RIT Gap Year Entrepreneurial Fellowship

RIT Gap Year Entrepreneurial Fellowship

>>The Gap Year Entrepreneurship Fellow program
is a unique opportunity that’s been afforded to us by a generous gift from Austin McChord. It’s allowing us to support early business
students in ways that will allow them to get a head start, to launch their venture, and
to complete their education.>>I think that lots of students have ideas
while they’re in school, and this gives people the chance to do the best of both worlds. Really try entrepreneurship and pursue that
idea, but still know that they are going to come back and complete their degree.>>We just got to rapidly iterate, make tons
of prototypes, without the fear of throwing away something that doesn’t work. I think that put us, absolutely, on one of
the best possible trajectories we could be at right now.>>Finding this kind of program really allowed
me to develop and be supported in my business, but going about it in a manner that was my
own. And also tailor it a little bit closer to
what I needed.>>Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do anything
that I’m doing now if it wasn’t for the School of Individualized Study or this Gap Year scholarship. I was able to go to D.C. to present at the
World Health Care Congress, go to California and learn about venture capitalists, go to
Florida and actually exhibit our company. Now, the American Medical Association knows
us by name. Just the different levels of conversation
I would have never felt comfortable with if it wasn’t for this opportunity.>>The whole process of giving back is an
opportunity to pay it forward. RIT was instrumental in me achieving the success
that I was able to achieve. And so, the right thing the to do is to give
back and hopefully help future students go on and do even bigger things than anything
that I’ve ever done.

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