Rep. Zeldin blasts Pelosi’s war powers resolution: ‘it’s a press release’

Rep. Zeldin blasts Pelosi’s war powers resolution: ‘it’s a press release’

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  2. I'm scared for America that there is so many terrorists in Congress American hating slobs that all they do is make themselves money

  3. If we will strike do not inform the congress. There are spies and traitors in congress and senate. Look how they speak you will know who they are.

  4. How can you say “how many troops have to be killed or injured?” Then support something that is literally putting more troops in harm. I really don’t understand it

  5. Why they don’t throw her in jail already? She have no power, sad she think is Eve who deceived Adam, n won, pelosi is the most evil lady after jetzabel.. or maybe shes a descendant of her..anyway, evil can’t prevail.. take her down, shes been delirious for the last 4 yrs. n will be for the next 4 cuz Trump will win.. AGAIN..

  6. Even under the Presidential Wars Act Trump does not need to notify Congress when he deploys any asset in the United States arsenal including troops for 48 hours after he deploys such assets . Pelosi need to read the law she voted for.

  7. Its only a law limiting power of war if trump.signs it congress DOES NOT have the power what it is abuse of power an stupidty on the left

  8. She thinks she is not only "speaker of the house" but in charge of the Senate and executive branch. Crazy people from California.

  9. Mentioned Sunnis and Shia tribes are against each other for yearsa and years, and have got Americans into their Tribal Fights,because America stands for freedom and Liberty for all,the rest of the world are cowards and they just stand by and watch on the sidelines,what a shame.

  10. Iran with atomic bombs means a safer world. China and Russia should give Iran bombs and missiles to deliver them. Only Americaca is a mass-murdering threat to the entire world. Whose' entire history proves it cannot be trusted with any kind of weapon. Because it's entire history is soaked in the blood of the innocent.

  11. No if but when an American Life is lost every one that voted to limit President Trump's to take action against someone that lame or murdered an American should be charged with that crime. Hold them accountable for the that action.

  12. Shiite or Sunni. Islamic factions that hate each other. We can't take sides. Hussein was Sunni. These Iraqi insurgents are Shiite. We are stuck between them.

  13. Until Trump ran for office I always believed our Politian's were actually working for the people of this country what an eye opener
    all that I've been seeing and hearing and reading. I started back checking some facts and I find it to be sick that I had in the past voted for people that were more interested in lining their pockets from big business holding onto power and keeping people in the dark. And now little by little trying change our constitution. No I do not believe what some journalists are pushing in their reports they have to answer to the people that pay them and it seem that the reporting of news is more their own opinion than just facts

  14. Sadly, the Democrats are the greatest threat to America – and subsequently, therefore, the greatest threat to our 'free world.'

  15. Mike it was a highly classified intel. And guess what you serve the administration not the other way around. Support your President and Commander in Chief!
    God Bless America!

  16. If they were planning an "attack" why weren't there any casualties to all the bases when their general was attacked? In what world if one our generals was attacked would we not attack back and make sure we don't miss?

  17. As a republican I hated when Hilary said we were a basket of deplorables. But now I see why she said that. Granted she's as useless as they come but to see this vast overstep of power to attack another sovereign nation against the Constitution…at tax payer expense…risking the lives of our brother in arms and lives of millions of innocent Iranina men women and children? Wake up. I don't like the impeacent one bit but this is a step wayyy too far. This is a Christian nation. Don't forget that when you cheer for this war. God Bless

  18. Clinton called Trump voters Deplorable. Democrats are Destroyers and Despicable.Pelosi is a joke as are the people who support her.Put this cofused old bat out to pasture .

  19. its because they have lied in the past to get us in 2 of the longest wars in us history got millions killed so ya we need to know what is going on never trust the state dept or the intel community remember viet nam and wmd s in iraq

  20. The Constitution gives the power to commence war to Congress, not to the President.
    The President's power is to control the military after war is declared. In 1973, however, Congress passed The Congressional War Powers Act, which gives the president the power to use the military for 60 days. This law itself should be considered unconstitutional – no authority is given to Congress to rearrange the balance of powers: The Constitution requires an Amendment to do this.

  21. "Trying to tie the hands of a Country's leader in times of crisis is treason." Unless the actions of Commander in Chief is causing this situation of crisis and chaos. Than it is in interest of the whole country / the world to get more influence of the adults in the room opposing the thoughtless plans and dangerous actions.

  22. This is how republicans consistently snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They hold the distinction of being the only collective of people more pathetic than democrats.

  23. Bring our troops home No more U.S. BLOOD AND TREASURE FOR ZIONISM. Let ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA STABILIZE THE MIDDLE EAST. No to Sheldon Adelson's FOREIGN policy being carried out by the President. Bring our troops home. No more war.

  24. I have utmost faith in a draft dodger, ready and willing to lead the USA into war!
    Just what the world needs, – a nice, bloody, pointless start to 2020!
    Bring on WW3, – can't wait for a good dose of useless mayhem and destruction!

  25. The Resolution may be a press release but it makes us look weak to countries like Iran. It was a very foolish thing to do just to gain political points with the left.

  26. obama,pelesi,herylinton,jobaiden va dag dan chu la toi do cua nuoc my, neu duoc tay sach thi nuoc my se thinh vuong va hung manh hon nua !

  27. Who’s the Commander in Chief, Trump or Pelosi? She needs to be kidnapped and dropped into Tehran. Make her wear an American flag shirt, too.

  28. Won't be too much longer b4 AOC kicks /forces Pelosi out. How? Thats crazy? You'll see. As Pelosi tries to be her friend thinking its working AOC is plotting against her. AOC will be chair 3th inline for president with Squad getting larger USA will become the new Iran. Iran just needs to send more people here to populate the cities become elected with help of millions of nonthinking Democratic voters and take over. Oh well!

  29. Zeldin is another sad example of someone living in the Alternate Facts universe and doesn't understand the Constitution and the War Powers act.

  30. The war powers act can’t be diminished from what it was till now. Any president should have that choice if it comes down to a successful operation to succeed. Like the president said yesterday not every time does the president have the opportunity to go to congress. Especially if a congress is hostile to the president of the US

  31. Seen from the UK, Pelosi is a mediocre a politician as Korbyn, not only she is lead by her antisemitic extremist (that's the only difference with Korbyn, she might not be one herself), but all she is doing and saying looks and sounds fake. Democrats are committing political suicide and it's perhaps for the best. Well done Trump for taking down the globalists, Europe will follow.

  32. Do any of the Democrats have the courage to think for themselves? How can they continue to make excuses for their actions, especially siding with terrorists? All they want to do is fight and argue over anything and everything no matter what it is.

  33. Democrat party should be working for Hollywood because just about everything they produce and talk about is fictional

  34. Pelosi can't change that Trump runs the military, Article 2 Constitution and 2002 declaration.
    She hasn't changed a thing with her grandstanding again.

  35. Democratic are putting their own interests before the interest of the American people, they will do anything to stand in the way of our president.

  36. No pelosi is an anti American PSYCHOPATH. That thing needs to be patient #1 when Trump reopens mental institutions…if she lives that long. I bet she checks out the 2nd week of November.

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