Rep. Gaetz: I hope we get through this national nightmare ASAP

Rep. Gaetz: I hope we get through this national nightmare ASAP

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  1. Call witness just to point fingers and say Oooo: this person started it and he also dit something, ore he's soon dit mabey something Rong. You cant🙈🙉

  2. Tucker, you're such a clown! It's been reported for weeks Dan bongino BCP Only American News that's exactly what they're doing they knocked Bernie out of 2016 trying to knock him down again.

  3. "I hope we get through this national nightmare ASAP"
    November 3 will be here soon. Don't worry. Then we have to sit through 2 months of complaining until January 20 2021 and it will REALLY all be over (4 years was enough. We gave him a chance…)

  4. I was wondering which one was on top and I guess it may be Carlson. He wouldn't want to mess his hair by playing bottom-boy.

  5. The National nightmare we are dealing with is not the joke of impeachment it is the fact that 3 years after the election we still haven't made a single public step in bringing to justice the Traitors in our Government who attempted to steal that election.

    Edit: The reason they are tanking Sanders is to keep Biden as a viable candidate (as viable as a kid sniffing dementia patient can be) so that he cans use this election as a shield from criminal prosecution.

  6. I am right again, McConnell is employing Barrs advice of LIMITED SCOPE in the senate trial that worked so well in confirming Kavanaugh and hiding the bulk of the Mueller report, LIMIT documents and witnesses to make sure no new allegations pop up. What this means is democrats need to get into all front page newspapers that this is McConnells strategy and how it wrongfully helped get Kavanaugh confirmed and the Mueller report reduced to an inaccurate 4 page summary. It is unbelievable that Americans want a fair trial and one person, McConnell, can stop it from being a fair trial. No new evidence supporting the impeachment articles is allowed to be presented.

  7. The Biden’s have nothing to do with Trumps phone call. I’m not saying they didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not against Trump… But he didn’t care about corruption in Ukraine. He wanted dirt on the Biden’s plain and simple. I’m upset with Trump being so dumb to have done this,after getting out of the Russian collusion deal.

  8. Well Gaetz, the soonest possible way to end our national nightmare is to remove trump from office. Why prolong the nightmare?

  9. President Trump is the hero of politics action,God is with you PRESIDENT Trump,the more they misused their position and abused how they mis, used the laws they created, because they did it to Destroyed innocent people and threaten victims of politics action,and they violated God's law.
    Wake up the Country and Nations leaders and high position people are bringing curse to the Country and Nations, PRESIDENT Trump this your domain

  10. The reason POO POO POLOSI sat on the so called IMPEACHMENT TISSUE PAPER she wad harrassing REPUBLICANS too VOTE with the DEMON CRAPS
    STEP UP‼‼‼

  11. 1-202-224-3121
    This morning I called the above number (DC Senate BLDG) to leave a message for my Senator to END the waste of taxpayer dollars on the Impeachment DEBACLE! If you feel the same way and have a phone/computer and 3 minutes, I urge you to call or email your own Senators. Be aware that the Dems have absolutely NO intention of stopping their calculating and coordinated attempts to remove President Trump from office. Please do what you can to defeat their coup de'tat.

  12. 👋Well Matt voting with the democrats like you did won’t get the job done ! Are you one of the traitors who tell the American people one thing on tv . And do the opposite ?

  13. This National nightmare…. Will continue as long as we hv A H demonRats always starting Sh*T against the ppl and our duely elected President!

  14. DNC = RICO statutes!
    I realize that it's fraught with contextual difficulty, but here in the lab, you could be forgiven for making that leap!

  15. Poor US Senators…10-12 hour days?!?
    I see The Turtle's evil plot. The Dimm Senators will agree to ANYTHING to stop the madness of working over two or three hours!

  16. I see the Comments section is full of Russians again. It's the same on MSNBC and CNN mind you; only the message is the opposite one. Putin will do anything to sow discord in this country. Try hard not to be fooled.

  17. Remember the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true"… Unfortunately, that has become my opinion of Matt Gaetz. et tu Brute!?! Let's watch and see if he throw's his hat in the ring for a Presidential run in the next couple of months…

  18. Everyone is totally missing the point of what McConnell is trying to doing.

    Republican senators are not trying to “cover up” for Trump at the trial, it’s too late for that because there’s almost nothing left to cover up. Everything has come out and the evidence is damning against Trump. And McConnell doesn’t care if Americans watch the trial or not.

    What McConnell is doing is setting up a scheme by which the Republican senators (as senator jurors) can find Trump “not guilty” despite the evidence showing his guilt, and to acquit him without the senators technically breaking the law themselves because they can’t deliberate and give a not guilty verdict of the evidence shows he’s guilty.

    You see, in a court, you can only deliberate and reach a verdict (guilty or not guilty) on the evidence that has been admitted to trial. Judges explain that to jurors all the time, that they can only deliberate based on the evidence which was presented at trial. Jurors can’t take into consideration any evidence that wasn’t admitted or was deemed inadmissible.

    Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. All the evidence from the congressional hearings and the new evidence since then, including Parnas’ and the GAO ruling Trump violated the law, is all water right against Trump to secure his conviction. And therein lies the problem for Republican senators.

    The real reason Mitch McConnell is trying to exclude all the evidence is because if the evidence is successfully prevented from formally being admitted into the trial stage, the Republican senator jurors can technically find the defendant “not guilty” on the evidence available at trial.

    It is a scheme to save the senators from breaking the law when they acquit Trump of something he is guilty of. Otherwise, they would be breaking the senate impeachment trial oaths that they swore and signed.

    This needs to be explained to everyone on every news network to shame the senators into doing the right thing, to get at least four Republican senators to vote to allow evidence and witnesses.

  19. By doing trial in Senate the Upper House will show, that the impeachment articles had some reason, because it was necessary to evaluate them in trial. In this way Senate will take responsibility for fake impeachment. It is extremely important to show every single person on Earth, that the impeachment is false, that there is no base for any trial, both in Congress and in Senate – in this way dems could be punished in the future for fake impeachment articles, and all shame will belong to them. Senate should not agree to trial, and should reject the articles as soon as possible. Imagine, that after period of time Pelosi and the rest of „Happy bunch” would be accused for obstruction of power, justice, Constitution – their weapon against accusations would be that Senate decided to make trial, so there was a reason to do that trial and they are not guilty, part of the responsibility for fake impeachment will belong to Senate. This is the reason why they insist since months to do trial in Senate.

  20. Let's get rid of this mess! ASAP! I can assure you all my fellow citizens if someone does not end this mess soon,,,no decent Republican will ever run again.

  21. What liars!!! I can’t stomach this filth and lies! They better know that we are watching. They’ll get voted out!

  22. Gop hypocrites are covering up for a criminal president gaetz and all the others are traitors
    Mr chaos the criminal in the white house should have been gone since the lester holt interview and giving vlassofied information to the russians in the white house dump is a total idiot and only his supporters are dumber




  24. The whole body of awake people cant wait for this to end with a complete expunging of this from Trump's legacy. Best outcome.


  26. If you ever had a doubt that this country is not founded on democracy, this impeachment trial and the DNC appointing their next nominee for President is proof positive it doesn't exist like it should. You have a handful of low-level bureaucrats who are trying to control the whole process instead of the PEOPLE in this country making those decisions. THIS MUST STOP! This goes on far more than people realize in this country. It's goes on in the Federal, state and local levels. They can't keep Bernie Sanders in a "cage" in Washington. They can't silence millions of people in this country for who they want to occupy the White House. The size of your bank account and who your connections are to keep the con going is NOT the foundation of what our forefathers set this country up to operate. There are a handful of people at the top who have hijacked the entire concept of democracy and skewed it into a sickness. THIS MUST END FOR THIS COUNTRY TO SURVIVE AND ITS CITIZENS TO MOVE FORWARD!

  27. Gates help create this "nightmare" by voting with the dems , he lost a lot of credibility by doing that. I don't want to hear nothing else from him!

  28. "national nightmare" started 3 years ago when an inept was placed in the White House. Number 45 only thinks about himself and self promotion, and the GOP felt for it…. now they need to blindly defend the guy.

  29. Demoturds are lying cheating smearing slandering anti-American illegal loving obstructionist Hypocrites PERIOD! Most EVIL entity on Earth! Tick Tock…..

  30. Gaetz …after his vote he cares more about his constituents than the country…can't be trusted…what a disappointment.

  31. It is simple and obvious. The Demo rats have no evidence of any crime, or impeachable offense. They basically are violating their Oath of Office and the Constitution by their illegal actions trying to overturn the 2016 Presidential election and Rig the 2020 election! the illegal criminal activity is called Subversion of our government and is being done for many years on many fronts by the Demo rats! Criminal Cabal is RIGHT !!

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  33. This Gaetz guy is one of those clowns who are destroying the Party. Why FOX is giving to him any airtime at all is a mystery to me. Is FOX in cahoots with the Russians to sow discord that results in this chaos? It seems so. Is this Murdoch character actually a foreign agent? Why else is FOX doing this to us?

  34. I love you Mr Gaetz you're doing an awesome job and I've tried to include you along with other Republicans that are doing an awesome job but I can't remember all y'all's names I apologize but the true people of America love you all I appreciate y'all and everybody will know that when there's a red wave in 2020

  35. Matt Gaetz you are a fraud, you pose as a republican and pretend to be Trumps left hand man, yet you stabbed him in the back you are nothing less than a Pelosi Minion. Just Sayin we all see your true colors buddy you bleed blue.

  36. Can you believe this? They have one more article to charge Trump with, and he's actually guilty. It's Wednesday and Trump dropped a piece of paper. I knew they'd find something that he was actually guilty of if they looked hard enough…..

  37. Trump Derangemnent Syndrome has spread throughout the Democratic Party like wildfire. Call the Center for Disease Control. Have them set up Republican Registration Tents nearby. The only cure for TDS is to register as a Republican.

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