Review #14 Adidas Consortium EQT ADV & Sorteo Asics GL3 custom SneakerSoho. + English subtitles

Review #14 Adidas Consortium EQT ADV & Sorteo Asics GL3 custom SneakerSoho.   + English subtitles

Hi all, im going to make a small review about the last Adidas that I bought, it is called EQUIPMENT ADV This is a limited edition from Consortium series, only 910 pairs have been made this is a remake of the 1991 original pair thats why is called also 91-16 this specific pair has been released only in 5 stores worldwide To be honest I prefer this EQT than NMD and Ultraboost, maybe not comfy but yes on the shape Og colorway is also beautiful but im not too fan of the translucent plastic on the heel, but I really like the Heinekken bottle green cw. it also has been released in triple white and triple black and i love them. this pair looks like it has been made at NASA, since you open the box you can’t stop finding hi-tech brands tags First one is Ortholite that talks about the sock materia and the tech used on it to avoid smelling. Next is Dyneema project, based in the strongest and lightest fiber in the world, employed in bullet proof materials, repair human skin… Also Kevlar a well know bullet proof material has been used on the upper side pannels, looks like if im talking about terminator lol about sizing, I bought a 10us and it fits tts, maybe for wyde foots +0.5 from tts but just in that case sock material is cool, but on og and 3black 3white, I think that is softer than this consortium pair, feeling more like PrimeKnit. If Adidas could use boost tech on the inside as they do on Yeezy, EQT would be the top of Adidas new revolution My pair is 533 out of 910, I don’t like too much the number but who cares Laces are the worst part, even tho they are made of the same bullet proof material, they are too long, Adidas has a huge problem with measures in laces recently. Spare laces are also provided. Inside I got a pic of the 1993 EQT, I asume that every pair comes with a diferent one, just a gift. later we will see how it looks on the on feet, because i’m specting it. About sole, it has green og colorway on the middle, and this small points to feel the grip when walking. And that’s it, Dynema tag has info about the website and a few more details, like they only work with hy-tech projects. Adidas is taking care and trying with new tech as seen on NMD and Ultra Boost. Nike is more on technique and running so as I sayd I bought a 10us, and its TTS for me. later we will see the on feet. After the EQT ADV CONSORTIUM, I will love to coment that spanish sneaker store SNEAKERSOHO, is getting old, today it’s the 2nd Anniversary so ALL THE PRODUCTS HAVE A 50% discount at we are making a raffle here in the youtube channel with a free 2nd Anniv tee for free, just comment here +1 and what ever you want and on sunday winner will be written Also, he is raffelling this Custom Asics GLIII made by Melon Kicks owner Martin, another spanish sneaker store located in Madrid. size is 9.5us. I like a lot the details on the stripes, the outside of each side has different colorway, red and teal blue SOHO is written on the heel, I added myself a pair of Mashed potato laces from my store to match the camo colorway of the toe to get in to the raffle, you just need to make an account on his website, that’s all, he will make a raffle and make it free for the winner. Even tho I’m not too fan of customs, i buy a lot of sneakers monthly, I must admit that this custom is made with huge details and quality maybe I dont have customs because i love detailing and i can’t live with a bad detail, maybe that’s why I dont have tattoos insoles are from Asics Gr, St valentines pack, so it says WITH ALL MY HEART as you can see so whoever wants a free custom pair, 1 of 1 this is his chance. Remember just today EVERYTHING has a 50% discount at and for the pair, register yourself on the site. For the free tee, coment +1 here to get a chance to win and if you get them free, tag me at Instagram with a picture with the laces from the store. Remember that our Ig channel is @KHORDESHOP thanks for watching and good luck as allways!

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. +1. Otro gran video como siempre y encima con sorteos que siempre vienen bien.

  2. +1 Estas a tope con los sorteos ?. Me gustan esas Adidas últimamente solo veo boost y primeknit en sus lanzamientos ?. Suerte a todos y a seguir así con el canal ?

  3. +1

    Las EQT son una salvajada, a ver si Adidas sabe cuidar el modelo y no machaca con mil-un colores que no dicen nada y un hype sin fundamento por nuestra parte. Gracias por el sorteo!

  4. Muy buena reseña que pesar que esas adidas las saquen tan exclusivas gracias por hacer reseña en español . Saludos desde Colombia

  5. Muy buena review como siempre y muy buen gusto del compañero de melon kicks, siempre es un placer charlar e intercambiar consejos con el, espero que vayan a buenas manos

  6. Buen video!!!
    El shape muy serio, y en general una nave
    con esos materiales son solo esta serie de 910¿¿ wtf

  7. Una pregunta, en la página de Soho el día del 50% en todo las zapatillas ¿también está incluido este 50% en la categoría de Ofertas que ya tienen descuento?
    Un saludo

  8. Guapisimas tio, menuda adquisición!! No participo porque no son mi talla, prefiero que le toquen a alguien que las pueda usar, un saludo compi!

  9. Espectaculares las EQT, tienen pinta de comodissimas la verdad, y el plus tecnológico les hace marcar la diferencia. Minipunto para Adidas. Sigue así Khorde! ? gracias de nuevo por las reviews.

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