Rep. Doug Collins says House Dems didn’t do their job

Rep. Doug Collins says House Dems didn’t do their job

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  1. if White House can just ignore all the subpoenas of Congress, the oversight is just a meaningless call; that could never have been the intention of founding fathers. But again: no one is above the law.

  2. That's what exactly President Trump intended Democrat to impeach him so he could prove to American how political partisan hack Democrats are. I would say Nancy Pelosi you did President Trump a favor, thank you for making him president again.

  3. soap opera formulas never change.
    (……….i don't care what you do ..convict, don't convict…)
    …….tomorrow if it is allowed,
    the sun will rise,
    and i will continue.

  4. So the offense is tampering with an election and we are supposed to wait a year for the courts to rule on ignoring congressional subpoenas when the next election is less than a year away. Sure, that makes as much sense as no witnesses because this is all a hoax and witnesses will only exonerate the president so we don't want them.

  5. the Pentagon held up the aid because of the fact that Joe Biden announced on TV that he demanded that they fire the investigator investigating the company . President Trump had nothing to do with holding up the aid the Pentagon chose to hold the aid until they got down to the truth because they cannot relinquish aid to a country that is carrying on criminal activity.

  6. Guys…you need a parliament like the Brits… that crooks like Schiff and low Ix people like Maxine Waters get called out immediately. You cannot go on like this…your governmental system is becoming a joke around the world

  7. Dingle: our heads were spinning

    So did you abstain from voting for impeachment because you didn’t understand what was going on?

    Dingoes: no I voted yes

  8. My understanding is as a citizen running for president there is nothing wrong with asking Russia to help me become president BUT as the current United States of America's President you can not ask Ukraine to help nor China.

  9. Hey, Fox! I'm going to tell you right now…I'm tired of having to save the world with my brilliantly incisive comments concerning this money laundering scheme by the Dems.

  10. You know what's nice about President Trump? He's Not a Politician! HE'S A PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE
    Trump gets things done while the Children Democraps 💩 play on the Playground! Wheeeee! Trump decides what he wants the FAKE Media to talk about by sending out a morning tweet like Throwing a BONE to a Pack of DOGS, then he goes about the PEOPLE'S Business! CNN MSNBC = FAKE NEWS Go TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Go TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  11. You don't get to say "too late" when the smoking gun has been found in such a controversial trial! Bet they would love that.

  12. We are in a deep troubled state in this country, thanks to the Democrat hypocrites and their push to fundamentally transform America into something it was never intended to be in the first place.

  13. A hand written letter on hotel stationary is not exactly smoking gun evidence you DEMONIC MORONS. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  14. Um did any of his law professors ( Hoyer ) instruct him on what " Due Process " is? The accused doesn't bear the burden of proving he's innocent, that's why it's called beyond a reasonable doubt. The Democrats moving the goal posts again

  15. Go away shill! Sorry, Congresswoman shill! The House had every chance but they decided to rush pell mell toward rapid impeachment. Now, after Pelosi's boorish golden pen press debacle, you want to change the Senate rules. Too bloody late.
    We will go with schumer's 1998 plan & that is that. Sorry, you knucklehead's mis- played your hand and you now will have to deal with it. Or…maybe DeNiro's lingering, whining, little girl tirades will affect the legislature's actions. Probably not! That clown has not been relevant since 1990. When will the democrats that understand the American people reestablish some power in party? I don't see it!

  16. Collins, you're a hack. Witnesses and documents were subpoenaed but Drumpf refused to respond. This is only done when someone is trying to hide facts. Encourage Drumpf to resign for any reason, health, guilt and pledge never to hold a government office again.

  17. Let's move the impeachment procedures to Massachusetts, where the real witchhunt trails ariganated from,.even after Trump's clears all the accusations of high crimes and misterminers, Nancy and Chuck and Adam are going to lie,cry, and steal,from there own party and blame it on Trump,even dogs stop chasing there tails after years of never getting it

  18. It is NOT Whistle blower…It's Whistle Leaker. The ICIG WILL have to answer for his egregious changing of procedural rules.

  19. Aren't the demonrats trying to divide Washington into multiple states to increase their officials (without election) to flood the house with demonrat members so as to have a majority in each house?
    ps. even Pelosi's teeth hate her, as they are trying to escape every time the witch speaks.
    pps. hey Bill Barr investigate Pelosi' deal with Visa!!!!!!

  20. The House no longer has any say in the process. That ended when they handed the case over to McConnell. They know that.
    Slap Nancy's filthy paws.

  21. I don't get people they complain about how bad America is getting crappy and we need a change…we finally got a president that got things back on track and people still complain… it's sad how people let their puppet masters the Democrats pull their strings…

  22. There will be an acquittal. President Trump did not commit an impeachable offense. We MUST vote out dems and get back the house. Dems are and have always been a threat to America.

  23. Bunch of jokers laughing at us from both so called political parties.. I think we should get rid of all and start from scratch

  24. This isn't most instances,the house gets TREATED exactly like Republicans were treated! It's not like their not gonna quit crying or do it again, F them, maybe their should have been fairness in the first part,THERE WAS NONE,SO YOU GET NONE,FAIR IS FAIR AND NOT FAIR IS UNFAIR,BUT YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW,after all, they knew about Parnes and now if Republicans will help him get out of trouble he will spill the beans on Biden, REPUBLICANS have Proof,they don't need him for anything, besides he is a we'll know liar and con man,at first he personally knew TRUMP,now he's only seen him on T.V.,give me a break,he could probably tell them there's ocean front in Colorado,lol,and they'd beleive it, Faker!

  25. Do they really make their own rules as this goes along? Can't wait for REAL AMERICANS to vote the Dems out once and for all. Trump exposed the swamp time for us to pull the plug

  26. Well I think the house actually produced quite a bit of incriminating evidence and testimony and that's while dealing with the refusal of documents from the Whitehouse and as a republican voter I am very interested in what those documents may show!! Unlike almost my entire party I'm not eating the bait this Whitehouse is throwing at me and since I'm not replying on my parties votes , I can say everything that Mr Collins can not!!!!?!

  27. Collins is a fast talking hack, his mouth moves way beyond the speed of rationality. I still need to say…Thank you for your service Doug.

  28. Steny Hoyer " Trump given every chance to "PROVE" his innocence"? PROVE innocence? For what crime?
    According to this corrupt idiot " Every opportunity " doesn't include having your attorney present, cross examination of hostile and non firsthand witnesses, interviews of alleged victims, the right to face your accuser, fact and material witnesses recusing themselves as investigators and legitimate house representatives (who will be voting against the accused, and so forth.

  29. These democrats were in such a hurry they thought they had it in the bag..Pelosi is wanting to be President so bad 😂god these democrats are so bloody unhinged..the pens were bought by the tax paying voters that voted for Trump WOW

  30. The house should have taken the time to follow the legal procedures.
    The job of the Senate is to judge the results of the Houses investigations not do the investigations for them.

  31. The Burned of proof is Not for the Accused, it is the Accusers! Sounds like someone needs to go back to Law school, even Lay people know that!

  32. Trump gets money from Russia, through the NRA! Then he has pro Russian Ukranians give him more money on top of having them follow our Ambassador! Now instead of investigating Biden, the Ukrainians have opened an investigation into Trump's pro Russian creeps who followed our Ambassador! The traitors are being uncovered from their hiding places! This is bad news for all you traitor lovers! Don't like freedoms granted by Democrats? Move to Russia where you belong! We'll take the Russians that hate Russia, and they can have the Americans who hate America!

  33. 3:24 explains the Democrats warped sense of justice. In our system of laws you do not prove your innocence. It is soley upon the prosecution to prove your guilt. There's zero evidence of President Trump committing a crime. This is a complete sham and the Democrats will be remembered for their treasonous actions!

  34. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler rushed the investigation. If they wanted more witnesses they should have went through the judicial branch of our government to get them.

  35. Hopefully she’ll croak off like that sorry old b astard husband John did. Worthless traitors and commies the whole family.

  36. What do you think the dems are doing with red flag laws, saying a person is threat for owning a gun with no proof, because the dems are anti america, and pro communism.

  37. There must be something in the water. People are insane. If this coup where in Brazil, the participants would have be arrested, charged, and most likely executed. The so- called Democratic Party is a Marxist communist organization intent on bringing down the United States of America. Plain and simple. It's like watching a horror flick but I can't turn it off. You people are totally insane. The Republicans are the only ones playing by the rules.
    Maybe this is like the global warming thing. People think that passing laws or forcing someone to stop saying "there is no global warming", that some how they can stop the sun from going through it's normal solar cycles.

  38. No Democrat has done their job since President Trump has taken office !
    They're even trying to take away the Constitution and your civil rights! this is what Martin Luther King was fighting for your civil rights and the Constitution !

    Prove me wrong on that part !?!?

  39. ITs the same crap they did to Kavanaugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The house didn't do their job, not the Senates job to do what they didn't!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I have a question. If democrat congress says they need more witnesses or this will be a half baked senate trial, why did they impeach Our President? If they need more witnesses, how did they find Trump guilty in the House?

  41. Nobody cares about what Collins thinks. You're not in the majority anymore. Democrats have the say in the House. Deal with it!

  42. The democrats have been trying to frame DJT for 3 years & been trying to sabotage the Republican party for 11 years. Lock them up.

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