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  1. Stefanik brilliantly exposed the fact that this woman lied under oath…now, will the Republicans be certain appropriate charges are brought against her for perjury??? I am so fed up with it all. The Trump presidency has been one of the most productive in our nation's history, in spite of the complete lack of cooperation from Congress. His first term should start when the coup stops…reset the fkn shot clock, already.

  2. This man's assessment of the impeachment hearing is idiotic at best. To declare this as a "food fight" is 'too stupid by half'. I have watched every witness offer testimony UNDER OATH". The testimony and procedure in the House of Representatives has been orderly, meaningful and points clearly to the fact that Marie Yovanovitch was removed to allow for corrupt actions to take place to aid Donald Trump's election in 2010. "GET OVER IT".

  3. Every ambassador must be aware that he or she can be recalled at any time. Apparently Yovanovitch was not aware of this and has his own views on foreign policy and wants to stick to the official programme. Of course that's not possible, something like that is unprofessional and also explains the correctness of her replacement.

  4. She lied more than that! She stated she didn't talk bad about the President, when there's email evidence that she'd did. Said she didn't know about Biden's admitting on tape about his quid pro quo & several other times. Glenn Beck spelled them all out in 2 short videos!

  5. So she outright LIED to the committee. You think they will charge her for lying to Congress? Don't get your hopes up. SHE IS CORRUPT, it's why she was removed. But Schiff won't allow questions of the employment nature, and this a disgruntled Employee who think they run the show, not the President, is allowed to smear him.

  6. The SCOTUS should allow a 1 Time 3rd term opportunity to Trump for all the BS Obstruction the DEMS have done. Teach them POLITICIANS a lesson that will last another 250 yrs.

  7. 3:07 Or, you could simply just say "WE LIVE IN THE AGE OF INSANITY!!"
    Dobbs is correct: THIS IS MADNESS!
    We don't care about what the process is or even the narrative, IT'S ALL INSANE, IT ALL HAS TO STOP.
    The only question America has in mind now is HOW TO END THIS.
    IT IS TOO FAR, and if you can't muster your courage to attack this issue, YOU ARE BRAINDEAD and you're not worth a thing to anyone on Earth!

  8. Obstruction of justice with Comey……. No, not there, …. Russian Collusion……. No, not there……. quid pro…….No, not there……..Bribery……. No, not there…… Witness Tampering…
    No, not there……

    Next Up????

    Rerun of Omarosa? Stormy? Avenatti ?

    More Russian Collusion? More Brett Kavanaugh accusers?

    Spin around 5 more times and pin the tale on the DONKEY, eventually those Donkeys are going to pin themselves

  9. I agree with Mr.Ray, this charade has to be stopped, it seems like their has to be some higher authority that they can make them shut this as they scramble for different crimes to accuse the president with on hearsay evidence. No crime was committed.🧐😡

  10. The Senate and their role in all of this disgracefully is impacted due to Mitt Romney being connected via one of his previous staffers to Hunter Biden and Barisma. As is John Kerry. The RINOs who surf off Trump's base of support have not done anything to date. They have 'threatened to consider' things but that is it. Only Graham has been public in his views. Mitch for some reason, be it strategic or otherwise is staying mum. The media have facilitated all of this, if America had a objective apolitical professional media the Democrats would never be able to get away with this. Can anyone objective seriously see the media allowing the House GOP to do this to Obama? And now precedent's been set. God help a future Dem POTUS.

  11. The only funny part about this whole thing is the harder they go after Trump, the more Democrat/Leftist/Deep State corruption gets exposed.

  12. cut out the money they're taking from the tax payers to pursue after trump! they'll fish long as we foot the bill!..I hear they say ,trumps going done .they want him to prove he's innocent.thats thier job to prove him guilty.not his job.they gotta start arresting the ones with power that can write rules an laws.catch them #1 first,like nancy,everything she say or do will ruin america. get her,she's no better than hillary,she's desperate gotta watch er.

  13. Schiff should be arrested now on charges of gross abuse of power in aid of enemies of the USA to injure our stem of government, and the hearings closed. Pelosi should be sent to a mental hospital for observation. This is gone way too far. These people are obviously communist and therefore enemies of the USA.

  14. The "dumbing down" of the education systemss in the USA, begun under Geprge HW Bush, and continued under Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama, has resulted in over 30 years (one whole Generation) of, not only poorly educated, but indoctrinated, Americans children, who are now adults, and having (or not, as the case seems to be) their own spawn.
    This is why the Democrat Maoists/Stalinist Totalitarians are claiming their entitlement to being the American voice. Their ilegitimate ideas and disregard for the Constitution are threatening to put the US into a irreversible tailspin. Thank Trump and his army of Citizens loyal to the US Constitution, for putting the Stop Order on the Decline. We cannot go back! Pledge to never, ever, ever vote for ANY Democrat.

  15. That is what the third branch of government is supposed to do, it is time to take it to supreme court Give house of representatives a cease and desist on misusing article of impeachment as intended in the constitution. The hose has flailed enough and overstepped its power by infringing on the individual rights of the president to Being treated innocent till proven guilty, and defend himself, stepped on the rights of the minority parties right to equal time, and witnesses, to crossexaimen and release oll "secret depositions to public to get to the truth and facts of the case

  16. Can the republicans PLEASE get a COMEDY WRITER to write the rest of the questions, and interactions that they will have and just turn this into a full on COMEDY SHOW that it really is…SCREW TRYING TO TURN THIS INTO ANYTHING SERIOUS!!! IT IS NOT! Nobody expects it it to be…PLEASE GET The writers from LAST MAN STANDING!!! Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. They need too put the Democrats out of office they have not done one thing to help the American people but lie on top of lies President Trump has been working over time and when is this going too stop

  18. They know that if Trump is elected in 2020 and the Republicans hold the house and the Senate that all these crimes committed by the Democrats socialist dreamer party will be investigated why do you think America is so mad that no one has gone to jail yet the Democrats have ran our country into the ground for years and finally people of color are realizing that in every city the Democrats are in control of Baltimore Chicago etc etc are all in the state that they're in is because take Baltimore for instance Eli Cummings has been given millions and millions of dollars to help their districts out and what do you see now Eli Cummings wife under IRS Federal investigations for millions and millions and millions of dollars the corruption goes deep FBI doj CIA even Generals in our military involved

  19. Don't be fooled by these Democrat socialist dreamers they control the media as you can obviously tell why because they own them or they are CEOs and relatives to the clintons and other top deep State members

  20. All this hate is coming from the African Americans in Congress and the recent immigrants (last 35 years).. They are pushing the liberals and democrats to do their bidding with Obama, (Louis Farrachan taught him to hate white people), at the top of the list. This is really the beginning of the race war that is on its way and many innocent black and white people people will be hurt and killed.

  21. love watching this Dobbs the dunce act like a triggered snowflake,..oh how dare you impeach our cult leader ,.. who will tell us we are wonderful now ???????!!!!!!

  22. Mr. Dobbs the framers wrote in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights two separate ways to stop this nonsense. The peaceful way was written in article 5 convention of states. The violent way was written in the second amendment. The framers relied on the people holding the three branches of government accountable.

  23. so we have no remedy when lawmakers abuse their power. Now what Schitt has set up is for this debacle to be the new normal. EVERY president is going to be treated like this b/c nancy pelosi and adam schitt say so. America knows we have this horrible congress due to voter fraud and the dems are fighting like this because they are trying to cover up their crimes. Barr needs to step in and start arresting the criminals. The woman ambassador lied to congress under oath. The same thing Roger Stone was charged with and convicted. This woman should be treated the same as Stone was, a full bore FBI swat team beating down her door at 4 am with a media camera crew arriving on the scene even b4 the FBI. Constantly saying NO ONE is above the law and ignoring EVERY democrap breaking the law. We are sick and tired of it. I am disappointed in Trump, we gave him the power to clean up this filth, but there is no one else willing to fight for America the way he is, so he has to be re-elected, but we all know the fraud and cheating is going to be even worse than it was in 2018. And the electoral voters are in grave danger because they are obviously going to be the target. If nothing is done about the voter fraud the democrap crime syndicate is going to steal another election. The president can
    take the federal level election away from the states, and if he doesn't do it he is giving control of the 2020 election to the criminals.

  24. Yeah and as well we're in under a criminal investigation of these same people conducting the impeachment hearing. So yes you would think the American people get it.

  25. When is this Shiff character up for re-election? Can’t wait to see him booted at the ballot box! 🤝 He’s done nothing to help the American people.

  26. We Australians are laughing our heads off..Thank you for letting Shiffty go his course.. People would think the patriots are fools letting this coup obviously enacted against your President run its course, but every begging has an ending, this one will be swift we recon. God bless this world n People thru Q and our adopted President.

  27. You are so right about making the USA look so bad to the public world "outside " of the US!! I'm from Europe and look bewildered at this shameful theater, under the direction of a creepy person. Never ever has a president, even in " less developed" countries been treated and shamed publicly so much as Mr Trump. Since Mr Trump is president the world looks better, less wars, less aggressive reations to violence, the return of faith to the people (and not all the horrible bad examples and texts from Holluwood and the music industry). The rightfull question you discussed is, how to stop this unfair old sovjet style inquisition. The continuation of this proces is in itself the "proof" that a "higher loyalty exist under long serving powerful bureaucrats. No person in the world could have withstood such a shameful "cutting off the legs just under the knee", as Mr Trump. Cudo's and hope he will win bigly and that the bad actors will get their deserved portion of shame and hardship.

  28. Donald Trump held up U.S. military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into Democrats and Biden’s family. Timothy Morrison’s testimony directly contradicts much of what Ambassador Sondland told congressional investigators during his own closed-door deposition, which the ambassador later had to amend to stave off perjury charges.

  29. What a Schiff show at the big top. Bug eyes as the ringmaster with his little wooden hammer. All thats missing is Nancy driving a clown car blowing an Oscar Mayer wennie whistle


    Corrupt Ones are NOT friends of The Majority!
    Corruption turns people into satan's child.
    They are ANTI-life-family-creation-love-truth-unity, and many deny it while they cuss and swing!


  31. Typical of another CIA asset falsehood, pathetic.
    “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.” ~ Harry S. Truman 33rd US President

  32. "How far" ??
    Hopefully until all avenues of Truth, Understanding, and the American Way of Justice have been exhausted.
    BTW: 'Mr. Whitewater' is a poor choice in subject for such an interview since he and the entire Whitewater allegations turned out to be a Major Fail.
    Who is running that circus over at Fox Muse??

  33. Good description pin the tail on the donkey ! To find something? STOP 🛑 get over losing and DO YOUR JOBS OR GO HOME !!!

  34. How I love to watch chiff and Pelosi herd their party over a cliff. Like a cartoon, the character doesn't realize they are falling until they look down.Expect that in a week or so.

  35. Dems, especially Schiff have nothing left to lose, they're just stalling and consuming the President's first term to limit his success as much as they can. Passing the USMCA will only be more proof that a non-politician can have significantly more ability to do this job than these career criminals.

  36. Marie Yovanovitch just stated the list of people that was a fake list! She testified before that there was a list of names that she had that should be checked in to for wrong doing and Corruption in the Ukraine. Now you can clearly hear that she places the blame on someone else!
    Now, I ask, does this have anything to do with Trump no it doesn't and it doesn't in any way meet the criteria for impeacement!! Think about this people!

  37. Dems are following protocol. Thank god for these patriots of the Constitution. Patriotic Americans are the whistle blower.

  38. Let's keep the country on hold while we look for the proverbial "needle in the haystack". These individuals who are party to this charade, should be questioned.

  39. It's a target rich environment. That is not the Dems fault. What did you expect when you elected a guy who cheats veterans out of charity funds?

  40. What has happened to the Republican party? These witnesses are real. We hear them and we decide same as when I watched and debated the Nixon hearings when I was in school. A non-political career public servant with decades of experience served under two (2) democrat and three (3) republican presidents honorably awarded commendations but she did her job not expecting a single reward she just wanted to serve her country. So far the witnesses have all been of this same high integrity and don't deserve the thoughtless insults and strange attacks on their personality. Get real people after all we're not party first we are American's first so let's focus on what the truth is and take care of her (our country).

  41. Demacrat thugs have a strangle hold on all institutions ……Republicans are powerless and irrelevant at the federal level……nothing will change without the people rejecting the demacrat party…….not likely…..demacrats have imported millions who get registered to vote….demacrats take care of the voting….they need the registrations…..

  42. According to testimony from the new incoming prosecutor in Ukraine, she did have a list of people not to prosecute. She gave it to him verbally instead of writing down the names. Oh, and all those people are affiliated with groups supported by George Sorous.

  43. ’Murka’s sour palsy of Repugnant infidels belong on gibbets.
    ASAP. Not only has no 2nd-world kleptocracy survived such a noxious plague of wallowing hawgs, history’s replete with botched realms once lorded over by criminals, infidels, tycoons, money-mongers, banksters, usurers, Shylocks, fat cats, and loan sharks.

    More addled than agreeable, stiff, intractable, uninspired  Repugnuts have but one guiding light—resist. Resist all and anything that breathes life with whatever fascist cudgel comes to hand. Shout “NO!” to all that buoys hope and “YES!” to riding rails straight into darkest deathy holes where subterfuge swallows kindness every time.

  44. what are we watching Lou??…we're watching a bunch of corrupt democratic clowns trying to deceive the American public and it's not working,,,,,

  45. Poor Diamond, sounds like you got the same crud my husband and I got. We live not too far from you in Georgia and just got back from a trip to Orlando.


  47. Where's the FISA DECLASS?
    Who are the 1,000 Politicians + Corporate CEO's in Epstein's Paedophile book?
    Trump's 4 year DISTRACTION from prosecuting Crime + Corruption!

  48. Yeah, we're funny that way when we see someone inviting foreign countries to hack our elections and then selling military aid for dirt on an opponent.

  49. Lou Dobbs is just another sycophant. If it weren't for people like Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace, you'd think you were watching The 700 Club where the charlatans are basically the same, except Fox News has replaced Jesus with Trump.

  50. Faux News agitators are ramping up their alternative-facts battle against the real-world facts. They are brainwashing millions of gullible Americans who believe every lie that Faux pushes as long as it’s pro-Trump and his GOP whores. The Faux mission is to trick Americans to vote for a thinly-disguised white-supremacy dictatorship; if Trump is reelected and his whores retain control of the Senate it’s in the bag. FAUX NEWS IS THE REAL ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

  51. Faker 45 admitted to committing bribery, a crime specifically listed in Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution requiring removal from office.

  52. Simba you are correct she was paid and planted as a Hillary plant 100% an d was exposed. Ukraine told Trump to investigate her and he did and then he fired her for it

  53. So far the way the subject of Impeachment going is like DEMOCRATS IMPEACHING THEMSELF. Just pay attention to there talk and there witness .

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