out of my paycheck. – It’s a man ain’t it? – No. – Simone, I’ve known you for four years, watch you handle cranky
clients, quickie disturbers and consult nervous brides
and you never break a sweat. Now the only time I’ve
ever seen you like this was when Dwayne.
– Don’t say it. – Well it was when he played
you like Boo Boo the Fool. – Look, I did something
really stupid Monique. Really stupid. – Honey we’ve all been there. Late nights, drinks flowing, muscles
bulging, music playing. – No, no, I let Angela
talk me into something. – Go on. – It involves the
new man Calvin. – You and Angela and Calvin? – Yeah I know, that’s why
I hate I agreed to it. (chanting foreign language) Agreed to the bet. – Oh Lord, girl. You had me speaking in
tongues, I thought you were about to, well. – No, see. Okay Angela and I found out
that we were both dating Calvin. And neither one of us wants to
let go so I agreed to the bet with Angela who could win him. – Y’all bet on a man? – [Simone] Yeah. – Well now. You really like this guy? – I mean I would hate
to let him go without seeing if we had
something or not. – Then dig in for the
fight of your life. Now he’s safe right?
– Of course. – Okay so let’s assume that he’s looking for a woman with
a strong spiritual foundation. – I believe so. But Angela’s beautiful. – Simone, honey besides
having the biggest heart and the prettiest face, you have unshakable faith. You show him your righteousness and he’ll be tripping all
over himself to be with you. – You really think so? – Girlfriend, sometimes you gotta
fight the good fight. ‘Cause if you don’t,
you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Now Angela doesn’t
seem to be a pushover. You do this, be prepared to go the distance. (upbeat rhythmic music) – Hey. You plan on going out on one
of Hoggie’s love floaties? – Well how much
are they to rent? – Oh usually they’re
like 15 bucks an hour. I’ll give it to you for five. You gotta book up to at
least 24 hours in advance. – Alright. – Check it. You pay the cash, you pick the boat and
you start paddling. – Here, are these for tomorrow? – Yeah. – Thanks. – Sure. – Here, catch. – Sorry ’bout that. – Okay she’s adorable. – She is. – Yeah, there’s a real
cute under this mess. – Here you go sweety. – You must have kids. – Someday. You know, God willing. – It’s the most terrifying
thing you can do but also the most rewarding so. Say bye. – Bye.
– Bye. When the world gives you lemons make lemonade. (upbeat rhythmic music) – Angela don’t do water. – What are you talking about? – Lochness. Creepy stuff. I’m good. – It’s a man made lake, Angela. – Well then they probably
dump bodies in here. – Yeah. Last week they found a foot. – It’s okay. – This is much better, no
sharks, no creepy things. Nothing squiggly. This is beautiful. – You’re right it is. You happy? – Yes. Having a wonderful time. – Me too. – So. Tell me how a fine, hard working man like
yourself ain’t married. – What makes you think I’m not? – So why would you bring me
out here to tell me that? – Okay, okay, listen. It’s a bad joke. I’m just playing. The simple answer is I haven’t
met the right woman yet. K, finding the right woman
who shares my commitment to faith and family, it ain’t easy. But it’s everything. You know? – You got that right. – What’s your story? – Every time I think I
find a righteous man, he turns out to be a
wolf in sheep’s clothing. – A wolf? Ain’t no fangs here. – I see that. – I wanna show you something. – Okay I won’t peek. – Okay you can look. I brought some wine. – Oh my god. – And most importantly. Grapes. – It’s like we in France. – Oui, oui. – [Angela] Yeah,
I like the wine. – Alright here you go. You’re welcome, thank you guys. Have fun okay? Alright, come and see me again. – [Angela] Oh let’s get some. – Sure some lemonade. Simone? – Calvin? What are you doing here? – This is my friend
Angela, Angela, Simone. – Nice to meet you. – Oh nice to meet, oh
sorry, hands a little cold, been making cold drinks all day. – So you branching out of
the flower business or what? – Oh no, no. I’m just you know, trying
to do my part you know and, and give back to the community. Just trying to raise
a little money for the children’s
literacy organization. You know for textbooks
and after school programs. Anything to help the kids,
I love the kids, you know? – I’m impressed. Very righteous
undertaking Simone. – Well I try just to help
out and do what I can. – We’re gonna take two. – Oh. Right. No every little bit helps. Children, you know they’re
the future you know? – Yeah. – Thanks baby. – Here you go. Don’t worry about it,
it’s for the kids. – Thank you, that’s
very generous of you. – Well yeah, well.
– Bye. – You right she a friend. (upbeat instrumental music) – Rule number one. We deliver the meals,
we don’t eat the meals. Mr. Daniels has been
missing his puddings for the past six weeks. Come to find out it’s
little Jimmy here snacking on the
side of the road. Do I make myself clear? – [Volunteers] Yes, yes. – Rule number two. Know your routes, people. Gas is four, five
dollars a gallon. Boy, take your hat off
in the house of the lord. We can’t afford to be
reimbursing you all for gas so if you get lost,
you’re on your own. Am I clear? – [Volunteers] Yes. – Rule number three. Prepare for the
emergencies, people. Traffic jams, road closures, I don’t
wanna hear about it, these people gotta eat. Do y’all get my mini? What are the rules? – Make sure you
get a good price. – Off the continuity. – I don’t know. – Maximum efficiency. – Good. Get out of my kitchen. – Right, here’s the
food right here. – Did I give you permission
to touch my food, boy? – No sir, ma’am. – I wear the golden
apron at this church, there’s a reason for that. Don’t touch my food until I
release it to your custody, you got it?
– I got it. – Now get.
– Gotta go. – What’s wrong with him? – Oh, I don’t know where he is,
maybe on a Tarmac someplace. I don’t know. Okay, bye. These people. We need textbooks
for tutoring and. Oh my nerve. Hello may I please speak
with Simone St. Claire? – She’s not here, 35.16. – Oh when do you expect her in? – She’s out on deliveries. MasterCard, Visa, no Air Max. – My name is
Patricia Wellington, I’m calling from the
Children Literacy Council. I was calling to thank her for
such a generous contribution. – You have a number
where she can call you? – Don’t bother, I’ll give her
a call back maybe five or six. – Oh, no, no, that won’t
work, she’s going out. – Oh that’s right,
that church event. – No, no, no, it’s the Willow. – The Willows? I’ve been trying to get a, excuse me, sorry. – Who did you say
was calling again? – My name is
Patricia Wellington. Well, thank you. – She wanted too
much information. I’m sorry. This is a loving memory
of Frankie McCallpepper? – The Willows? – Who’s Patricia Wellington. – Your date for tonight. I’ll let you know when
you can pick me up. – Sweet. – Kick rocks. Scoot. – I’ll see you tonight, baby. – I’m not your baby, go ahead. Yes, Willows restaurant? Calling to confirm my
reservation tonight. Calvin Walker. What time is it again? Seven, that’s right. Thank you, yes, I’ll
see you tonight. ♪ I was searching for
someone to satisfy my heart ♪ And give me all
the love I need ♪ That’s when he called I needed ♪ I didn’t want to wait and
see what you had in store ♪ Thankfully and so I
tried to do it my way ♪ And I’m psyched for me ♪ And I think I’m right for me ♪ And I lose all the
men all righteous ♪ Still good with my
begin all righteous ♪ I’m righteous ♪ I’m righteous – Thank you. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome, enjoy everything.
– Thank you. – You know, I have always
wanted to come here. – I’m glad we could
make it happen. You know you look great tonight. – Thank you. – Well, here’s to you for saving
me from a night full of infomercials and bad
game shows with Uncle Earl. – Now I’m sure that you
don’t have a problem filling this time slot. – Well you know finding
someone to go out with is easy. Finding the right woman, that requires a little
help from above. – Brian are you ready? – It’s Ryan.
– Yeah whatever. So you’re choking,
look, like this. – I got it. – Don’t cry. – I got it. – Well you know I think
it’s great what you do. A lot of guys
wouldn’t even consider taking care of they elders. – Well Uncle Earl’s
like my pops, really. It’s the least I can do. Besides, you can learn
a lot from old people. – Yeah that’s very true. – Yeah you know they show
us where we came from, let us appreciate who we are. That’s why I volunteered
down at the church. I just love listening
to those old stories. – That is so sweet. – Well, I get more out of
it than they do, really. What? I get it? – Close. – Oh, oh, I’m choking. I’m choking. – Oh my god. – I’m choking. Choke.
– Relax sir, I’m a doctor. Relax, relax. – Hey move, I’ll save him. – Angela.
– What? – I got you, you’ll be fine. Mister I’ve never met before. – Angela, are you
okay, everything fine? – Yes, I am trained
for this situation. Here we go. And bam. – She actually saved him. – He was choking on a peanut? – Yes. – That was amazing. You are amazing. – Yeah, true Mother Teresa. – [Doctor] Should I call
an ambulance for you? – [Angela] Oh no. I better take him home. – Okay show’s over. – Can you believe that? It’s crazy right? Did you see that? She did the whole. That’s great right? – Yeah. – That’s how you
do it, top that. – That was awesome. So what’s next? Grab a little dinner?
Catch a movie? – I’ll see you Monday. – But I almost choked to
death in there for you. We shared a moment. – Obie, get your hand off me,
let me tell you something. We did and now it’s over. Peace. – It’s Ryan.
– Who cares? – And you drove me here. – [Angela] Get the bus. – Well, thank you for
a wonderful night. – Great food. Even better company. – Yeah and a little
live theater thrown in. – You’re telling me. Hope ol’ boys alright though. – Why wouldn’t he be? – I’m sorry that came out wrong. I meant, I’m sure he’s fine. You know, I’m sure God is
watching over him right now. – Yeah let’s hope so. – Yeah. You know I should be going
in, Monique is off tomorrow and I have to open so. – Yeah me too. I gotta get going. A lot of stuff to do tomorrow. So, I guess that’s a good night? – Yes. It was. (upbeat rhythmic music) (knocking on door) – Whoa, my lord. My proud little anvil. Well now talk about 40 years. – Madame, may I present to you your lunch. – Thank you, thank you. – [Calvin] My pleasure. – Why don’t you come on in? – What?
– Have something to drink. Come on, El, El. – I gotta go.
– Jesus is on me. Tell me what you want,
come on back here boy. Jesus is on me like. Tell me what you. Woo. – You know I gotta be honest, I wanted to make sure
you knew that I was seeing someone else. – I mean I understand that. And I appreciate you telling me. – Yeah. I called the other
girl earlier today and I told her the same thing. – Really? How’d she take it? – She was jealous as
I don’t know what. And then my mom called and she
interrupted our conversation. – Is she okay? – Oh yeah she’s fine, she, she said she had a dream about
me becoming a youth pastor. – Is that something that
you would consider or? Have you thought about? – Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know, it just, you know that’s moms. You know they got this, they seem to always know stuff. – Yeah. They do. – So what’d you think? – I think that would be great? – Yeah? (laughing) You’re just something else. Pastor, hey. – Brother Calvin. Some mighty fine work you
doing son, mighty fine work. – Thank you, pastor. I love delivering
to them old ladies. – Make it do what it do, Cal. Hey what it do, son. – [Calvin] Here you go, Unc. – Oh, thank you son.
– Alright, alright. – You know, I was
just in here thinking. – What’s up? – You ain’t been in town
too much and you already got yourself two
fine young ladies. Boy Cal I’m telling you,
you definitely are my blood. You know I used to run em’
pretty good in my day too. Until my equipment
kinda run out on me. – It’ll be alright, Unc. But you know the thing is, is I’m having a
hard time with it. You know, I’m a little
uncomfortable dating two women at the same time.
– Yeah. But you know Cal, you
go and have your fun. But you best be careful. Despite what them sexy late
night TV shows tell you, two women’s and one
man ain’t exactly how God intended
things to be you know? – Come on Uncle Earl,
it’s not like that. – Well, I think what you need is a little spiritual guidance. You know, figure things
out before you get yourself into a mess
of trouble, boy. You know, it’s nasty out there. – You right, I will. I will. When we start getting
them channels anyway, Unc? – Well, what do you
mean just not get em’? I been had em’. They must be blocked
out in your room. – Yeah I don’t have
em’ in my room. – You don’t need em’, you got
real women’s to chase after. I got to look at
the animated ones. It’s good too, boy. (upbeat rhythmic music) – Hello? – Look, I really like Calvin. – Yeah he’s a good look. – Well, he told me
he has thoughts about becoming a youth pastor. Don’t you think that’s a
pretty committable thing? – Well hold on, I’m putting
on my mascara, okay? – You, oh my god, he is
so out of your league. – I doubt that. – You haven’t even been
to church in months. – So now’s a perfect
time to make a comeback. – You know what, I’m hanging up. – See you tomorrow. ♪ This little light of mine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine ♪ This little light of mine ♪ This little light of mine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine – Cal is in the back. – Alright girl, you
get a amen to that. ♪ Let it shine, let
it shine, let it shine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine,
I’m gonna let it shine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine ♪ I’m gonna let it shine,
I’m gonna let it shine ♪ Up and down the road
I’m gonna let it shine – Stop that. You better knock that off. ♪ Let it shine, let
it shine, let is shine (cheers and applause) – People please,
control yourselves. This is God’s house, this
is not a prince house. – [Calvin] Come on here, Unc. – Okay, gangster.
– To the car. – Oh I’m glad they
got this incline. – Oh yeah, you
enjoy the service? – Oh really enjoyed the service. – Alright, nice service.
– Yeah, enjoyed all them pretty woman too.
– I heard that. – Calvin. – Angela, come here, can I
talk to you for a minute? God can see you without you
having to put on a light show. – Hey I’m gonna pull
up the car okay Unc? – Okay but don’t take all day. – No, no, I’ll be
there in a second. – Hey.
– Hey Gorgeous. Hey how you doin’? – Good, how are you? – Can I talk to
you for a second? – Yeah of course. – I just, I just have all that stuff. I wanna. – What’s wrong? – Well nothing. But I think it’s only fair that, that I tell you about the woman
you’ve been seeing me with. Her name is Angela. – Right, the one from the
restaurant and boat house. I kinda figured
something was going on. – Yeah. Well the right thing to do
is to tell you about her and to tell her about you. – Okay. – Well I mean she’s great,
she’s a terrific lady. She’s full of faith and spirit. – I see well, I hope you two are
happy together. – God I’m bad at this. Okay, what I’m trying to say is, I’ve developed strong
feelings for you Simone. And I wanna build
on those feelings. I wanna get to know you better. Everything. That is if, if you feel the same. – Yes, of course. – Oh wow. Okay yeah, I gotta man up. Tell Angela about you, about us. Yeah I don’t want her to think,
you know I’m playing her. – No I mean you’re an
amazing man, Calvin. The only way I knew that
Dwayne’s breaking up with me is when he
disconnected his phone. Angela, I mean she’s
gonna be sad but she’ll get over it. – Yeah she’ll get over it. Alright. – [Angela] So what
was all that about? – Okay, listen, let’s end
this whole bet thing, okay? Look what it’s doing to us. We nearly blinded half the
congregation in there today. – So glad you’re quitting. Me and Calvin have a connection. I can’t wait to
see him tomorrow. – I’m not quitting.
– What’d you say? – Look, you may have
a connection but
I have commitment. – You’re crazy, how
do you know that? – Look he told me, he
wants me exclusively. Alright, that’s why he’s
meeting you tomorrow. To let you know he’s chosen me. – Nice try, Simone. Your acting, it’s
improving, it’s incredible. I know what me and Calvin got. – Right, yeah friendship. I have his heart. – You’re lying. – Angela look, if Calvin’s gonna be in my life, we have to figure out
how all three of us can get along together. – Wow. You have really just
gone off the deep end. – Please. – I don’t see no
ring on your finger and I don’t back
down that easily. – Please look, I’m telling
you this for your own good. – Yeah right. Girl whatever. – And we suppose to
have some recreation. We ain’t suppose to sit
around all day drooling. Like Earl. – Hey, hit me. – What’s going on? – How’s the game going, Unc? – Oh it’s going pretty good. – Alright. It looks that way. – Yeah. – Oh lord. – Earl you know it’s a
shame that boy of yours dating two girls
at the same time. – Well you know what they say, the apple don’t fall
that far from the tree. – I tell you what, I’d like
to get me a piece of that boy. I’ll sneak up on him
like Snoop Doggy Dog at the smoking section. – Beatress, watch your mouth. – It’s Beatriss. – It’s been Beatress since
you left Mississippi. – Whatever, just wanna
spend a good time with him, just a little time. – You wouldn’t know
what to do with that boy if he’s stood right
in front of you. – Oh I know what to do with
him more than you would sitting up here looking
like Fayra Faucet. – Ladies, ladies. Louise, you ain’t got to
worry about him, look, hell, Calvin won’t want nothing
to do with that old dried up old prune, he got
two ripe, juicy grapes, he just pull off the
vine at his disposal. – Prune? And what about
you, you club foot. – Well what about your wrinkles? – I got cream for this, cream. – You got any mirrors
at your house? – You got any deodorant
in your cabinet? – No, but if you got
mirrors at your house they’d probably all crack. – Crack? Boy you can kiss the
crack on my a, oh. 10. Hi there. – Hey. You scared me. – Oh don’t be scared. Do you have any malt liquor
in that refrigerator? – Malt, no ma’am,
we don’t drink. – Well you need to. Spice things up a bit. If you know what I mean. – Yeah, funny. Can I help you with anything
yale, some grape, a muffin? – How ’bout a tour of your room? – A tour?
– I heard it’s quite nice. – [Calvin] Right. – Take me upstairs. – Card game?
– I can make the stairs. My knees is good, my leg is bad. – I think you, it’s a card game. You was playing. – I’m into this game
right here, baby. – [Woman] Beatriss? Come back out here,
leave that boy alone. – I got my good
eye on you, honey. ♪ Got somebody on my mind
think about you all the time ♪ Wishing that you could be mine ♪ When I ever feel your touch ♪ If I do I think how much ♪ Will you ever show me love? ♪ I think about it time again ♪ Should we just remain friends? – You and Dwayne look
so good together. ♪ Will I ever feel your
touch if I do think how much ♪ Will you ever show me love? ♪ I know that we are close
and we are real good friends – This is the last one. – Oh, this is the
Simone I like to see. – Well you know when pastor
says let go and let God? It works. – Those were some crazy
couple of years after what’s his name. – It’s okay, you can say it. Dwayne. – Seems like you were
long overdue for some good fortunes, Simone. – Well you know Calvin
is probably breaking it off with her right now. He said when he’s done
he’s gonna come over here and take me out. – Well I hope he’s wearing
a bullet proof vest and a catchers mask ’cause
Angela ain’t one of those take it and strive
kind of girls. – I know, poor Calvin. – I’ma take this to
the nursing home. – Wait, I want you to meet him. – They’re not admitting me,
I’m just dropping it off. – Okay. – I’ll be back. – Alright. – Oh Calvin. – Hey.
– Hey. Listen, I asked you
down because we’ve been so impressed with
the impact you’ve had on this church community. Especially with the seniors. – Well you know,
thank you, sirs, it’s a been a blessing to me but I gotta be somewhere, so. – Sit down. Sit down. I’ma make this real
quick and easy. I got a big favor to ask. – Sure, anything. – How would you like
to oversee this years volunteer appreciation lunch? – Oversee? Okay you mean like run it? – [Pastor] Exactly. – Pastor I don’t know
anything about putting on a spread like that. – Listen it’s real simple. I have a team that does
it year in and year out. Just follow their model. Of course add your twist
to it as you see fit. As a personal favor, please. – You know, I’ll be honored. But with all due respect. – Son I would not even ask if
I didn’t have faith in you. Great, that settles it, hey, you be working with
Sister Louise on this. – Okay.
– Aint God good? – Okay.
– Gotta be back to my rehearsal, Calvin. – [Dwayne] Cinderella
never looked this good. – Dwayne?
– Simone, Simone, Simone. Girl I am so happy to see you. – What are you doing here? – [Dwayne] Let’s just say
I’m in the neighborhood. – Yeah, you’d been playing
me for a fool, again. – No, that’s why I’m here. Listen I’m here to apologize,
Simone, I’m a changed man. – Oh yeah I see. Looks like you changed
from Fubu to Sean Jean. – I do look good, don’t I? – I knew it. – No seriously, Simone. Simone, Simone, I’m serious. I received the lord as my
personal savior six months ago. – Yeah? – And I’m just trying
to live a better life so I can make up for the
pain that I caused you and all those that I hurt. – Right. – What do you give a woman
who works in a flower shop? You do like chocolate
covered cherries don’t you? – No. Look now Simone, I
know you’re busy. Look I just wanna
take you out to eat. Let’s go get, let’s get some coffee. – Oh I’m sorry,
I’m seeing someone. – Lucky man. Look I’m not here to
start no trouble Simone. I know we’ve been through a
lot, whatever we’ve been through all I know is me and you,
we’ve always been friends so. I mean I wouldn’t forgive
myself if I didn’t come to try to fix that, Simone. – Oh, Mr. Repenting man himself. Well you know what, actions
speak a lot louder than words. So you’re gonna have
to do better than that. – [Dwayne] Look
please, pretty please. – You look ridiculous right now. – Let this man take
you out to dinner. Well help a brother out, can I get a yes,
can I get a maybe? Can I get a woo woo? – Okay, okay, maybe. As friends. – Cool, baby. – K now can you get up
before my customers come in? – Yes, I’m sorry about that. – Sorry to interrupt. – Calvin. – You know what Simone,
I really thought we had something special. Now I see you’re
with somebody else. – Calvin, wait. Calvin. Calvin, wait! Wait. Just let me explain. – Explain what Simone? – Okay, look it’s
not what you think. – I think I just saw
you kissing another man. – No, look he’s my ex, okay, he tripped and I fell
on him and he kissed me. – Yeah you tripped
right into his mouth. I don’t need this, man. – Calvin. I’m sorry. No, you have to go. Just go! – Hey beautiful. – Smith Aviation. Yeah, what? I’m going out, alone. Calvin.
– Hey. – What’s up?
– What’s going on? Hey, you alright,
everything good? – You here to do it aren’t you? – Do what? – I think you’re
making a big mistake. – You know, I need
to talk to you. Can we talk outside? Just me and you? By ourselves. Yeah. Just sit right here. I wanted to see you today. But I came because. – Calvin. Whatever it is, give me
another chance, okay? I can make you happy. I swear. – Angela. Angela, let’s talk. – Sorry. I get a little
anxious sometimes. – Yeah, you think? Okay now what I was
trying to say before you interrupted me. I think you real special. – Calvin, what are
you trying to say? – Okay look, there
was this other girl, okay but she’s not
what I thought she was. – What? You’re settling? I’m your second choice? – No child, listen. You know my sense of direction. I mean sometimes it takes me
awhile to find my way but, I get there. Alright? – Well. Since you said it like that. – Alright, I’m here. – We go together. – I heard that,
yes indeed, yeah. – You’re down, I get
it but it ain’t over, just a misunderstanding. – He saw me kiss
another man, Monique. That’s not a misunderstanding. That’s a global conflict. – Come clean, tell him
about you and Angela and the stupid bet. You’ll feel better
and he’ll understand. And then he’ll think that
I’m a liar and a cheat. Besides you know what if Angela has a
chance at being happy, I’m not gonna ruin it for her. – Remember your scriptures. A righteous man falls seven
times and rises again. Same goes for you. Don’t give up. – Monique’s Exquisite
Flowers, may I help you? Oh, hi Dwayne. Oh no, no, no, she’s
not here right now but I’ll tell her you called. Bye. He’s persistent. I’ll give him that. And easy on the eyes,
I’ll give him that too. – Oh give me a break. (upbeat rhythmic music) – What’s that I smell? What are you in
here cooking Louise? Oh this is good. Here. – Boy, don’t you dare
try to salt my stew. – Okay. You got it under control. (horn honking) – Looks like you need a refill. What’s up Ms. Angie? Look at you, you know you
lookin’ fine with your fly outfit on and
you know you always, you had it going on
in my book, baby. – Dwayne please, okay? I need to hurry this up,
I gotta get back to work. And you owe me some
money for the coffee that I spilled over that. – Yeah, whatever. I’m just hoping you can help
me figure something out. – What? – Remember you called me? Out the blue? I might add. And you swore up and down that
Simone was trying to hook up. – I just had a feeling
she wasn’t over you. – Yeah well she seemed like
she was doing fine to me. She got a boyfriend. – Simone does not
a have a boyfriend. – Well who was that Calvin guy? Ran off like a little
punk when I kissed Simone. – You kissed Simone? Wait, what? – Yeah, I kissed Simone
and she ran up after him. Calvin, Calvin. I’m sorry. – Well, Simone and
Calvin are not together. Me and Calvin are together. For your information. – Since when? – Since none of your business. So get. Go. – Look, all I know, it’s thanks to you I broke
the girls heart again. I don’t know what you in to,
I don’t know what you’re up to or whatever it is, it’s cold. And I hope it’s worth it. – Mind yours. – He’s everywhere. Never say that again,
he’s everywhere. I don’t know about you. – [Woman] Come on, Preacher. – But I know he was
there last night. – [Woman] He was there. – When you’re lying
to your girlfriend. – Come on. – He was there last night. – Come on he was there. – Up and down for the
club and the soldier boy. – Yes you did, you. – [Pastor] Is God gonna hear me? – Oh better hear you
Preacher, what’s he say? – Somebody said gotta
lead those to this God. – Come on, gotta lead. – Somebody says gotta lead
baptists, gonna pray now. Better three Hebrew boy got
casts into the fiery furnace. Let me trip ya. Remember when he took your
desperation to celebration? And truth is negative
is a positive. – Amen. That’s what I’m talking about. – Through the
sadness to gladness. – [Woman] Sadness to gladness. – He’s pages
imperfection is perfect. – Listen I gotta check
on something real quick. You mind taking my
uncle to the car? – Yeah no problem, baby. – You take your
time there, Calvin. Gotta give me the energy to
be with the queen of town. – That was good word today. – That was a great word today. Pastor, word today! – He was. – People have to wear gloves
and also acting crazy. – I know, he always. What are you doing here? – Don’t you understand I’m
trying to make it right by you? – No what I understand is, you ruined my chances
with a good man. Just leave. – Hey look man. Me and Simone, it’s
nothing, it was an accident. She don’t even like me. She like you. I don’t know why. Just take her. – Oh berry, your
apricot and your grape but you gotta be
careful with the grape because it’ll bounce
right off the toaster. And you’ll wind up chasing
it way across to the floor. – Okay, I’ll try that.
– Hey what you doin’ shoving me I here? I ain’t no pot roast,
I’m calling here. – [Calvin] You alright? – Not really. Look Calvin, I wanna
apologize to you okay? – Don’t mention it,
you know, I moved on. – Listen that was
Dwayne, my ex-boyfriend. I hadn’t seen him in two years. – Get it, you know you
guys missed each other. Tripped over something and fell
into his face. – No look, I was just
telling him about me and you and he was leaving when you walked in and.
– Me and you? You mean me and Angela. – Will you stop. Just listen to me.
– Let me ask you something. And you can say
no if you want to. I was wondering
if you and Monique would you know help me out
by donating some flowers to the church for this
lunch dinner I’m throwing. – What? – Yeah. – Babe? Is everything okay? – [Calvin] Yeah I was
on my way to the car. – Come on.
– Hey, where’s my uncle? – In the car. – What’s goin on, Unc? – Hey Cal. – Your mamma so fat that
she didn’t have a baby because she was too old to. – Your mamma so fat
’cause she had drugs. – You know you used
to be just like that. Run, run, run. Never get tired. I get winded just
walking to the toilet. – Yeah. I wish it was that easy. – What’s the problem, Cal? – See Angela, she makes me laugh and
appreciate the moment. Then there’s Simone. Simone makes me wanna strive
to become a better man. Okay but there’s a
complication with that one. With Simone. And it makes me
question everything. – This girl a criminal? – No. – She married already? – Not that I know of. – Well she getting ready
to run off to Greenland and study the volcanoes? – What? No. I think she’s still mighty
hung up on her old boyfriend. – She tell you that? – No she didn’t tell
me that but I saw, I saw em’ kissing. – And before this one little
complication you trusted her? – I did, I do. He understand. – You ever watch Dateline? – What? – Dateline, you know
them trial shows. You know, eye witness
testimony is always the worst. The brain messes with
what you think you see. – So you telling me I
didn’t see them kissing? – No. Coulda been a trick of the
eye, coulda been mirrors. Coulda been something that
she didn’t want to happen. – Are you telling me
not to trust what I saw? – Cal the only thing
I’m trying to tell you is to trust in your heart, son. Trust your gut. And above all, trust in God’s will for you. Can’t go wrong
with the lord, son. – You right, Unc. – Yep. Believe what I tell you. (somber music) – Forget about the bet, Angela. Okay we both know that this
thing has gone way out of hand. Alright, we gotta
just tell Calvin, be honest and take our chances. – No way, things are working
out too well for us right now. Especially now. He needs me. – Angela look, I
want you to be happy. I really do but how do
you see this playing out? – We’re gonna continue
like we have been. God willing we settle
down, have some babies. – Okay and then how
do you explain to him that I’m your best friend? You placed a bet on
who could win him. Alright things work
out with you and him and later he finds out that
all you built was a lie? – Simone I can’t help but
think that if he chose you, you wouldn’t be
acting like this. – Angela, listen. I’m gonna give you an option. Either you tell
Calvin or I will. – Why don’t you
just take Dwayne? – What? – You heard me. Dwayne still likes you. – Why you saying that? – Well, Dwayne called me two
weeks ago, he’s back in town, he found Christ, he wants to make
it right with you. – And you sent him to
the shop, didn’t you? You did. Angela, why did you
do that when you know that I was finally moving on? – I didn’t know Calvin
was gonna be there, you gotta believe
me about that part. – And why should I? – Simone, I’m not the
one that kissed Dwayne. – He kissed me. – He kissed you, you
kissed him, whatever. – Okay, okay, Angela. Look at us. Okay are we gonna let a man
come between our friendship? You’ve already
chose, haven’t you? You have. Well I see how
easy it is for you. Alright, have a nice life. – Hey there beautiful. Oh. You’re not Angela. – No duh. – Yeah. Okay. Okay well look, what is this,
the receptionist around? ‘Cause this needs a signature. – Look I got no clue, buddy. – Okay. Alright. Hello? Oh hey, what’s up? – [Ryan] Front
desk is out front. – Yeah. Angela’s not there I
just need a signature. Hey don’t I know you? – [Ryan] No, never met you. – Yeah you’re the guy
from the restaurant. The choking guy. – Oh right. I’m fine, no big deal. – Yeah, great, yeah, it looked
really bad the other night. You were choking up peanuts,
kicking and screaming. Good thing Angela
was there to save. – It wasn’t your
precious Angela. It was three years
of community theater. Vocal lessons, a
private acting coach. – What? Act? You was faking? Why don’t you tell
me what happened. – I can’t. Angela, she’ll kill me. I thought it was a date. So much time in
front of the mirror. – I cannot believe this. – I thought it was a date too. – It wasn’t real. Man you know I sent you flowers? – Roses, my favorite. Thanks man. – Look, what’s going on? Tell me what’s going on. – Angela wanted to
outrighteous Simone. – Outrighteous? – To win the bet. – Win the bet, what bet? – You should sit down for this. – Oh my goodness. – Dear Lord. Come to you just
saying thank you. Thanking you for
all that you are. And everything that
you do to provide. Lord I’m coming to you
especially right now dealing with the
situation with Calvin and with my best friend Angela. You know the situation
Lord and I pray for, for guidance and
strength and wisdom to deal with the
situation the best way so that I may even main
a righteous person. If it’s meant for
us to be together or if it’s meant for he
and Angela to be together I’ll be satisfied with that
if it’s in your will, Lord. It’s these things and all
others I ask your name. Amen. – Lord I know I haven’t
been coming to church as much as I should. And I know I even get
a little crazy when it comes to dating men. But if you could just send
a little sign about Calvin. I mean, me and
Simone both like him. But he’s coming in
between our friendship and I don’t wanna lose that. But if she keeps pushing it you
know I cannot back down and. (thunder crackling) Oops, sorry. If you could just send a sign. Thank you. Amen. – My, Calvin calls these
inclined donations. You bet we’re kind doing
all this work for him. – But it’s not for him
it’s for the volunteers doing God’s work. – Yeah let’s see if we can
get some kind donations like manicures, massages. – Come on here,
just close the car. – Oh so you telling
me what to do now? Well isn’t that pretty funny. – Brother Calvin. Excellent recs and work. I think you was the
right man for the job. – Well thank you Pastor.
– Oh yeah, yeah. – Seems like everybody’s
having a great time. – Yeah there is
one problem though. It seems like you’ll
be managing this event for many years to come. – Anything to help out, Pastor. – Praise God.
– No problem. How y’all doing? Hey, can I talk to
you for a second? – Sure.
– Excuse me. Okay good, both you
guys are, listen. I wanna thank you both of
you guys for your help. I couldn’t of done this
luncheon without you two. – Well you’re welcome, Calvin. – Well you know the
seniors at the volunteers, they deserved it, you did
a really good job, Calvin. – Well I appreciate that. So I think it’s time that we address the obvious. Listen, it’s truly been a
blessing to know both of you. Okay, frankly I’m honored. And I’m fortunate beyond my
belief that two amazing women such as yourselves would
even be interested in me. – Probably just spit it out. – Look I’m sorry if I made
you guys feel uncomfortable for making, asking
you to work together. You know, it’s
not every day that the two women that you’re
dating just so happen to know each other. It’s not like you guys are
best friends or anything. – No.
– No. – That would be awkward. – Yeah it sure would. – Okay. You know I’ve never wrong
asking God for guidance. You know, the sign to show me
that I found the right woman. You know, one who
understands what it means to perform righteous acts. (pans crashing) Listen, that’s Ms.
Louise in the kitchen, I gotta go help her. We’ll talk later. – Okay. So what’s all that about? – It was about that if
we still want Calvin then the game is still on. – There’s no game,
there’s no competition. – Oh really? We’ll just see
about that won’t we? – I guess we will. – [Simone] Maybe
that’s like men. – Well that’s we shut out. – You need to concentrate
on your chores. Not the two of them,
leave them alone. – This is gonna be interesting. – [Angela] Hey ladies. – Hey.
– Hey. How are ya? – This wouldn’t be a
party without nail bling. – Oh see that bronze. Now that looks interesting. Let me get some of that. – Well Ms. Henry I
was wondering maybe you would look even
lovelier if you let me put a couple
flowers in your hair? Think maybe your
husband might like it. – Oh yes, thank you. Oh you’re so lovely
honey, thank you. – Okay I see, very festive,
ladies, very festive Angela. – What color,
Calvin, what color? – Mr. Walsh you’re
gonna keep that between me and you, alright? – What do you think?
– You look good, girl. – Oh I do honey? Oh thank you, baby
put another one. – Okay, okay, I hope
I’m not pinching you. ‘Cause I don’t wanna hurt you. – Oh no, them fine, I
don’t know, feels good. – Girl these fumes, I’m good,
the fumes are way too much. – Girl, just a
second, let me finish. It’s okay. Just give me a sec.
– I can’t, no. – I said give me a second. Well I wanna finish! – I said no. Are you crazy? Walter, we gotta go. – Sorry.
– She is crazy. (speaking Spanish) She’s crazy too. – Yes she is. – Oh child.
– Wait, wait. I’m sorry I can fix it. – If I wasn’t saved, oh. – I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. – [Mrs. Henry] Oh look
what you’ve done, no, no. Thank God, I’m fine. – Mrs. Henry. – Angela, Simone. Get in here now. What is going on out there? – Nothing. – Not since the two of
you were in high school have I seen you acting like
two little spoiled girls fighting over Jeremy
Washington and Eddy Cools. – Those were some
fine boys though. – Angela.
– What? They was fine. – Just to say, you’re in
the house of the Lord. Spilling nail polish and
pulling off old lady’s wigs. – I didn’t know that
was gonna happen. – I’m gonna go out
here and see if I can calm everybody down. Meanwhile, the two
of you make peace. Got it? – Got it. – This is all your fault. – My fault? None of this would’ve
ever happened if you had just listened to me. – Listen to you? Are you crazy? – No, you’re the nutcase. – I’m over you. And I’m over this. – No you. – Yes I did. You’re gross with that. – Let it go.
– Let it go. – Hey!
– Give it to me. (screaming) – Dessert is
officially canceled. – Listen, I’m very sorry
what has happened here today, I’m willing to do
whatever it takes to fix the situation. Oh and I will be getting
in contact with Mrs. Henry to express my apologies
for her wig incident. So you know,
everybody, I just wanna tell you I’m very sorry. – Excuse me. I’m sorry. Look I just want everyone
to know that it was all me. Okay, I took full responsibility
for Mrs. Henry’s hair and Ms. Louise being
covered head to toe in pie. Calvin is not to blame. Okay and also I work at
a flower shop in town and I’ll be sending Mrs.
Henry and Ms. Louise flowers every month for the next year. Now I know it’s not much
but it’s the least I can do to show how sorry I
am for everyone seeing Mrs. Henry’s bald head. (laughing) Sorry. I just wanted everyone
to know how sorry I am. – For free flowers you can
take my wig off anytime. – Hi, hi there. I just wanted to
personally apologize to Kimberly for the
nail polish mishap. My bad, I’m sorry. I’ll be sending your
dress to the cleaners and I’ll be taking you shopping. Purchase you a new one. My treat. – Now honey I’m warning
you, I have caviar taste. – I think I can handle it. Well since so many people
are in need of clothing I’ll be heading up the
church clothing drive so don’t forget to donate. – Praise God. That’s wonderful. – Thank you. – Now how are you
gonna top that one? – Well I’m gonna commend
Angela on her generous offer and congratulate you Calvin on finding such a wonderful
woman as Angela. Can I talk to you for a second? – Yeah. – I know I should’ve did
this a long time ago but, I just wanted to
say that I’m sorry. – Sorry for what Simone? – For lying. – Okay. – Look, all these
acts of righteousness, they were just done
to impress you. – So you didn’t mean it or what? – No. I mean, yes, of course
I did it’s just that acts of righteousness
should be done selflessly. You know to help someone or help someone in the community. Not to gain the
interest of a man. – You know I don’t know whether to be flattered or disappointed. – Well let me make
it easier for you. You know Angela, she’s
a wonderful girl. You know she’s smart
and she’s kind hearted. And she’s beautiful. You’d be a fool to let
her walk away from you. I wish you guys a
happy life together. I do. ♪ What if I told you, you
were the air that I breathe ♪ You are my everything ♪ And what if I said that I
couldn’t live without you? ♪ Would you believe me? ♪ All I know is that
you captured my soul ♪ And until a little bit ago ♪ How I feel ♪ How I feel ♪ You are my hopes, my
dreams, the song that sing ♪ Now can’t you see
what you mean to me? (sobbing) – Whatever you want Calvin,
I’ve already apologized to you. – I know. I wanted to say I’m sorry. – For what? For allowing somebody
that I truly care about to spill her heart
felt emotions in front of a room full of strangers. – Oh okay, that. – And for not telling
you I knew everything about you and Angela, the bet. Everything. – Since when? – Since I met Angela’s
co-worker Ryan. Horrible actor. – Yeah he’s no Tom Cruise or anything. Well, Angela is a lucky lady. – Yeah she’s terrific. But I much rather be with you. – Are you playing with me or
you being serious ’cause I– – No listen, Simone. God brought us
together for a reason. Okay, now we might’ve
spent the beginning part of our relationship
making mini mistakes and you two trying to
outrighteous each other. But I made a decision. I wanna be with you. – Are you serious? – Yeah. Listen I’ma, I’ma let you guys talk. – Okay.
– Alright? – Okay. So you guys make a great couple. – Really, you really think so? – I really do. – Thank you. – I missed you.
– I missed you too. – Sorry. I think I took it just
a little bit too far. – We both did.
(somber music) – We did.
– Okay? – Never?
– Ever. – I’m not being the best. – Well I think someone’s
stamina has increased big time. – That’s right, maybe
if we came out here a little bit more often you can get rid of
that merry belly back. – Uh huh, well maybe
if you got a man you get a little
bit of your own. – He’s right here. – Oh please. – Hey ladies.
– Hey Cal. – Hey. what took you so long? – My last delivery took
about four wrong turns. – Okay you know this one gets
lost in the grocery store. – Maybe you should put a
tracking device on him. – I know, a GPS
system or something. – No way. Take it easy, take it easy. – Is he serious? – Yes. – Like all the time.
– Listen, listen. So that table over there, last one to that table
buys dinner how ’bout that? – Okay but I don’t know
how he can handle that with all his deliveries. – Yeah. You know what, y’all slower
than a bag of potatoes. – Really?
– Yes. – Go. – What? Hold on wait. Wait a minute. Wait, wait. Wait a sec! (upbeat rhythmic music) ♪ I was searching for
someone to satisfy my heart ♪ and give me all
the love I need. – [Producer] Mark it. ♪ Get it on to wait and
see what you had in store ♪ Fend for me and so I
tried to do it my way – Calvin, Calvin, I’m
sorry, I’m drowning. – The way that he says that. – [Calvin] Go ahead, go ahead. – It’s Calvin, help
me, save me, help. I’m dying. (laughing) ♪ Sometimes I get so
caught up in myself ♪ I never take the
time to look your way ♪ To see what you have to say ♪ You said for me
not to lean on my own – Now where, oh come on, El, El. How ’bout a scripture? The bible is open. ♪ When I think I’m
right I’m being all ♪ The night will start with
me and I wanna righteous ♪ Feel good when I begin
all righteous, all righteous – It’s okay, come on. Come on. (laughing) – [Woman] He took it raw. That’s so, boy that’s
right, that is right. ♪ When I begin all righteous ♪ Righteous, righteous – Listen brother, I
called in a huge favor. I need all your help. I’m having a hard time, like Jesus, Jesus. Praise you Jesus. ♪ I begin all
righteous, all righteous ♪ When I lose sight of me ♪ When I think I’m right being ♪ When I lose sight of me and
all righteous, all righteous ♪ You’re still good and
I’m begin all righteous – I wanna finish.
– I said no. Have you, are you crazy? ♪ When I lose sight of me and
all righteous, all righteous ♪ You’re still good and
I begin all righteous ♪ When I lose sight of me ♪ When I think I’m
right I’m being. – So don’t make any
noise, I hear rattling. Can we do it again? – You are big help. – Yes it is. ♪ I really do ♪ What if I told you, you
were the air that I breathe? ♪ You were my everything ♪ And what if I said that I
couldn’t live without you? ♪ Would you believe me? ♪ All I know ♪ Is that you captured my soul – [Woman] Do I
make myself clear? – [Man] Yes. – [Woman] Rule number two. ♪ How I feel ♪ You are my hopes, my
dreams, the sun that singing ♪ Now can’t you see
what you mean to me? ♪ Baby you’re all you are ♪ You are my everything ♪ My hopes, my dreams,
the sun that sing ♪ Baby can’t you see
what you mean to me? ♪ You are baby you are ♪ You are my everything ♪ Every time I look
in your eyes I fall ♪ Fall in love again ♪ Something about the
way you do what you do ♪ And you do what you do to me ♪ All I know ♪ Is that you captured my soul ♪ But until now that I fall ♪ You’re apart of me ♪ Apart of me ♪ You are my hopes my
dreams, the sun that sing ♪ Baby can’t you see
what you mean to me? – Okay get your hand off me,
let me tell you something. We did and now we’re through. Peace. ♪ You are my everything ♪ My hopes, my dreams,
the sun that sing ♪ Baby can’t you see
what you mean to me? ♪ How much you mean to me ♪ You are my everything ♪ I fell in love ♪ More than I found you babe

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  1. so not a fan of Black American Movies, not being racist but being honest to my own racial..they just tell you that its acting

  2. You black americans feeding yourselves stupid foolish movies full of brainwash made by the racists to make you docile and under control. So you are adoring the "good sheep jesus" by which they enslave your minds. You are total lost, come back to your african roots and stop sinking yourselves in this racist made shit to keep you under control.

  3. This is some terrible acting. This is like how not to act. It's also how not to cast, and how not to record music, and how not to film and direct. There should be bigger down button.

  4. this movie was pure comedy but all jokes aside no friends should be that thirsty over a man, he obviously was seeing both of them how does that work.

  5. Dito positive reviews! I'm watching it now as we speak!!! JESUS💖JESUS IS COMING!!! VERY VERY SOON!! GOD BLESS U ALL!💞💞💞💞💞💞😇😇😇😇

  6. Wasn't as good as everyone was commenting! And I didn't hear one time in the movie!especially the two girls were praying ! They didn't say JESUS!! THEY SAID OUR LORD!PRAYERS DONT MEAN,,CRAP!!!!!! UNLESS U PRAY TO JESUS💖JESUS!!! OUR GOD MY LORD AND SAVIOUR! SO WATCH WHO U PRAY TO!!! JESUS💖JESUS IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!!!! ONLY WORSHIP JESUS💖JESUS!!!!! IN JESUS NAME!!! AMEN!! HES COMING!!!!! BETTER REPENT!!!!!!GOD BLESS!!

  7. I know this is just a movie but I hate when women pit against each other over a man. Jesus knows me too well; I would've just said forget it, I'm NOT an option—I'm THE CHOICE—then again,I would've played those silly games to begin with. My pride would've gotten in the way and just walked away (Clearly I'm still praying and He's still working on me).

  8. Extremely BAD acting, story line not too good. I will not hang out with a guy i know he seeing another person who happens to be my friend and making a competition out of it. That's BS. He is seeing 2 friends at the same time, and that's okay ??? He is angry the Simone kissed another guy, yet he's been kissing 2 women. I give this movie 3/10.

  9. I read a comment and it said are we going to forget the guy is playing both of them and they’re just too busy competing. If I find out for sure he is cheating I’m not going to compete with any bitch. I’ll just ask to choose and he didn’t choose me than fine you can have her bye. I always give a little bit of time to come to there senses and they don’t I’m gone. I’m not going to share my man. He doesn’t have to share me and I expect the same from him. What I realized from my experience is if your the one you will never have to compete with any girl or worry about any girl period. If he cheats your not the one. They only give up everything when you’re the one. If they don’t give it up your not the one and they could go on without you easily and it won’t make a difference if you’re gone because they have other girls. If the girl cheats she doesn’t love him. It goes both ways.

  10. He was actually romantic and clever with the one date. He’s dating two people to find out which one he likes. People have dated multiple people at the same time to find the one they like and they’re compatible with. You can date multiple people at the same time to find the right one and who you’re compatible with. I wouldn’t mind that as long as they’re not sleeping with them. Regardless if we’re not together and you’re talking to me I expect the guy to not sleep with someone else because I’m not going to be sleeping with anyone else while I’m talking to him. If he’s sleeping with someone else then there is no point of me dating him.

  11. When you watch movies and you start to think about how your relationship with your significant other was and compare it to the movies and you realize that your man didn’t appreciate anything you did for him and took you for granted. I really never noticed it while we were together. I notice it now as I was thinking about us together. When you love someone you act a certain way and do certain things. I got mad in therapy and said he gave her everything and treated her like a queen when he should of done it for me. It made it seem like I was talking about money. He did play the shit out of me but I was talking about him doing something nice for me. He never cooked for me,opened a door for me,or do anything sweet to show me he loved me but he did it for her. That’s why my question is why were you even with me. Basically you never treated me like your girl you treated me like a friend. In the beginning he used to do sweet things. He would walk to meet up with me because he wanted to see me. I remember the time he called me when he was out with his friends he called me off of Paul’s phone and said I look really pretty today. I said how would you know you haven’t seen me yet and he said you look pretty everyday. I remember when we were friends and I knew he liked me and he used to do things that were sweet and would make me smile. We were just friends and we were hanging out I got a text message from him from Across the room saying I look nice today and my top looked good on me. I was mad in therapy but it got me thinking about what I liked about him. I was comparing them. Both did different Things that I cared about. I didn’t care we didn’t go anywhere or they didn’t buy me anything it’s how they treated me. In the beginning Wayne was sweet but then he didn’t appreciate me and started taking me for granted. Joel cooked and did thoughtful things that didn’t require money. One time he took me on the roof and we smoked a blunt,talked and looked at the stars together. He sent me something that says your the first person I think about when I wake up. Joel said nice things and did sweet things. It wasn’t always good with Joel but I felt like Joel appreciated me more by the things he did. I gave points for things like that. I was mad at a lot of other things and how badly they played me and I overlooked the good things when I was with them . I made my choice off that not money. If I was a gold digger like how the people you know said then I wouldn’t of been with either one of you. Only you two know it wasn’t about the money because you know how you treated me while I was with you. Now I know why people did everything they did especially the hoes because y’all Had money. That’s the only thing I can come up with. Am I wrong? Why did it play out this way? I say the things I feel and what I think is going on in therapy and when I’m not in therapy. I’m not trying to play anyone. I just want an answer to my question. Am I wrong or am I right? I didn’t hold back at all. I said everything that was on my mind.

  12. A supposedly Christian man dating two women at once (two timing ass), and he makes no apology to either of them when ever he gets caught with the other woman!!! And they think he's a good catch???????!!!! I'd be out of there.

  13. Nice job, Thanks so much !I never there were so many Christian movies ,🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙋🏽

  14. I am the kind of woman who makes a man's choice super easy for him. If it's a toss up between me and someone else, I leave. I know they're only dating , so it is ok but seeing that its at the point they're competing , uh uh, not me. I know what I bring to the table and I don't compete.

  15. Storyline is excellent. Christians are not perfect. Sin is all around us and we must choose to walk by faith daily.

  16. This movie was OK. The girls was competing so bad for that man. It is not that serious. One of them has to be the bigger person and just walk away! 6/10

  17. Yea that Calvin guy seems like a creep; why is it the women don't notice he look at them in a creepy way..he is giving me discount LL cool J vibes 😂😁😅

  18. I mean, he first of all brought her flowers and she works in a flower shop. Secondly, why did he think they were doing something in an open area in the middle of the day with a man, thirdly why did she say she was sorry? She did nothing.

  19. First movies are written for our learning even tho some acting maybe wack
    Second things like this is been going on each an every day
    this movie taught me alot great plot Maverick Movies keep more movie like this coming

  20. First movies are written for our learning even tho some acting maybe wack
    Second things like this is been going on each an every day
    this movie taught me alot great plot Maverick Movies keep more movie like this coming

  21. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck nooooooooooooo!!!! Dude is seeing me and my best friend at the same time, I would rather stay just with best friend, or even without man, nor best friend…. The only guy(s) I will fight for, will be my husband (marriage), and my children.

  22. secret hve away to come out this Angela 👀 too needy and desperate don’t allow your relationship with your 👯 dissolved over a male girl power

  23. Simone was JUST AS DISGUSTINGLY MANIPULATIVE AS ANGELA it made me SICK to watch her and how she PRETENDED TO BE HOLIER AND MORE INNOCENT THEN ANGELA WAS EVEN WORSE at least ANGELA was direct about herself Simone was fake which was WORSE

  24. But wait these woman play the game along w him know,knew he was dating so he dated instead of saying look now they play kid games…and lies and drama

  25. "Can I talk to you?" You are a two-timer, and I'm not interested in that behavior. Good bye. Take care. And, Simone, stop wearing your underwear in the street.

  26. What the hell was that 17:20 😂 With a few tweaks to the script, could have been a better movie but enjoyable all the same.

  27. This was a good movie.
    All movies have messages worthy of taking note. As women, especially if they are friends, should never consider competing for a man. A man knows when a woman has captured his heart and when that happens, another woman would only be wasting time. Know that you are better than a ridiculous competition.

  28. Came across this movie Tony Mercedes wow brother is doing big things met him years ago in Augusta Ga early 90. met him from guy name Keith still remember the club Shakeys

  29. The girl apologized for Mrs. Henry's bald head, but she had a full head of long black hair. Fire the editor.

  30. Thank you so much Maverick Entertainment such wonderful movies I just love inspirational Christian movies thank you cuz I can't find too much on TV this is a blessing

  31. American women and the dating culture just makes women desperate, stupid, and competitive. I like the tradiotional way a man dates you with your parents consent and sticks to one woman only its not a buffet of single desperate women.

  32. Very nice movie. I am glad they could be so civil with one another meaning the ladies. I could never make a deal with a woman about the man and he chooses me because I would never trust him around the other woman being I know she liked him too and apparently he had feelings for her as well. Even so I enjoyed the movie big time.

  33. Marverick thank you always for great terrific movies I love that u guys make movies that have meaning to it and I miss my daughter father R.I.H. ALFRED OLANGO MY BESTFREIND MY HEART MY BABY WE MISS U SO MUCH THE MEMORIES U KNEW HOW TO DEAL WITH MY BIPOLAR ASS AND ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL ILY . 💐💐⭐✨✨😞😞😞😢

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