Romance d’ocativo – F. Lopes Graça

Romance d’ocativo – F. Lopes Graça

I was captured by the Moors between peace and war; They took me to sell
[Oh, how beautiful!] in Argelim, which is their land.
[Oh, how beautiful!] There was neither dog nor bitch that wanted to buy me; Only the dog that is the Moor
[Oh, how beautiful!] would buy me. He gave me the terrible life
[Oh, how beautiful!] that a Moor would give me.
[Oh, how beautiful!] At night I would mill esparto,
and during the day I would press cinnamon; He would put a bit into my mouth
so that I couldn’t eat any of it. But fortunately his daughter was my friend; When that dog of a Moor went out to hunt,
[Oh, how beautiful!] she would have her fun with me.
[Oh, how beautiful!] She gave me white bread from the Moor’s own kitchen; She laid me down on a bed of gold
[Oh, how beautiful!] and together we would sleep.
[Oh, how beautiful!]

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