Rep. Green: Corporate tax cuts create massive increases in productivity

Rep. Green: Corporate tax cuts create massive increases in productivity

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  1. Trump is a Belial a self serving self dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  2. The Democrats, are making it all up as they move along in their charade. They also do not want a booming economy. It interferes with their plans for domination, and submission of american patriots. Their illegal alien voters will replace us…….. This is one of their goals.

  3. Increased production but the workers will never see that pay wage increase. I love how the GOP leaves important information out to continue their scam narratives.

  4. Susan Li, now with the Fox Business Network, is not oozing with
    journalistic integrity, unless its how to look more Hollywood than she does, even
    without the aid of greasy painted looking lips…

  5. What's so ironic is that you just can't make this stuff up!!! He is the biggest embarrassment of this country history. A lot of you are to shameful to admit it so you go along to get along. Any other elected official would have been tossed out by now. The Republicans are raking in massive amounts of $$$$$$ off this that's there reason for keeping him in the "STUPIDHOUSE"!!! You followers think he tough or funny. Neither, this is our great country you morons.

  6. When this is all over, Trump should make the DNC pay their constituents back for all that time and resources wasted….

  7. Yeah corporate tax work so well for productive but the thing is the money earned will never be past on to the employees but instead pocketed in the top 1%. not only is it false that it causes jobs to leave but misleading the true reason jobs leave is the corrupt unions. They raise there dues which in turn takes money away from the employees, which in turn leads to them asking for more and striking if not ,which when increased it mean production cost goes up ,which means consumers pay more and in the end the company looks to over sea production because they can no longer afford to make it here because the cost out ways the income

  8. Now it’s time to give the middle class a real tax break! I agree take the constitution as how it’s written. So, with that said, what part of “Shall not be infringed” is unclear!? All gun control laws conflict with the 2nd Amendment and need to be nullified NOW!!!

  9. Liberals: We need money for programs.
    Feds: Ok here is a few billion.
    Liberals: We need money for programs.
    Feds: Where did all the other money go?
    Liberals: We spent it all.
    Feds: Ok here is a few billion and an extra couple billion so you won't need more.
    Liberals: We need more money for programs.
    Feds: Where did the money go?
    Liberals: I don't know I was just voted in to office and all I know is we need money for programs.
    Feds: Ummm. Ok. Here is a few billion. Make it last.
    Liberals: Okay now corporate friends who needs contracts? We have a lot of money to burn. We already gave a couple percent towards the human needs. And needles to the drug addicts.
    I want to get rich like my predecessors. Therefore, we have to use up all the money and ask the feds for more. They don't really ask questions and keep giving us more money…..
    Liberals: We need more for programs and services.
    Feds: Where did all the money go that we gave you last time?
    Liberals: Oh you know inflation an extra cost and growing problems in America, errr, I mean cities. Money doesn't last forever.
    Feds: Oh ok. Gotta take care of the people. Here's a few more billion. I hope these programs work. But it seems like we've been giving money to these "programs" for decades. And politicians seem to be getting richer for some reason.
    Liberals: Well you know. It's because of capitalism, and …… we never get enough money to fill the need. People are suffering.

  10. Total B$, there is one and only one reason to increase "productivity", WHEN YOU NEED TO!! NOT when you can afford to, ANYTHING else IS PROFIT!

  11. No tax cut until the H1Bs are kicked out. The corps get the cut and hire H1Bs that price out the middle class. Then the middle class has to pay the budget difference. The little guy always gets the shaft.

  12. He's confusing productivity with jobs. The corporate tax cuts did two things: One, they allowed more companies to automate and displace workers. Second, they bought back shares.
    Read the news people. If the economy is so great, why are major companies going bankrupt or are simply closing their doors? It's a daily occurrence and this is occurring at a time of so called economic prosperity!

  13. I so sick of all the waste of our taxes. Didn't stop them from getting a raise, more than I got on my Social Security. Steal from the less what the Dems do best. Thank you President Trump for all you do. Best President we have ever had.

  14. Politicians have been enriching friends and family for decades, the process has gotten obscenely out of control. They go in broke and come out as millionaires in the guise of book deals and non profit organizations. END self serving corruption!!!

  15. Here is why we need 2.0. More jobs that were scuttled by Billy Jeff Clinton. We need people to work so I can keep my own food money and my own housing money. All of it. I don't owe any money to anyone based on THEIR misbehavior/mismanagement/promiscuity/irresposibility. With all these jobs there is no excuse for the government to steal my money.

  16. There are over 400 Bill's from the Democratics sitting on McConnell desk. Do more for the American people? Like take away women's rights? Take away food out of the mouths of children? Take away the healthcare? You mean that?

  17. If you voted for a Democrat for Congress you have to be a Communist or an idiot..Before you vote again, do your homework and research….Trump has done what Obama said was impossible..Obama, you think he is for America? Yeah right, Obama is for Obama. Did he go back to Chicago to help those people? The ones that launched his political career. No, he is a self serving scum bag, pretending to care….

  18. Louisiana has the highest sales tax in the U.S. at 10%, while ours is 20%. So, after you've paid tax on your earnings; you then have to pay tax again when you come to spend it. If you earn £50,001 here you'll pay 40% income tax, and you might be able to borrow £200,000 against that salary to buy a house/apartment; which will be a very small 1-2-3 bed property. Additionally, you'll have property tax, road tax, fuel duty and even a TV tax to pay. Despite all these taxes, the government is still facing a massive pensions crisis; because they've over-promised retirement benefits to government workers. The unions still control healthcare and education, so good luck shrinking the size of government without massive strikes by teachers and hospital staff. The only tax here that was lower is corporation tax, and Trump's now brought your's down to compete. By taxing people less, U.S. tax revenues are at record highs. So don't over-harvest your crops like a commie-farmer, or your yields will dwindle down to nothing.

  19. There should be no federal tax on a single dollar you make it so they can make 50000 then we start talking about tax and tax free income there is a tax-free income for everybody across the board Hallelujah federal government should be taxing our wealth anyway

  20. The more they said higher wages just really mean higher taxes for Washington politicians to spend on country that hate us

  21. This republican senator is a dickhead. So president trump is a king. You republicans supporters are so ridiculous if you let this happen. So the next president even a Democratic government he will be a king and once you go there you can't change it afterwards.

  22. Representative Nadler's accusation that Republican Senators are voting for a cover-up is judgmental, hurtful, and completely accurate.

  23. All these people running around creating a job for themselves in Washington DC? They are paid a salary I presume? Why would the American people want another sham meeting-matter- dollar spent on this? Let`s get to a Grand Jury now. It` makes you wonder what our countries servants do with their time?


  25. Those dems. need to give the American people their 4yrs wasted salary to us. that they've earned off us, while they've done nothing but whine, lie, and cheat…!!!!!!

  26. The plan was always to go to the Senate and lose the impeachment and then have media like the Washington Post blame republicans! Very deliberate and very divisive!

  27. So far corporate tax cuts provided more warehouses locally, thus more $14hr jobs, more technology invested into facilitiea which dissolved more jobs, and nice corporate raises…
    I am not a happy Republican right now.

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