Rodney Reed’s Execution Blocked Days Before He Was Set To Die | NBC Nightly News

Rodney Reed’s Execution Blocked Days Before He Was Set To Die | NBC Nightly News

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  1. First step.
    But a big one! I hope it works out for this man… Its horrible to be lied on or found guilty of ANYTHING you didn't do.

  2. He's not acquitted; the execution has been stayed. If he is, he will be convicted of raping a woman when she was 12-years-old. (They have his DNA now)

  3. I dont know if this man is innocent or not but if there is new evidence or other evidence that was withheld during trial then he definitely deserves to have a stay so that it can be looked into. And if there needs to be more testing of old evidence then do the testing. Rather know the truth 100% . if it shows without a doubt then proceed. But if it points elsewhere set him free and put the true killer in this mans place.better the truth now rather than after execution. That can never be undone..

  4. If they are not 100% sure , they shouldn't execute anyone. setting him of free also is letting him to execute another victim so better keep him in jail .

  5. It takes vigils, petitions, and celebrities to have the courts make the correct decisions such as DNA testing? More evidence will be reviewed NOW that it has to take all these ways to influence public opinion?? That right there shows something is gravely inherently wrong with the judicial system itself if leading up just days to a man being execution, no one had contemplating these things be reviewed?!?!?

    In the same breath, if this is the case for one, it must be the case for all in the interest of fairness and due process. I don’t know how many people are on death row, but all then must be ensured they have all evidence looked at. It really should be done without the influence of petitions, celebrities, and vigils.

  6. He’s been linked to over 20 rapes. They didn’t prosecute because they had a capital murder case. So prosecute him NOW for those 20 rapes his DNA was linked to. This mans a monster!!!!

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