Rideshare (2020 Short Horror Film)

Rideshare (2020 Short Horror Film)

Miles: Sarah Are you okay? Jess: Hey Ang, can we get 3 more shots? Sarah (sighs): Yeah, I’m okay. Miles: Are you sure because for someone who made waves at work today you sure seem out of it (Sarah sighs) Jess: Miles is right. You do seem out of it but, that’s okay we’re about to change that Right now. Miles: Yeah! Jess: Alright! Thank you Ang. Angie: You’re welcome Jess: Ang We’ve been coming here for what now, 2 or 3 years? Angie: I would say 3 at least Why, what’s up? Jess: Oh, just trying to remind Sarah on what it’s like to celebrate. She doesn’t seem off to you tonight? Angie: Yeah. I see it now. What’s up, Sarah? Sarah:(sighs), I’m okay Ang. I’m just tired What guys? Seriously, I’m okay. I’m just tired and tomorrow is going to be another long day. Angie: Well, that’s why you came to see me, right? It’s time to unwind a little. Jess: See? Even Ang agrees. Miles: Yeah. What Jess and Ang just said. Now drink up and loosen up. This was a big day for you. Angie: Exactly! Well, I got to go check on my other tables but, just give me a wave if you need me. Jess and Steph: Thanks Ang. Sarah: I know. I’m just like I said, I’m tired and tomorrow is going to be another long day. Maybe maybe we should do this again when we don’t have another long day ahead of us. Jess: Oh, no you don’t! We just got here! We could at least spend another hour before we leave. Miles: (sighs) No. Sarah’s right. Jess: Not you too, Miles. Miles: What?! She’s right. Look we all have three days off after tomorrow. I say we reconvene post work and hit it hard. Jess: (sighs) Fine. We could at least finish these shots before we go. I am buying. Sarah: I could never turn down a free drink. Miles: Good. Bottoms up, ladies. (glass clinks) Jess: Hey, you want to share a ride? Sarah: I’m okay. Thanks though. Jess: Are you sure? It’ll save you a couple bucks. Sarah: Yeah, I’m good. Miles: No, no, I’ll book my own. Thanks for offering. Jess: Shut up, Miles. You know I always book your rides. Miles: (laughing) I know, I was just being a smart-ass. Jess: My ride is here. Miles and Sarah: Same. Angie: Aw, so an early night it is after all, huh? All: Yeah Jess: Sarah talked us into cutting out early but, you know we’ll be back. Miles: Yeah. Sarah is the voice of reason as always. Look, we have to do our adulting thing tomorrow but when 5pm hits, we will be back, Ang. Long enough that you’ll have to kick us out. Angie: (giggles) Lord. Okay! I’ll be ready for you guys. Have a good night and be safe. Sarah, Jess and Miles: Bye! (Static Lullabies by Dan Holtz playing in background) Sarah: ah, man. Jess: It’s freezing! Sarah: I know, I can’t wait to get home. Jess: We could have stayed longer, it would have been nice. Jess: Alright, this one’s me. Sarah: It was so good to see you! Jess: Good to see you! I’ll see you later. So, tomorrow for sure? Sarah: Definitely. Jess: Okay. Miles: Definitely. Jess: I’ll see you guys. Sarah: I’ll see you tomorrow. (Music) (car door opens) (car door shuts) (Music) Gerald: Sarah? Sarah: Yup. (car door opens) (car door closes) Gerald: So you’re headed home for the night? Sarah: Yeah. Gerald: Okay. At the bar having a few drinks with some friends of yours? Sarah: Yeah just with some co-workers we finished a big day today closing on a deal at the firm. Gerald: Okay. So you were out celebrating with the girls and some friends? Sarah: Yeah. Gerald: Okay. I noticed you didn’t have a ring on your finger. You didn’t have a husband or a boyfriend with you tonight? Sarah: No. Like I said, I just got off of work, just with some co-workers hanging out. Gerald: Well, if you’re not ready to go home, you know, I could always end the ride and we could go hang out somewhere and maybe I can take you out for a little while. Sarah: Ah, no but, thank you. Gerald: I just kind of figured, you know, it’d be a lot of fun. I’ll make sure you enjoy it. (Sarah chuckles nervously) Sarah: Uh, no. Gerald: You’re a beautiful woman, maybe you don’t want to Sarah: Uh, you know what? I’m actually going to take this real quick so, yeah. Gerald: Okay… Sarah: (answers fake call) Hello? Hey! How are you? Yeah. Uh, you know what? I think I’m actually in your neighborhood. Yeah, I can stop by. Uh, yeah. Sarah to Gerald: Hey, Excuse me? Gerald: Yeah? Sarah: Can you just pullover up here? I’m actually going to get out, change of plans, I’m going to go to my friends house. Gerald: So you don’t want me to take you home then? Sarah: (on phone): Yeah, I’m going to get out right now. I’ll be there in a few minutes. Alright bye. Sarah: Right here’s great. Gerald: If you could give me a five star rating that would be great Sarah: Thank you! Bye! Gerald: Nope. Guess not. Okay. Max: Hey, did you just book a ride? Sarah: Uh, yes I just did. Max: I was just around the corner and I just got your notification. Sarah: Yes, especially after that last driver, oh my gosh, I am so happy to see someone like you. Max: Oh my gosh, I’m sorry to hear about that. It’s kind of cold outside. Do you want to come on in and tell me about the last ride? Sarah: Sounds Good. Max: All buckled up? (Seatbelt clicks) Sarah: Yup! I’m Good to go. Max: Alright, let’s get you home safe and sound. Sarah: (sighs) That sounds excellent. Max: So, how’s your night going? Sarah: Well, it was going good until the last transport driver picked me up. Max: What happened with the last transport? Sarah: Well, Honestly? He was just being super creepy with me. He kept telling me how nice I looked. Max: I will say, um, you are very good looking. Sarah: Thank you. (Sarah chuckles) Max: So, I’ll take that as I guess I’m doing alright then, huh? Sarah: I’m happy you came to my rescue. Max: Would you like a water? Sarah: I mean.. yeah.. yeah, I’ll take one. Max: You’ll take one? Sarah: Yeah, I didn’t think I was that thirsty but, I mean.. Max: I feel so bad, I apologize. Sarah: I didn’t realize how thirsty I was. Max: Of course, of course. Sarah: Um, you know what? you actually just missed my turn. Max: I apologize about that. I’m going to go up the hill and then come back around if that’s okay with you. Sarah: Yeah yeah, that’s fine. Max: Okay. Max: I apologize about that, miss. Sarah: No worries, totally understand. Max: Miss? You doing alright back there? Max: Miss? (muffled) (Large garage door opens) (footsteps) (car door opens and closes) (car door opens) (car door closes) (footsteps) (Large garage door closes) (Max grunts) (thudding sounds) (car door closes) (footsteps) (Body thrown down on desk) (Knife unsheathing) (Cutting and flesh tearing) (eerie music) (Chains tightening) (eerie music continues) (Chains rattling and tightening) (chain tightening) (Sarah screaming) Max: Shh… You see, Sarah what’s been so complicated is now so easy. Max: Technology has (flesh tearing) really made things so easy and simple for me. (flesh tearing) (meat ripping) (chewing flesh) Max: Things used to be so difficult but now, so easy. Max: You see, back in the day I had to watch every move that someone made. What they did, what they didn’t do, who they knew, who they didn’t know, where they worked. Max: but, see now, it’s all so simple. Technology has really simplified what used to be so hard. So now, all I have to do is get that notification when someone needs a ride. I come around the corner, and I ask them, “do you need a ride?” If I get a no, then I keep going along. But if yes? (Max chuckles) well, we see the result of that. But, let me not talk any further. (max sighs) Max: Let’s not waste anymore time. (knife slashes throat) (Sarah gargling) (Stabbing) (knife clanks on table) (cooler dragging on concrete floor) (stuffing cooler) Mechanic: Oh, hey, what’s up man? Max: What’s going on man? Mechanic: What are you doing here so early? Max: Uh, nothing much man, I was just loading up. You think you could give me a hand? Mechanic: Yeah, yeah. Max: Yeah? Mechanic: What’s going on? Mechanic: Damn bro, what do you got in here? Max: ah, nothing man. I just got some Kobe beef in here man. Mechanic: Kobe beef? That’s that good stuff, man. Can I get some of that? Max: Ah I don’t think you want any of this, man. It’s for a customer. (Trunk closes) Mechanic: Do you need me to ride with you to unload it, or? I mean, do you need some help? Max: Naw, I think I’m good man. Just go back to working on that car, I think I’ll get it unloaded by myself man. Mechanic: Yeah, that’s why I came in early, to get it done Max: Yeah. Mechanic: I know we open up soon. Max: Yeah, definitely. Max: Man, I appreciate it. Mechanic: Let me get the door for you man, you want me to get the door? Max: Yeah, yeah, you don’t mind? Mechanic: Yeah, I got you. Max: Appreciate it man. [CC By: Daniel Perez]

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