Report: Giuliani was to be paid by Ukraine official for dirt on Dems

Report: Giuliani was to be paid by Ukraine official for dirt on Dems

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  1. Yes, have WH read incriminating facts about Democrat crimes, or show Schiff dressed as a Pharoah at Ed Bucks house, or read Ukrainian court procedings outlining the role of state dept. officials in pay for play schemes and by other Atlantic council members.
    expose Weiner laptop photos. Call Manafort as a witness and read a few of his black ledgers into the record.

  2. I think it's bs that the President should separate himself from his attorney.

    This is catering to the Democrats.

    Let's talk about the bribes the Dems are accepting from George Soros & other Globalists to push impeachment & frivolous investigation in order to drag our Country into Socialism to control all of us.

  3. No one should have to testify that knows anything that's why they're blocking them from testifying I mean this is so much b***** you lying piece of s*** that's all you are is a lying piece of s*** you m********** lying piece of s***

  4. God is President Trump's defense. Being that. He have already won. He is not guilty of anything that the Dems have and are accusing him of. Case closed . Stop wasting tax payers money. The American Citizens see and know the real……. True.

  5. Of course they will attack the people they fear the most, and it is open season on anyone fighting on the side of the President. I will STILL vote for PRESIDENT TRUMP! Nothing will change my mind now. The left has a mental problem and needs to get professional help.

  6. Passing the impeachment resolution would be the dumbest thing democrats could do. If this gets passed to the senate they will force Schiff and others to testify. Schiff will have to fess up to conspiring to concoct the CIA whistleblower operation against the president or perjure himself.

  7. So this president can't or won't defend himself nor can any lawyer. As much as he stated he has been denied this opportunity. Now he wants to hide and cry wolf. Of course Congress and its hearings are illegitimate…to him and Fox News in addition to every Republican and Rudy…until trump burns them.

  8. Same old FAUX SPEWS. Trump is going to be impeached, but not convicted. We all know that.. At least, Don the Con will go down in history as being impeached!

  9. What horseshit. This the deep-state running a fake story to smear innocent people and not investigate the real perpetrators.

  10. Para que negar que el negocio de la droga en este país ayuda la economía de este país de que se hagan pendejos es otra cosa pero esos carteles merecen que los pongan en su lugar y que de esos estupidos que venden armas de aquí de USA a los carteles también merecen unos cabronasos

  11. the impeachment hoax continues to distract the attention of the american people – while the sovereignty of america is sold out the back door to the UN via trade deals. wake up america

  12. The Demons will possibly smear the name of President Trump but they will not bring him down. He is not a military veteran but he is a warrior in his own way. The current POTUS Donald Trump is unique in that he is not a career politician but a results-oriented businessman. There are some similarities that politicians and businessmen share, which aren't pure but the differences are immense. Politicians will make a deal even if a bad deal just to have a deal. Good business people fight for good deals or no deal at all. Bending or breaking rules they have in common, good results or any results is what separates this President from politicians and the last 4 Presidents and any rule-bending or braking by President Trump has been for the benefit of America and the American people, even the ones that oppose him. The only ones getting hurt are the highly criminal, on the take, America for sale politicians and the foreign enemies of this great nation.

  13. Congrats Fox News you have no standards, stop pretending to be above CNN & ABC everyone knows Fox News killed the Epstein story and hundreds of other stories. After your classless coverage of the Kavanaugh accusers you proved yourselves to be totally classless and complete snobs.

  14. To FOX you cowards don't want to hear the truth so you turn off the comments so you won't have to hear our opinions, will here it is anyway, subject knifing bridge London , Don't feel sorry for you chaps. Maybe if you had second amendment people would be safe in your city and If you getting rid of that beta male mayor of yours. You need to start registering those knives, those rocks are dangerous and need to be registered.

  15. The FAKE NEWS department of FOX continues to grow. Host states that $300k was to be paid to LOCATE STOLEN ASSETS . . then the host adds "meaning to get dirt on the Bidens". That makes ZERO sense unless it turns out that the Bidens are the ones that STOLE THE ASSETS.

  16. FOX NEWS is compromised by the left agenda of Murdoch’s sons and their wives.
    It is Not the same organization of 3 years ago.

  17. Since Giuiani is a lawyer, he has worked for many people on different cases having nothing to do with Trump, here & now–And, Giuiani had every right to work with anybody in any country he pleased, within his position as an attorney.

  18. A-a-a-a-nd. . . here we go! FOX is starting to show the effects of Rupert Murdoch's son, Lachlan, who took over as CEO of the new FOX Corp. after Disney bought FOX and the deal was closed earlier this year! Unlike his father, Lachlan is an anti-Trumper and immediately hired Paul Ryan (another anti-Trumper) to the board of directors.
    Better watch out Lachlan, or your daddy's company will end up at the bottom in viewer ratings – just like CNN. That's okay though. At least intellectual viewers seeking true and balanced reporting can always watch OAN, Epoch Times, BCP, Next News Network, and many other independent channels that don't propagate the MSM's "orange-man-bad" rhetoric!

  19. So is Joe were NOT running for 2020 what would be the excuse for not investigating the corruption he and his son are alleged to be involved in? If President Trump can be investigated for foreign issues why can't Biden be investigated for his acts 4 years ago?

  20. Political class is nothing to trust seems rational, the religious and Corporate leadership sure haven't suffered for lack of rational results, either!!

  21. I don't believe for a minute that Giuliani was taking bribes….they have taken little snips of anything Giuliani has said, to twist into what they can use….Giuliani fights crime, he doesn't create it…..everything they say and do always comes back to get the Democrats….it always proves the democrats are crooked….so are their propaganda media

  22. Re: > "Report: Giuliani was to be paid by Ukraine official for dirt on Dems"

  23. Nothing about that story tracks. Why in the hell would the Ukraine pay Giuliani for anything? Makes no sense. Fortunately, thanks to President Trump, we all know definitively that we can't trust the mainstream media.

  24. With defenders like Rudy – Trump doesn't need enemies lol. I hate Trump and the people around him are constantly being arrested. So the President dispatched his personal attorney in an unofficial capacity to act in an official capacity to get dirt on Democrats. What's Trump going to do now? Say he doesn't know him?

  25. I think the people who watch Fox News are mad because it's not an echo chamber anymore. They've lost several high profile actual journalists, Shep Smith being the most recent. Carlson, Hannity, Ingram and Pirro are not journalists. They are opinion hosts and you can't get the news from them. Fox News has consistently been denied licenses to broadcast in other countries because they do not qualify as a news channel. Fox is aiming to add at least a bit more sprinkling of the truth. It's ridiculous that viewers want them to just promote Trump. That's not news, that's state TV.

  26. Rudy getting $ for helping Ukraine retrieve embezzled funds – what does that have to do with democrats and dirt digging? Is the she saying the democrats embezzled?

  27. seems like the dems dont want to be investigated…not nearly as transparent as the trump admin has been! After the Mueller Report flop its only fair the dems get thoroughly investigated too!

  28. over lay Nancy Peloci's description of the "rap up smear" onto most of what the Democrats have done in the past 3 years…..seems oddly familiar. while they've done nothing except for themselves…..

  29. the Barack Obama administration started this whole Russian collusion in the false accusations due to the previous corrupt Ukraine government found common purpose with corrupt Barack Obama administration. Did it all beginng with Hillary Clinton or Hunter and Joe Biden. Now the present administrations will take down previous politicians that were provably corrupt in courts of law in both Ukraine and America. Hillary goes first to see miss Guillotine.

  30. As a lawyer if you find corruption in a setting, it is your job to report it. Giuliani did his job respectfully as a lawyer! I salute him!

  31. Rudy was actually held in high regards before trump’s toxicity, another close contact heading to jail for him.
    But Hilary ? Lol

  32. Fox News is a third-rate (news) channel driven by conspiracy theories. It seems that their hosts actually believe in what they are saying – so sad.

  33. putin's puppet sniveled he couldn't face his accusers and have a lawyer present (lies then and now).
    funny how now, he doesn't want to…

  34. faux news…these 2 dim stains are a joke..go back to cnn..or young TURDS O DUMB TURKS IS WHERE FOX HAS GOTTEN 4 SO CALLED REPORTERS

  35. Pretend to fight corruption if the Bidens are involved. When your own lawyer (sitting right next to you in the White House) is corrupt to the bones just say you know nothing about it. Double standard ???

  36. If Trump refuses he can't argue the process is unfair. Yet the number of witnesses corroborating what the whistleblower said is overwhelming. Republicans know they are on the wrong side (if you can't argue law , argue process). Guys if you think they gonna find something like saying "evidence to impeach Trump" you are stupid. It all has to be observed in a circumstancial evidence framework.(such evidenc points out Trump did commit a crime)..

  37. Wait, what? I'm confused! Ukrainian Officials wanted dirt on the Dems and paid Rudi for that? Where are you hearing these fairy tales? OIC the Washington Compost, got it, say no more!

  38. I was for the impeachment of Clinton, Bush jr., & Trump.
    Trump is the only one I think should be removed.
    Also, this guy sounds like Harry Carey.

  39. OVERSIGHT is the people's business…no matter who is in the oval office. Impeachment hearings aren't supposed to be theatrical productions for those who believe in the three coequal branches of government, the rule of law and national security, not to mention the TRUTH as well as the reputation and world standing of OUR country…. I shouldn't have to say that!….just sayin?

  40. If Rudy Giuliani is the personal attorney of Donald Trump, then his statements and actions in the course of representing Donald Trump are attributable to Donald Trump himself.

  41. "Any person who attempts or conspires to commit any offense under this chapter shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense, the commission of which was the object of the attempt or conspiracy. — 18 U.S. Code § 1349. Attempt and conspiracy.

  42. "If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both." — 18 U.S. Code § 371. Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States

  43. Federal law states it is illegal to "knowingly solicit, accept, or receive from a foreign national any contribution or donation." Trump's request to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was not for campaign cash, but what's referred to as an "in kind" contribution that would arguably be of more value — damaging information that could be weaponized against Biden, a potential 2020 rival.

  44. “It is clearly impeachable. Because the president requested something that’s criminal to ask for: ‘Can you help my campaign?’”… Trump basically said, ‘I need a favor.’” Indeed, Trump even used the phrase: “I would like you to do us a favor though” during the call. — Andrew Napolitano, Fox News legal analyst, November 13, 2019

  45. The evidence of his impeachable behavior at this point, in my view, is overwhelming. Trump hasn’t presented a defense, and I don’t know if he plans to.” — Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News analyst, November 22, 2019

  46. Giuliani is Trump's personal attorney. He has a right to defend his client. Trump was accused of Russian collusion. While Giuliani was in Russia to investigate, he was approached by some Ukrainians. This led to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.


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