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  1. Make no mistake- China's ambition is to rule the world! Their short & long term plan is to control the world! They have an established plan with a 30 year timeline to rule the world. Google it!

  2. Its funny that america is the only country saying that the risk cant be taken and controlled. If you know how telecom equipment works then you also know that you can keep it in check. Also these "facts" your talking about havent been proven and are only allegations at the moment. Ypu know that most of the world has already used huaweis equipment since the beginning of 4g. And to the point of funding if you are the biggest telecommunications oem and you will get alot of money. And when you put that money back into rnd youll also have the best product and cheaper manufacturing processes

  3. Ive seen ads withBill Nye, The Science Guy is pushing 5G. That proves it is a tool of the Deep State.

    Great video clip! Thanks for posting.

  4. What UK does, is not our biz. All we should do is going forward 6G, 7G. At this moment, US is behind. Deal with the true!

  5. So america blackmail if countries use Huawei. What about Cisco Apple and other companies under American influence. Wages etc in China much lower including highly technical people. Looking at the fiasco with CIA FBI etc on international interference not forgetting Biden with Ukraine. You dont believe that US government doesnt get security information on other governments from suppliers. I am actually a Trump supporter but this action is almost McCarthyism.

  6. It is not just Huawei, it is any Chinese company. By Chinese Law (and even if it would not exist) any Chinese company has to obey to the Chinese Communist Party or their management would be changed the next day by force. This is a reality on any country under dictatorial rule.

  7. How about the health threat of 5g? Aside from the threat of stealing people’s entire life through a network that tracks you completely.

    Seems like the deepstate have moved their industry to China now.

  8. I have heard that 5G is equipped with multi-frequency jamming. No surprise that the commies/socialists will do this. I will support anything that destroys communism/socialism.

  9. Keep your alien mind control grid for your own people China. We here in the USA, not interested in giving away anymore freedoms over our ability to think for ourselves. Thank you, but no thanks.

  10. … and, JTrudeau wants to give them reign over Canadian networks! Yup… that Trudeau who admires the CH gvmt because it '… can get things done quickly and easily because of their basic dictatorship…'

  11. No capitalist countries should do business with communist countries . That’s the only way to end communism in the world

  12. You would also have to examine any current or future 'smart' products used in the home or office and manufactured in China.

    The newer more invasive, far less secure and potentially unhealthy
    Wi-Fi/5g rollout, should be a concern for all of us and needs to be halted till more is known.

    Why buy from a nation that has yet to imbue trust and just keeps pushing Japan and others military in the South China Sea.

  13. Think about this; how many sci fi movies show a future world where the US and China have in some way merged? 🤔
    1) Blade Runner

  14. I had a Huawei. Thought nobody would ever steal it. 2 Saturdays ago, someone did $5000 damage to my vehicle to steal a $90 phone.

  15. The VA warned us not to access our records on any Huawei phone. Reason is there is built-in spyware to look at, copy and transmit everything that crosses our screens.

  16. The Only real threat that Huawei Had was in their Routers, and other online equipment.. Their 5G phones are No spy threat{don't forget if it's over the Air there is NO privacy}… But again I try not to buy, Made in China, Items when ever possible.. China is now making their own Ram, for computers, and it's great, if you like the Ram of 8years ago, and don't forget the Chinese Production quality standards, there is none……

  17. Closest partner and ally is Mexico. Huawei has their brand posted everywhere in Mexico city. And their goal is to dominate their weakest customers.

  18. There is a community in England that has 5G and LED street lights everywhere. There are no birds at all, the trees are dying, people are getting head aches and nose bleeds. One of the street lights with 5G was taken apart and it was proven to be a weapon. This was by a military weapon expert. It is also monitoring every move that anyone makes. You can see it on his YT channel; Anthony Steele.

  19. Ukraine is investigating the spying on Yovanovitch. The
    investigation that Trump wanted was illegal and not happening. This
    investigation needs to happen and is happening. Trump’s guilty, and it’s a
    shame that many people are blind to the facts. Open your eyes you people.

  20. Huawei can undercut their competitors not only because of "subsidies" (direct financial funding) from the Communist government, but also because of the use of forced slave labor across much of the impoverished countryside "subsidizing" an economy directly controlled by the government. This happens in China, North Korea, and many other repressive regimes around the world. Huawei should be considered as nothing more than a direct extension of the Chinese government, and therefore treated accordingly.

  21. Huawei is even more diabolical than just the financial portion of their project. They are also creating a "merit" based control system for the citizens of China and they hope the world. They did a test run of the program and they had to shut it down because it was too invasive. People can't travel, get a job, rent an apartment, or many other everyday functions in their lives if there are any negative markers in their profile. It is an Artificial God program. If this program gets installed on a global scale, we will all be slaves to a program that can't be deleted.

  22. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are irrelevant Dinosaurs
    Impeachment possible, conceivable, desirable, feasible, imaginable but not highly probable

  23. trump allows Huawei/DTE continued access. he stopped them for a short second but then let them right on going. …I guess for trade negotiation/tarifff reasons.

  24. New Zealand have rolled out 5G using Huawai. Its active now.
    Why….coz we have a fascist communist NWO leader puppet of the UN at the moment.
    The NWO and UN are fascists and communists.
    Even with all the bad Huawai news the NZ govt still decided to use them. Thats SICK!
    Lord have mercy.

  25. Worldwide freedom is at steak from China , UN army/5G/UN invention management /invention theft/colleges with DARPA grants , etc….

  26. Can anyone tell me ANYTHING that's come out of China, other than Chinese food, that was developed w/o influence from ANY western technology, that's either changed the west or contributed to the benefit of civilization? Play the Jeopardy music Alex.

  27. What Trade Deal. China got what they wanted, America is no better off Trump cannot negotiate. Look at North Korea still firing off rockets and have said they will not denuclearize No Deal There.

  28. It's bad enough that the chinese hack into our networks to steal our data, but how dumb do you have to be to actually INVITE the chinese to be part of building your new network.

  29. Oohh how dare evil DONALD TRUMP stand up to chinese unfair trade practices ? TARIFFS ? that's not fair Feinsteins chinese 401k is gonna take a hit !!

  30. I wish you would have taken that stand with CANADA,because our government as a open door policy with China. Canadian Steel Fabricators won a trade ruling against the Chinese and the Canadian Government over ruled the decision, and give the contract to a Chinese company.aka The Chinese Government

  31. I urge everyone to read Cyrus Parsa's book titled 'A.I., Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G'. Mr. Parsa met with President Trump and they discussed the dangers of what 5G may do and how China will benefit from 5G worldwide. world wide WEB and interNET because it's a TRAP.

  32. Hillary is gong to prison!  Pelosi has Alzheimer's and is a traitor to the country.    CNN and MSNBC are corrupt and use yellow journalism and are symbolisms for lies, hate, bigotry, and hypocrisy and the insects that work there are GRIFTERS.

  33. Why would anyone trust the ChiCom government or it's proxies? It is their basic goal to take over the world and bring about a global communist revolution. That has never changed.

  34. Back in the early nineties a friend with a small construction company, after having dealings with the Chinese, said: " They're all theives. " I now understand what he meant.

  35. Only WE the People can stop communism out of our lands and business that wrecks our rights.
    Chinese can dominate our freedom with this technology. Scary.

  36. Great claims but where is the proof that China can use this as a tool against us? The UK and others have researched the tech and found it to be safe from Chinese influence.The info returned to Huawei from the system is purely system related and not usage related. Any system needs to do that. If we use a US based system you can bet that the US government will be using it to gather information that you dont want them having and that is what all this is about, they want us to use a system that they can really control for their purposes not yours!

  37. If we don't step up our game in the tech sector for the next century we will end up far behind China. However they achieve it they are ahead on the world stage in 5G, subsidies or not. They have the 2nd most powerful economy right now. It is up to us to compete and take this seriously for our very future.

  38. My concern is not Huawei, my concern is other companies that are basically exactly the same just under different names, or companies like Apple and Samsung using compromised hardware and software built in chinese factories. 🙁

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