Riddhi-Siddhi – Ganesha’s Consorts

Riddhi-Siddhi – Ganesha’s Consorts

Ganesha, the lord of prosperity and happiness,
has wives named Riddhi and Siddhi. As per the Ganesh Purana, Riddhi and Siddhi were
born from the mind of Brahma. Riddhi, who symbolises prosperity and knowledge,
and Siddhi, who represents perfection, are an intrinsic part of Lord Ganesha. Any devotee
who prays to Ganesha and pleases him, is blessed by Riddhi and Siddhi as well.
It is sometimes said that Ganesha had to race his brother Kartikeya – the general of devaloka
to win the hands of Riddhi and Siddhi in marriage. Another story says that when Ganesha grew
too naughty for the other gods to handle, Brahma created Riddhi and Siddhi so Ganesha
could marry them and be happy. Riddhi-Siddhi and Ganesha had two sons – Shubh
and Laabh who are also representatives of auspiciousness
and profit.

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  1. Sir/Ma'm, I am simply asking about the placement of Sri Yantra/Laxmi Yantra/Ganesh Yantra / i.e. in respect of each other while offering worship to deities in house. I am aware that Ganesh Yantra is kept towards LHS of Laxmi Yantra but I wish to know about the placement of Sri Yantra with respect to Laxmi Yantra/Ganesh Yantra i.e. the sequence of all of them.
    I am not getting the answer to my query. Kindly address the same appropriately. I hope my quest for a satisfactory answer would be satiated with your invaluable piece of advice An early reply would be highly appreciated

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