Republicans are chastising Trump for bringing troops home: Lewandowski

Republicans are chastising Trump for bringing troops home: Lewandowski

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  1. We the People think that we have been over there to long. If you are in . Miami and you know that a hurricane is coming most rational choice people leave . It's not convenient but you have been aware that this endless war has been going on for 200 hundred years so either you want to put yourself and kids in harm's way or you have a choice to leave.,I agree that the Turkish government has to stop his so called fight. But we have fighting in our on streets with the crips and the bloods I don't see Nancy Pelosi or Chucky going to Chicago to help American people and Our children.and we are not the world police. If you need with us you will be dealt with. Fix American issue like the border and the crisis there at home . unfortunately we have.stop making America the world police. Stop aiding them stop papering to countries with out any values
    Protect America and Israel. The queen had her own army , maybe if we step away and don't give into there main stream media no one will know, you have 5 days to leave the region in which is the border so get your kids and go anything better than what you are dealing with. USA is dealing with our on southern border and making sure our people are talking care of , tired of pandering to illegals who get more aid ,etc help then our own people who pay into our system. Yes it's broken , people say Obama was great,the only thing he was great at was selling our country to the highest bidder, George Soros, a traitor to his own country and the Jewish people. But god will have his final day. Satan is George Soros, if you get paid from him or his black lives matter group or planned parenthood antifa you are in business with the devil. God bless America and Our President Trump


  3. Those 1000 American troops were protecting 1000s of innocent people small price to pay close to a hundred have already been killed. 150 isis detainees just walked out. Wonder what they will do.

  4. War has been long enough! Bring our soldiers home! Those that want to protect our country can protect American borders, fight the drug cartels, keep illegals out & keep America safe. Stand up for Donald Trump POTUS & KAG!

  5. Similar to your family situation. Take care of your family/nation first; and then help those, or those of other countries, as you can; and not the almighty mil/indust complex, buying off politicians. Mid east has been killing each other, endlessly for thousands of years, and will continue. It is in their nature ev since old Abraham.

  6. People asking why now bringing our troops home? That was one of our Presidents campaign promises. He is keeping it. The politician that scream the most against the troops coming home, are probably having a financial interest. Thanks to all soldiers current and past for your service.🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  7. the speech he made the other day was great. he is not delusional he is brilliant. everything he does, he does it for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. DUMbocraps BAD, REPUBLICANS good.

  8. Yes there is no reason to be fighting other countries wars our military is to have when other countries attack we the American people and our lives period end!! I never served in the military but I did sign up to be drafted in the military but I did for the American citizens only not for the rest of the world and I have been very saddened because we lost so many soldiers fighting other countries wars!! And I feel sorry for the loved ones who lost their sons and daughters and their own wives and children just to fight in these endless wars and I stand behind our president with his decisions!!

  9. Lewandowski is an empty suit outlet of hot air. He never makes any senseTrump turned his back on a long long time ally, the Kurds and has ruined our trust and leadership all over the world. Cory may not care but the people in the military do and they are disgusted and ashamed. Trump needs to go before he does any more damage to the country.

  10. If this is the case why the hell did Trump just commit U.S troops to Saudia Arabia? My guess is he's hoping to strike some personal business deal with the Saudi king.

  11. How about, Those spouting about Not bringing our soldiers home- Let these spouters fund themselves,   their own war, weapons, transportation and food.  Then let them go fight with whomever they consider to be the enemy.  When they get shot oversees… well, that's the way it goes.  These people are all for using other peoples' money and children.  Quit inflicting your desires on the US Citizens.  Quit maiming our young adults.  Quit ruining their minds due to PTSD.  Send yourselves, your spouses and your own kids…  (sorry if you lose the munitions money.-bastards.)

  12. A region like Syria could only be pacified by sending people and infrastructure to live there permanently. Only If this is a future state of the USA.
    So who wants to live in Syria? None? Surprising.

    You can notice nagging EU that THEY can send people and infrastructure and security there to live there permanently.

    After all, it is the encirceling policy of Russia, as beautifully described by Hillary, that started these wars in the first place.

    Trump will not continue the global marxism plan of Obama and Hillary. However, it is in reality Merkels plan.

  13. ZERO US soldiers in Syria were brought home because of this decision. Also, where did the troops sent to Saudi Arabia come from? Lastly, increasing the DOD budget, to almost $1 Trillion a year, is definitely empowering the "military industrial complex" not the other way around. More propaganda from Faux News.

  14. President Trump should give the duty of condolence letters to the, Speaker of the House AND the Leader of the Senate.. These wars belong to them. These deaths are on their heads..

  15. Coup d'etat (Military Complex) take over. Control by contractor lobbyists who pay for the power to decide the outcome of wars caused by nationalities and religions is a multi trillion dollar military high-tech cyber security complex involved in a fake impeachment by who our President just said it was.

  16. Bring them home! We are not getting paid to have them there it is a expense we don't need…we have given them 18 years of free protection and the cost of our Sons and daughters lives ….A big F … Them!

  17. I feel that the President knows what he's doing, For all that he has done for us and all the attacks he has been under, why don't people give him the benefit of the doubt. Every choice he has made has been for our benefit. Why can't we support him on something that people disagree with without criticizing him? I think it's a shame.

  18. If american troops are needed anywhere its syria not anywhere else in my opinion but i am not shure. Why not police them to make shure there is peace in the region for 2 years the war is over theres nothing to loose.

  19. A peaceful unbought president…huh? Democrats are out of their minds if they think republicans will ever give this great nation back to globalists just because they and their diseased parents couldnt wake the hell up in 40 years….jesus god almighty….how fing dumb can half this country be….perhaps we should just
    Excommunicate them….unlike the military industrial complex wants to exterminate us…..
    This is a zero sum game….all humanity loses if demtards persist at out breeding normal thinking folk. If they give illegals the right to vote ….goid bye america.


  21. DEms are so Anti Trump….. are they wanting to see US men not come home? Talk about hate. America last now its military lives…. wow….. so far they appaulse no jobs no lowest unemployment since 1960s and now its military US military lives… that should remain there why? So Trump isn't right. Baby DEms this is not about DEMS OR REPUBLICANS its ABOUT AMERICAN LIVES. HATE kills humanity…

  22. Trump is doing the right thing. Why is this country spending millions to be involved in other people's conflicts? This money could be well used to help Americans. These sicko politicians who keep us in endless wars use it as a tool to give contracts to American companies who profit off of war. Our men/women come home f'd up with PTSD, permanent injuries and psychological problems and for what? These wars have been ongoing for years with NOTHING getting better. Get us out of there and let them sort it out. They are like babies sucking on the US as a pacifier instead of resolving it themselves.


  24. Boy you idiot Trumptards need to wake up the country is Browning get over it bozo the Orange clown is destroying our country stop watching faux you stupid Trumptards impeach now the whole administration impeach all now and kick out all these stupid Trumptards send them too Russia Putin you can have them bunch of hypocrites

  25. Again, keeping only 1000 of our troops in N.Syria is Not constituting or supporting a ‘New War”. Actuall it’s perserving the peace which now has been shattered by Turkey’s incursion into Kurdish territory. Remembering that these Kurds were our allies supporing and working with US troops to defeat ISIS. Now Trump betrays them signalling to Turkey go ahead now that we are leaving to establish their long term goal of moving against the Kurds. Now look at the chaos unfolding. I agree with some moves by the Trump Administration, but this was a betrayal of our committments and pricipals – backstabbing of an ally, just as has been done in previous administrations. Fox news should support the President when justified, but not with the statement, of my country right or wrong.

  26. Not one politician has a kid on the front lines. They want that war money. They will do anything to get it.

  27. He bankrupted the military, and now he’s “saving” the military. What a load of crap. Trump is horrible! Plain and simple!!!

  28. Trump just made ISIS resurge again and left it’s ally to die. His plan of “ let’s wait and see” policy will go nowhere but cause problems. Oh and at he also sent troops to Saudi. This moron has no clue what he’s doing.

  29. I demand the release of the rinos who interferes with MR. TRUMP AGENDA EVEN BEFORE BEING NOMINATED! TRAITORS! THE TRAITOR 1 paul ryan, who didn't accomplish anything for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, the chameleon demo/rep. acting to his wife's demands. TRUMP HAS INTEGRITY AND STANDS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! WE NEED HIM EVEN MORE FOR 2020!!

  30. I’m proud of our PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR BRING OUR BELOVED ONES HOME ! I was a Navy wife of a career OFFICER. I KNOW HOW HARD THAT LIFE IS, IT’s time to come home.

  31. Whoever wants to have the troops stay in syria then these people either send their sons and daughters or go themselves to syria

  32. wake up!! the troops are not coming home…another few thousand, again, going to saudia arabia. others just moving elsewhere in syria. the "coming home" lie is pure propaganda for the weak minded. please don't be fooled by it.

  33. They don't really care about American sacrifices in wars, when it helps their pocketbooks. Go to polls and get rid of them!

  34. making unstable areas in the world is in our best interest, if you think that is playing the police thruough out the worldis bad, you have an irresponsible small view of what makes america safe

  35. The reason Trump pulled out the Troops is because Trump doesn't want America to get involved in the wars of Middle East anymore…..

  36. To the Dumotwats, "Trumps way, is the wrong way"! "LUDICROUS" and these people are supposed to intelligent!? it makes you want to weep.

  37. There are conflicts, and then there are conflicts. Afghanistan, like southeast asia, has been in constant conflict. If you don't believe me, just check history. Honestly, there are parts of the world that will never find peace, and nothing we do will make a difference. A lot of Americans died taking back Europe,band though there are people who still refuse to admit it, it was a just struggle. Afghanistan, Libia, Iraqe, Syria, and many African nations, will alway be in turmoil, no matter how many lives are sacrificed. As for Mit Romney, he's just seeking relevance, looking for any excuse to open his trap, like any failed politician. Wish he'd find a rock and crawl under it.

  38. POTUS is Plan B. Plan A is still at the ready which will include millions of armed and well trained veterans. America, choose wisely or the military will do it for you.

  39. The reason dems are opposed to ending the war now, when before they were all for it, – is NOT because they've changed their minds. It's because before when they supported the end to wars, it was nothing but lip service. They never actually took any action that actually helped to end the wars, or else they were sure their cohorts, the republicans on the other side of the aisle would never let it happen. Those who don't want to end the wars are the ones profiting from them.

  40. The democrates and rinos are mad about getting out of endless wars because they benefit financially from wars. The Industrial Military Complex is Pro War all the time! That’s how these people make money!

  41. Our troops have been over fighting with the Kurds for FOUR years and now we’ve left them to be slaughtered. It’s no surprise that heartless people like Lewandowski doesn’t understand that.

  42. A poll of Harvard students after 9/11 showed something like a 91% approval of warring overseas in response to that attack, but only a small number something like 7% were willing to actually fight themselves. (I am recalling this from memory. It was a poll conducted by The Harvard Crimson, a student newspaper.)

  43. How many of these patriotic public servants,have their sons and daughters serving in the forces? Pedazos de mierda…

  44. Gezz people we thought you were smarter than that. The whole US involvement in the Mideast was for OIL!!!!! All the regime change was to control the leadership of the oil rich countries in the Mideast. Russia , England, France, and most of Europe want OIL!!!! So they have been manipulating those countries for decades. Now that Trump has made the US energy independent, we don't need to be there. The only people who want to be there are the war mongers, military industrial complex, energy companies, political boondogglers and bank financiers.

  45. Funny thing is Trump is getting rid of Corruption, Problem is , they are all his 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂bye bye DONNY

  46. Hey Corey is out of hiding and bravely is appearing on FOX. SURPRISE LOL Republicans are cowards. They pretend to be the tough ones but then are happy to be lead around by the nose like a cow being lead to slaughter. No independent thinking, no questioning of their exalted leader. Cowards too scared to think for themselves, they need Dump to lead the way. What a joke, a sad sad joke.

  47. Amazing how Republicans are all of a sudden against war. All it took was Trump. If he was saying the opposite you would be thinking the opposite. You wait for Fox news to come on to tell you what you think. What side you should be on. Lol.

  48. The democRATS, and RIINOS are the WARMMONGERS, and a lot of them are connected to the military industrial complex, who make a lot of money, and get campaign donations, all at the expense of American Soldiers dying in useless endless wars, that serve NO purpose for the American people.

  49. Thats right, support the troops and NOT the Military Industrial Complex. Bring our boys home or to a place of strategic defense of the USA. Unfortunately the MIC has so many lobbyists and so much money flowing through government that they actually make and break political careers. Trump isnt beholden to them, he is beholden to the troops and to the citizens. I know it seems strange to separate the troops from the MIC but they are distinct.

  50. POTUS Trump is fulfilling yet another Campaign promise he made how refreshing a POTUS WHO actually does what he says he will do. Plus doing it despite his enemies including those in his own party trying to oust him anyway possible

  51. 10/20/19… Guess what? The troops aren't coming home: they are being shipped to another hotspot Ya, dmfp keeps his word.🙄 what suckers repugs are!!!

  52. The warmongers in the military industrial complex can still make plenty of money keeping our military great without sending our troops into harms way.

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