Rice Business MBA Class of 2019 Investiture: Congratulations!

Rice Business MBA Class of 2019 Investiture: Congratulations!

On behalf of the faculty and staff of
the Jones Graduate School welcome to the Investiture of the
graduates of the MBA class of 2019. Graduates, you have worked long and hard for this moment and the Jones School community is pleased to recognize and
celebrate your accomplishments. The MA Wright award from members of the
graduating class for the student who best models leadership exemplary service
and significant contributions to the Jones Graduate School of Business. We’ll
recognize a student in each of the four programs. Sophia Campbell. Elizabeth Wang. Brady Gibson. Joanna Nathan. Because in life so often, we know that
the hard things and the good things are the same things and you know this to be
true. Think for a minute, just think in your head think of an accomplishment of
which you are truly proud. Was it easy? Of course it wasn’t. Think of the past
two years you’ve had here at Rice in this MBA program. Was it hard at times?
Was it not also really, really good? The investiture of the class of 2019 is
now complete.

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