Rise of the Rothschilds: The World’s Richest Family

Rise of the Rothschilds: The World’s Richest Family

The Rothschild banking dynasty: easily one
of the wealthiest families in history, but also the single largest source of conspiracy
theories. The vast and shrouded wealth of the Rothschilds
has endured for generations and has unsurprisingly made it hard to tell what is fact and what
is fiction. In this video we’re going back to the earliest
days of this famous Jewish family to see how they managed to build one of the greatest
fortunes in history at a time of rampant anti-semitism. This video is brought to you by Skillshare,
with whom I’ve partnered to make a series of educational videos on the stock market,
which you can watch for free by using the link in the description. Our story begins in Medieval Europe. By the 10th century most of Europe was under
the domain of Christianity. Political power was invariably tied to religion,
which made being a non-Christian very unfavorable. Perhaps the biggest victims of these circumstances
were the Jews. Having no home state of their own to fall
back to, the Jews were scattered throughout Europe, and many of them settled in the Holy
Roman Empire. This vast multi-ethnic state contained modern
day Germany, and like the rest of Europe it too wasn’t happy to harbor the Jews. In many cities the Jews we forced to live
in particular neighborhoods in what we now call ghettos, and the city of Frankfurt was
no exception. From 1462 onwards it confined all the Jews
in the city to a single narrow street outside the city walls. That street came to be known as the Judengasse
or the Jewish Alley, and it was made up of numerous tightly packed houses. Back then, the buildings weren’t distinguished
by numbers, but by signs. One building could be the house of the “ship”,
for example, while another could be the house of the “golden stone”. The sign on one of those houses was a red
shield, or Rothschild in German, and the family living in the house had gone by the same name
since at least 1528. Like most Jewish families at the time, the
Rothschilds were involved in finance. You see, in Medieval Europe Christianity forbade
anyone from lending money with interest, leaving this otherwise profitable business into the
hands of the Jews. Experience with money lending, and by extension
anything relating to finance, was passed down generations and the Rothschilds were no exception. They specialized in exchanging currencies
and trading collectible coins and the best one of them all was Mayer Rothschild. He took up the family business in 1763 and
his extensive collection of coins attracted the wealthiest aristocrats in the Holy Roman
Empire. Among them was Crown Prince Wilhelm of Hesse. The prince met Mayer in 1769 and quickly learned
to trust him with all matters relating not just to collectible coins, but to anything
financial. When Wilhelm came into power as Wilhelm IX
of Hesse in 1785 he hired Mayer to manage his finances as his hofjude or “Court Jew”. Now, keep in mind, this was a common arrangement
in Central Europe: the nobility would outsource their finances to Jews in exchange for protection,
money and sometimes even actual noble titles. Mayer oversaw the taxes collected in Wilhelm’s
lands and had to keep his money safe, a task that became very difficult in 1806. That is the year when Napoleon invaded Hesse,
driving Wilhelm into exile and putting his fortune at risk. But Mayer was smart and he was ready for Napoleon. In 1798 he had sent one of his five sons,
Nathan Rothschild, to London to start a currency business similar to his father’s. With this foundation in place, Mayer had no
trouble moving Wilhelm’s fortune to London, where he then loaned it out to the British
Crown. In essence, Wilhelm was funding the British
to fight Napoleon in order to restore his power. Now, Mayer died in 1812, leaving Wilhelm’s
fortune and the Rothschild legacy in the hands of Nathan. He remained in London, while his eldest brother
took over the original Frankfurt business. Meanwhile the three remaining brothers scattered
throughout Europe, establishing branches in important European capitals. Despite the distance, the brothers applied
a unified strategy: they would loan out their money to the aristocracy and to local governments. The brother in France, for example, became
the banker of Leopold I of Belgium, while the one in Vienna would lend money to last
Holy Roman Emperor, Francis II. In 1818 he would grant all five brothers the
noble title of baron, finally elevating the Rothschilds to nobility. Throughout the next decades, whenever a European
government collapsed and was replaced, it was the Rothschilds who were first in line
to provide loans. That’s exactly what happened after the French
Revolution of 1830 or after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire. The loaning business was immensely successful:
the Paris branch, for example, grew from the equivalent of $5 million in 1820 to over half
a billion dollars in 1850. In essence, the five Rothschild families back
then provided the same service that the International Monetary Fund provides today: they stabilized
major currencies and provided loans to governments, doing both at a great profit. Of course, throughout the 19th century the
five branches also made many private investments, beyond their government loans. In 1868 they purchased one of the most valuable
wine estates in France. In 1875 they acquired a minority stake in
the Suez Canal from Egypt, while in 1883 they funded the development of the first major
oil well in the old world, challenging the Rockefeller monopoly in America. They also became majority shareholders in
the diamond monopoly of De Beers and in Rio Tinto, one of the world’s largest mining
companies. But during the 20th century, the newer generations
of the five Rothschild families made fewer and fewer successful moves. In 1900 the branch in Naples actually became
extinct when the last male heir died without children, leaving his fortune to the branch
in Paris. A somewhat amusing fate befell the branch
in Germany: there the two Rothschild heirs had 11 girls and not a single boy, splitting
up the fortune and disintegrating its power. The Rothschild branch in Austria was doing
well, until Hitler came to power, of course. When Nazi Germany annexed Austria in 1938,
the Rothschilds had to sell their banking operation for a fraction of its true worth. Most of them escaped with whatever liquid
assets they had, but at least one was captured on his way out and in fact he was only released
after paying the largest ransom in history at the time, $21 million. The ransom effectively bankrupted the Austrian
Rothschilds, while the Nazis seized all their mansions, businesses and art. A few years later exactly the same thing happened
to the branch in Paris. In fact, the collections they had were so
exquisite that Hitler and Hermann Goering personally went there to observe them and
to pick out what they liked. Through the detailed inventories compiled
by the Nazis we know that they seized a total of 5003 objects from the Rothschild collections
and the vast majority of them were never returned. The French Rothschilds had some luck restoring
their businesses after the war, but then the French socialists nationalized their bank
in 1981. In the end only the English branch survived
the 20th century with its fortune intact. Its patriarch during the second half of the
20th century was Sir Evelyn Rothschild, who even today is the financial advisor to Queen
Elizabeth. He retired from leadership in 2003, passing
on the mantle of patriarch to David Rothschild, a member of the branch in Paris who then merged
both branches into a single entity. He ensured the secrecy of the family’s fortune
by establishing a complex network of shell companies starting off in Switzerland but
ending God knows where. But at the end of the day, while the 19th
century banking family might have been one of the richest of its day, today the Rothschild’s
are a shadow of their former glory. In fact, if you open up the Forbes list of
billionaires, the first Rothschild appears at #822: that’s Jeff Rothschild, a man who
actually has nothing to do with the Rothschild banking family. He has no blood connection, he just happens
to share the name, in the same way that two men bearing the family name Goldman might
not be related. The first actual Rothschild appearing on this
list is only at #1284 and his wealth is tied to an asset management company that manages
other people’s money. So in the end it turns out that the once powerful
Rothschild family is really nothing more but a blip on the radar of global wealth. And it honestly makes sense; statistically,
90% of wealthy families lose their fortunes by the third generation. It’s just hard to be financially responsible
when you’re born into wealth and have no respect for money. Why bother learning how to invest and grow
your wealth when you can just spend whatever grandpa left you? Well, if you want to escape this vicious cycle,
or at least kick the can down the road for another generation, you’ll be happy to learn
that I made a series of education videos on Skillshare about how the stock market works. In these short animated clips I cover basic
topics like what is a stock or an ETF or why companies go public. Unlike the Rothschilds of the 19th century,
the first 500 of you can access all this information right now for free by registering for a 2-month
free trial of Skillshare using the link in description. Once you’ve registered search for “investing
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love to hear what you think about this new series and hey, maybe one day you’ll create
a wealthy dynasty of your own so that future generations can make conspiracy theories about
it. Anyway, thank you for watching. If you liked this video make sure to give
it a thumbs up and also consider subscribing. A big thank you to all my patrons for supporting
me and for making Business Casual possible. We’ll see each other again in two weeks,
and until then: stay smart.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the video folks! If you missed it, here's a link to my stock market class, make sure to watch it if you're keen on learning about stocks: http://skl.sh/investing101

  2. the disurve death, the are wood for the hell man. XD the never talk about rotchshild, but only bc people found out the are evil peace of shit. the must talk and miss guide people before the find out them self and then its harder to brainwash again

  3. "In Medieval Europe, Christianity forbade anyone from lending money with interest."

    Sounds like a logical policy to me.

  4. Abgelöst von Prinz Max von Baden,der Kurpfalz, Schwaben und Neuschwabenland.
    Georg Friedrich von Hohenzollern wird deutscher Kaiser ?
    und ich Königin von Ungarn!!!

  5. "Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us Jews, and that the Gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing."
    – Mayer Amschel Rothschild, on his deathbed, 1812

  6. The Jews lived in ghettos because that was the will of the rabbi's . No mixing with the goy . And how many people are in finance in the ghetto?

  7. There are only a few countries left in the world without a central Rothschild owned bank, Syria, Iran and North Korea.

  8. If the Rothschilds really own 80% of the worlds wealth, such as all of these comments are suggesting below, I wonder where I can find this out? If that is the case , all the governments on this planet, are essentially not sovereign and the real government running the world is a shadow government, ran by the Rothschilds. Well, if this is true what you’re all speculating on, I plan on becoming a billionaire to find the truth and find this “shadow economy”, “shadow government”, and “shadow currency”. It seems very unrealistic and very impractical to think about all of these things being true and different tangents, but you guys have time. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Rothschilds and they aren’t perfect, but I find all of these comments argue on the fact, to all be not true. It’s just doesn’t add up and people will say, “it doesn’t have to be tangible”, okay still that makes it essentially hogwash and again just an idea and theory. This is pure speculation on behalf of all of you and you’ve only provided your opinions, no data, no evidence, nothing. Well, you’ll say, they hide it! Where and how do you know they hide it? Again it’s just ignorant to think out of all of this and it’s a waste of time, because it’s ridiculous to think so. I have a family member who is a senior member of the US government in the commerce department, I’ll ask, but I think it’s a big fat con really just to get people fear full, you guys got time to think about these things.

  9. @Business Casual
    I really laughed hard at this story you’ve put out, just like the next one on how Trump made his money.. Err Trumps father got rich from borrowing off the government. If that alone doesn’t wake people up, then they deserve to stay asleep. Wt#*~ do people think the government gets their money from ?.. The Rothchilds, and to put out bs that Hitler and co took all their art and money! Go back to sleep ??.. You see wars cost a lot of money! A lot of MONEY! Well not money, numbers not actual cash. Where do they think the governments get the money? Let me enlighten you! How can the American government be in debt about 20 trillion dollars? In debt to who. And please don’t say the federal reserve because they have not a $’s worth of gold there. People need to understand how the world is run and by whom..

  10. So Hitler takes all the power from the rothschild family in Austria (they do get it back) and just so happens to be the most Evil man on earth
    Coincidence I think not!!!

  11. So, rich people are bad with money – that's where all the Rothschild wealth went? Also, the role the IMF plays today of lender to nations, the Rothschild family has no role in that anymore? They just said "here, institution, take this over from us, we don't want anything for it"?

  12. I thank to Rothschilds, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller for building the world we have. In spite of backwards culture that seeks co punnish any adwancement of human potential.

  13. You know how I know they secretly run the world when every newspaper, news station, radio station, won't breath a word of them it's to obvious that they hide them who doesn't want to know what they own, what's there names, how they look, how much money they got and not that Forbes list fake shit the real number, are they controlling governments, where's the reporting on them to tell us all these things….. see what I'm saying shhhhhhh like they never existed

  14. The fake Jews are the ones who were behind the law for the forbidding of others to lend money..because they wanted to monopolize. They must have had a pope in their pocket.

  15. The Rottenchilds are not the richest family in the world!!! Those that are you’ve never heard anything regarding them. Demigods they are a reclusive bunch but the Light shines up the darkest corners and dungeons. Soon shining upon you..

  16. Douglas Duane Dietrich states, " anti-Semitic is a hatred towards Arabs, not Jews. " The Rothschild's are Scumbags. Probably capable of loading Jews into the oven during WWII. If you never heard DDD give him a listen. That's if you have the COURAGE TO HEAR TRUTH WITH DIFFERENT TWIST. WE ONLY THINK WHAT WE KNOW IS TRUE. WHAT IF IT'S NOT.

  17. Your Higher than Wille Nelson. The Rothschild's are a trillion dollar family . The guy doing the narrative is uneducated, a shill, or a coward. People IT'S BETTER TO DIE ON YOUR FEET, THAN LIVE ON YOUR KNEES. The only Kneeling this Honorable Vet does, is in FEAR to the HEAVENLY FATHER AND SON OF MAN!!!!!

  18. Ya still thinking these people are actually billionaires??‍♂️? Jeff bezos richest man alive??‍♂️? Try trillionaires

  19. The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia. The reason the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King, converted to the Jewish faith in 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people.
    You will find that approximately 90% of people in the world today who call themselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, Ashkenazi Jews.
    These people knowingly lie to the world with their claims that the land of Israel is theirs by birthright, when in actual fact their real homeland is over 800 miles away in Georgia.

  20. Thanks for 10 minutes of pro Rothschild propaganda. I guess that funding wars and profiting them isn't worth noting. Time is precious and this will be the last video of yours that I waste it on.

  21. James re Rothschild set up the Paris house in 1812 thank you, Business Casual.

    But the story continues eh?
    The Elector of Hesse Cassel, fleeing Napoleon in 1806, entrusted part of his fortune to Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Mayer turned to his son, Nathan in London. Nathan invested £550,000 of the Elector's funds in British government securities and bullion. These investments proved extremely lucrative and, by the time the Elector returned from exile, had accrued considerable interest. The Rothschilds' reputation for trustworthiness and astute financial management was firmly established
    (Rothschilds Archive. rothschilds.com)
    How did Rothschilds ' accumulate this money?
    1815 :
    The Rothschilds supply Wellington with gold as a loan to the British.
    "Spread out across Europe, the Rothschild brothers developed an unrivalled network of secret routes and fast couriers. In the closing years of the Napoleonic Wars, the five Rothschild brothers worked to supply gold to Wellington's army. By 1814 Wellington, advancing north across Spain, had driven the French back to the Pyrenees, but was in desperate need of money to pay his troops. Nathan Rothschild was commissioned by the British Government to supply the Duke with the necessary funds, and together with his brothers he set up a network of agents to buy up coin and transfer it to Wellington in the form of local currency."
    (Rothschilds Archive. rothschilds.com)
    Right around the time the Europeanowers unite to remove Napoleon.
    "At the Congress of Vienna, the Great Powers of Europe – Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia – and their allies declared Napoleon an outlaw and with the signing of this declaration on March 13, 1815, began the War of the Seventh Coalition. The hopes of peace that Napoleon had entertained were gone; war was now inevitable."
    (History of Western Civilisation II. lumenlearning.com)
    "The loan issued by Nathan Rothschild for Prussia in May of 1818 is considered by many to be the true precursor of the public borrowing which transformed the international capital market in the nineteenth century. "
    Through influence and manipulation of governments and markets.
    The story continues right up to today.

  22. So many anti-semites and racist conspiracy theorist believe a single family caused every war in the past 150 years and how they control everything ridiculous just because they’re Jewish

  23. except they were converted jews,not semites, they want you to believe they are victims, truly they are perpetrators. They financed every wars since the 18th century and both sides. So they always won, they worser than cancer.

  24. You forgot to mention that the Rothchilds also funded Napoleon and sold war bonds and then convinced those that bought the bonds that Napoleon won Waterloo and bought the bonds back for pennies on the dollar all the while they knew the true outcome.

  25. When we know that this family owns half of the world Wealth we should realise that the world is going on wrongly …

  26. Sure everyone knows that the world bows to the Rothschilds, but did you know that the Rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs?

  27. they own the world so they don't need a money anymore lol because whenever they need it they can make it out of thin air through FED

  28. "Roths chilled?" How do you expect people to take you seriously when you can't even master the pronunciation of 'child!?'

  29. ………Matthew 16:26,27…………1 Timothy 6:9,10……….2 Timothy 3:1-5………Matthew 24:3-22…..
    Luke 21:25,26………Zephaniah 1:14-18………Acts 17:30,31……2 Peter 3:3-7…..Psalm 37:29,34……
    Romans 10:9-15……Zephaniah 2:3……..Romans 15:4……1 John 2:17…….John 3:16……John 17:3….

  30. Their also involved in the Jeffery Epsteins pedophilic Satanistic child sacrafice club these greedmongering billionaires need to be eliminated as they reek havoc on the environment and humanity as a whole to feed their greed and their sick way of entertaining themselves if this comment is taken down l can only assume their tenticals of evil reach into YouTube.

  31. There was no single sentence about Federal Reserve…. These R-ield guys don't want you to see them on Forbes, but in the shadow moving the puppets worldwide…

  32. churchilds America fought commies in Asia and it correct and Germany fought them in eroupe and it wasn't correct what are the differences and did ww1 have a influence on it

  33. Total propaganda garbage. plus the Rat Childs were NEVER Jews. The are from Khazari when the king converted the country into jews. but they are far from it.. and have enjoyed using anti semitism as a shield from all the people who know the truth behind these filthy illuminati dogs.

  34. ??? so they hid the money behind shell companies all around the world but you really believe that there are other families or people richer than them ?? They dont even want us to know what they have. They dont care about what we think. In reality proly half of the worlds money is theirs…..not the US. THE WORLD

  35. i thumb up when noone cares or can do somethink! U GET KILLED MENTAL PHYSICAL FINANCIAL nomatter what, u shall be feed for trees or dust for the sky!

  36. bilderbergs group Rothschild group Bohemia group all richest businessmens media persons banking systems economy systems world policies freemonsry illuminate Hollywood movies most prime Minister President weapons factory war game unsc all control by Jewish so tell me where is freedom of speech and freedom of life everyone knows who is behind syria iraq libya killing millions of innocent people but still all leaders quite only Muslims terrorists wow good job all

  37. do a video about what advice the queen gets from the Rothschild's, I heard they had to open up Buckingham Palace to the public to keep cash high.

  38. A malayalam channel known as INVESTIGATOR -ഇൻവെസ്റിഗേറ്റർ has copied your content!

  39. Oh! Don't "forget" that Mayor Amschel Rothschilds (along with James William Freshfield) made enormous financial gains by using black people during slavery in America as "collateral".

  40. And this is exactly what they want all of us to think.. that they are gone.. My brother, they are ALL OVER THIS PLANET (500 Trillion $ networth at this moment) and 230+ trillion $ DEPT of all the countries who ever got a loan from them. you're all stupid if you think they're gone.. 🙂

  41. Your videos are slightly naive and consequently misleading.

    For example : Europe was not under the authority of Christianity,
    but the Roman Catholic Church ! (the biblically-prophesized Whore of Babylon)
    that same Church that demanded the World, believe the Earth is flat, and put to death, anyone who said otherwise. Moreover this self-same evil organisation caused untold deaths of true Christians throughout it's Medieval reign.
    It is NOT Christianity or Christian !

    Jews (it is true) were officially segregated from Gentiles, which they deserved.

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