RIT SG Global Consortium: Farid Barquet Ramos

RIT SG Global Consortium: Farid Barquet Ramos

we’re not just one school here in the
United States we are a global community my name is Farid Barquet I am a fourth
year and I’m double majoring in biotech and biomedical sciences this trip was
the SG consortium which took place over winter break and it was in Dubai so the
purpose of the trip is for all of these student government’s from RIT s
international campuses to get together and talk about collaboration trying to
come together in one place and see how we can all learn to support each other
better and so it’s how can we bring the attention also to the global campuses
one of our biggest things that we’re working on towards this year in student
government is creating a study abroad support scholarship so we really want to
get more of our students from Rochester to go to the international campuses Liz
and I learned so much about how the other campuses work they are so
different I knew about the campuses you know I never really knew what they did
how they existed one of the things and we wanted to focus on was just awareness
another thing that we discussed was potentially do like video streaming so
putting like some screens in the SAU that are like pointed at that place on
campus in the other colleges and just like constantly streaming so that
anybody walking by to be like hi Croatia hi Dubai so that kind of like
globalization was one of the main goals that came out of it the other big one
was talking about how we can help support student entrepreneurship but in
an international scale instead of doing like a tiger tank locally could we
potentially do it but in a global scale meaning the other SG leaders was because
they all have very different leadership styles and I feel that we all kind of
complement at each other’s personalities very well other than just the
professional setting we made friends I always like to meet people from
different cultures because it really helps put your own culture into

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