Rep Williams blasts Bernie’s socialist policies: Capitalism is the answer

Rep Williams blasts Bernie’s socialist policies: Capitalism is the answer

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  1. The clown show was on the stage yesterday from the Democrat Party members. Personally if I was a Democrat then I would head-palm and Hide Or the smart people would run away haha.

  2. Socialism or leftists has disease and incurable disease called lefitstphatia! It is incurable and leads to mental illness that causes Imbecility. Today Democrat Party is clearly a comunist party !

  3. Maybe we will learn our lesson if Bernie gets elected.
    Our economy will be destroyed.
    Unemployment will be more than 25%
    Crime will be up by 200%
    The Snowflakes will be so happy.

  4. Well I will say the department of Education needs to set a small standard for all states that explains what socialism (at least read some of Karl Marx books) and read about some history too since people are forgetting what worked and did not work in history or we are doomed to repeat it

  5. Blame Socialism. Blame Russia. Blame China. Blame Iran. Blame Bernie Sanders. Support the Military Industrial Complex for killing innocent women and children and helpless men while arming and funding Terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

  6. Wasted time for Democrats! It doesn't matter President Trump's going to be re-elected! And that's a fact they need to understand!

  7. HRC would be willing to be Bernie’s or Biden’s VP. Knowing that each has potential of a short presidency. Quite sure she has means to speed either one into the other side. Wondering how uncontrolled the DNC Convention will be and potential of Bernie Bro’s to result to violence if their agenda not adopted in whole

  8. NUMBER ONE: The US has been socialist for the past 100 years. NUMBER TWO: Bernie is a Marxist, not a socialist. NUMBER THREE: People under 40 are too stupid and uneducated to know what Capitalism, socialism, Marxism and communism are. Bernie's scam has been done before, its textbook. Dumb them down, make them lazy, then use the word "free" and pretend you care.

  9. Bernie is an open socialist and the rest up there are just in hiding. All up there want to give away free stuff including our country.

  10. Do not underestimate Bernie remember what happened to Trump on 2016, he didn't think he was going to win against Hilary and he did.

  11. Sander's Campaign Advisor is Faiz Shakir(Musliml. His Campaign Manager is
    Ro-khanna, (Muslim) his endorsers are the (Squad) They call Themselves "The Justice,Democrats in Our Congress""1. Ro-Khanna. (Muslim)
    2. Ilhan Omar, (Muslim)3. Rashida Tlaib, (Muslim) 4.(AOC.?) anti American and Anti Semetic Now if Bernie should become Pres
    Bernie is rich now a Millionaire. Who would he elect VP and into Our Government? "Quid Pro Quo." Sound Familiar?

  12. To bad the banks and company's can't make it without social help, capitalism is free trade not forcing country's to follow yours, now declare war against china's economy? America does not stand for capitalism, but monopoly

  13. Sad thing is there is a lot of People that hear Free Free Free and take it as it is Free. Not understanding you will pay for it one way or another and I can't think of One Government Run Program that has been successful over a long period of time.

  14. Maduro is a Dictator elected by Socialist Venezuelans as their Legitimate President. Whereas Juan Guaido is the Rightful President of Venezuela appointed by the Capitalist USA.

  15. Powell said last summer the Fed printed 200 billion a day giving it to Banks back in June, they are giving bond markets tens of billions of dollars a day and currently printing like never seen bailling out the banks , true Socialism, the thin blue line socialist, back up this socializyed government, young people are smart enough to know what's going on no capitalism free open markets, no it's Wall Street crash teams and trickle down economics witch is socializyed government controlled Economy, Trump has done everything for corporate America that's Socialism for the rich Bernie says the government Controls healthcare socializyed government controlled, so if they want to be boss let them pay. Mom and Dad are boss because they pay the bills if u want 300 agencies to boss the people then pay for the people, but Trump is a long way from fallowing our constitution of America no he says rule of law? The socializyed government law, not constitution, why doesn't he say rule of constitutional law? Because it don't allow tax breaks for the rich, bail outs for banks, and markets, no it don't allow for the thin blue line socialist, no it don't allow a president to ban bump stocks, no Trump will never say rule of constitutional law ask him.


  17. It's too late, GOP has been asleep way to long, more into neocon war machine for profits, then making sure the educational system stopped preaching communism, Trump can't turn the whole Congress red as needed to be done. Unless Trump can have the top deep state arrested before the DNC convention, we will become a Socialist state.

  18. Having a bunch of socialist-minded people pointing fingers at each other to criticize Socialism is an exercise in futility. Every one of these Democratic candidates seeks to weaken the US Constitution by growing government power and control at our expense.

  19. What are they teaching in schools with our taxes!?! Carl Marx must be so happy running the Democrats with their identity politics, public education and inflation.

  20. WAKE UP – Increasing government controlled programs and equalizing wealth through taxation IS SOCIALISM and that will create change . . . change that will drive the economy down and take away the American dream!. There are better more realistic solutions to the problems we face. We are a strong, independent people – STAND WITH TRUMP AND FIGHT BACK AGAINST SOCIALISM . . . . The First Step – VOTE RED to end the disfunction in Congress!!!

  21. Everyone keeps talking about money differences. What about the Bill of Rights. Socialists would have to tear the Constitution up to control us. Once they give out benefits; they will control you.

  22. Not that I want feel sorry for Biden but I think he might have the beginnings of dementia. Just another reason he shouldn’t be President. Scary!!! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸⚖️🗽

  23. Democratic Socialist is an Oxymoron. It sounds nice but ends up like Venezuela. Don’t say Canada either. It’s leader is killing the economy by letting eco terrorists and Indians control what goes on. As for Biden’s health issue. You need a brain before you can have an aneurism.

  24. Socialism has no place in America. Let our Constitutional Republic not falter… Vote President Trump 2020! Those with health issues need to retire. It shows the desperation of Democrats. Warning!

  25. American should not worried about Bernie Sanders becoming our president,,, We should worry about who’s his going to pick as vice president,, Because Sanders won’t survive the hard run this country requires…

  26. During Obama's administration I served proudly in the US Army even then I was nowhere near the position I am right now under 4 years of President Trump to buy a house finally before I am 40 years old thank you President Trump and yeah I'm buying that house in Texas and taking my red American patriotic views with me

  27. Karl Marx created His political systems in the 1800 and the System has failed everyware it was tried. Now in 2020 the 21 Century We have Bernie still proposing a system that has failed in the 1800, 1900 and now in 2000. How many more centuries must past till thies People realise Socialism is a Failure? How many more People have to suffer and die to prove its a failure?

  28. But young people have been going to schools-colleges-universities playing NFL-NHL-NBA-Base ball along with cheer leader's in rest rooms-closet lockers-discussion room's making elite-radio broadcasting motions creating avengers army saviors of religious dynasties gardens Edens for playing sports-game's. How uneducated are young millennaires working G8-G20-Y8-J8-UNYOUTH-UNDP-UNECONOMICS sales forces. They got per their own free will and ended in abomination of socialism crimson red star golden elite earthlings and NEVER HEAVENLY STARS🌌🤴🏻ME✡🕎

  29. Comrade Bernie is not a socialist. He is a full blown communist. He just does not have the fortitude to tell the truth. Typical communist, just lie then lie somemore.

  30. We need to deport Bernie Sanders to CUBA along with all the supporters. We can get rid of the Democrat rifraf all in one sweep.

  31. If Biden has had two brain Aneurysm then he has first stages of dementia. He should be removed from his duties and especially not run for President.

  32. You have communist ,socialist professors teaching our young people and this is the result , a communist heading the presidential ticket.

  33. Revelation 17:12 speaks of a one world socialist government whereby the kings of the earth will give their allegiance to the beast. The beast is the Vatican papacy. Bible prophecy will come to pass regardless of people's political views and opinions.

  34. The answer is to get federal funding out of college's and universities. Because of the federal funding they have turned into indoctrination camps, not higher education facilities. The students in federally funded colleges aren't taught to think and ANYONE can get a loan to go, even if they aren't really qualified, this creates a push to make idiots take out big loans for degrees they can't use.

  35. I was stationed in West Berlin ( located in East Germany ) during the Cold War era, I saw what life was like under Socialism ( SOVIET regime )
    My travels to East Berlin and East Germany, at shops not many goods, lack of food items at times, Talking to people, low pay $, bad health
    care ( medical eyes, Dental ) Bad constructed buildings ( apartments ) , water bad, bad roads, railroads, not clean. NO to Socialism ! GoARMY

  36. 🇮🇱Time to end Puerto Rico 🇮🇱colonialism regime before we became a republic.🇮🇱in another word The next Cuba.⛓️🔒

  37. Socialism has been used to benefit the very poor and the very rich for a long time. The middle class is waking up. They get to go bankrupt while the rich get cut a deal or even bailed out.

  38. These young boneheads we call millennials are just a bunch of lazy spoiled children that never grew up and simply don’t want to work to pay off their debt. I know a few people with masters degrees who are complete idiots.

  39. "Let Me Show You My Aneurism Collection"
    "Let me show you my bypass scars"

    "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Socialist!"

  40. Please, for the love of GOD!….stop calling Bernie a Socialist……he is not a Socialist. He is a Marxist/closet Communist. All he talks about is nationalizing huge swaths of our economy…..Healthcare, Energy, and anything else he can get his grubby commie hands on.

  41. Atlas Shrugged as "an apocalyptic vision of the last stages of conflict between two classes of humanity—the looters and the non-looters. The looters are proponents of high taxation, big labor, government ownership, government spending, government planning, regulation, and redistribution". By Ayn Rand

  42. America will either find out the hard way and turn to Socialism, or Vote in 2020 to keep Trump and the Sanity of the USA.
    Just check out all the South American Countries that failed through Socialism. Why do you think so many Latinos are pouring into America?


  44. I never thought I'd see the day, after the era of prosecuting those who were suspected of Communism by the Committee against Unamerican Activities that this would even be a question. Socialists and Communists should never be allowed to run for office but should be run out if this country.

  45. Watch how great the turn out is for young students in college voting for Bernie. They will be in the greatest numbers voting at the polls in November. They have been brainwashed by their professors to vote for Bernie and his Marxist Communist ideologies.

  46. 6 of the democratic presidential candidates are among the dumbest people I have ever seen. I don't think any one of them are smart enough to run a shoe shine stand, and make a profit. These bozos want to be the leader of the greatest country in the world. Amazing.

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