Rep. Collins says Pelosi is deceiving the American people

Rep. Collins says Pelosi is deceiving the American people

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  1. Obama has been quiet, too quiet. Obama knows the doj is closing in. Obama is using the democrats in Congress to muddy the waters in hopes to delay his impending indictment as well as confuse the American people. It won't work.

  2. Well…
    It is painfully obvious, that the republicans don’t think that the opposition has any right to question the republicans.
    Law and order …😝
    It pains me to see the country go down the toilet 🚽…
    Maybe in a few years, we will have the UA of A breaking up… because of this.
    And Mr. Murdoch does play a vital role.

  3. I bet they never thought he'd release the transcript cuz now they're all scrambling saying that they're hiding stuff from the transcript it's almost laughable but not

  4. There's a name for what the Democrats are doing not in the light of day in the open but behind closed doors in the dark, and that word is WEASELS!!!!🙉🙈🙊🤡💩 attempting a COUP!!

  5. If people believe the Dem. They are as stupid. It is time for Dem. To start using their brains. You k how those things they claim they have that supposedly put them above the conservatives. Lol. They are stupid. Their piece of paper means nothing if their aren't a sent of brains behind it.

  6. Joe Bidens brother is also being sued for fraud and theft of intellectual property. Nice….military tribunals are in your future. Good luck

  7. Sleepy biden lets talk about your participation and your crooked son hunters participation in high crimes. I am certain we as a country would love to find out a lot of intetesting and underhanded crap you both have done. We the people will get to the bottom of your illegal B. S. Vote trump 2020. Drain the swamp creatures in washington and take that shifty schiff and underground criminal nancy pelosi with them.

  8. Unfair=Illegal=
    insurrection (DNC Assasination Rhetoric, attempts, FF etc. Antifa et al)
    n. The act or an instance of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government.

  9. What is Trump hiding in his taxe return? Why is Trump entire familly member of the US administration? That is pure nepotism? Why is that allowed?

  10. Wrong, Biden! To impeach a president, one must state the crime he has committed. List the statute, charge THEN indict him in the house, and CONVICT him in the Senate under the Federal Criminal Cose of
    You have to use the impeachment process because if and when the president breaks the law, he’s immune from prosecution as long as he is seated.
    You can’t use impeachment solely as a political tool. If you cannot convict him, then don’t bother charging and indicting him (impeachment).

  11. Hey “Octopus Hands” Biden you have a nerve talking about what President Trump is suppose to have done when you actually did what you and Shi__y Schiff accused President Trump of and you even bragged about it on TV at the CFR. President Trump didn’t break any laws based on the Treaty with the Ukraine Government and the United States in 1999. Just because all you D£ms try to pretend that the Treaty doesn’t exist doesn’t make it so. Old man Biden and his son Hunter are cr👀ks no matter how much they pretend they aren’t. They both committed crimes and profited from silent backdoor deals with the previous Ukrainian President and with China while Biden was Secretary of State just like H👁l_L👁@R_y did. So, if he thinks President Trump should be impeached for supposedly breaking the law (which Trump didn’t and the transcript shows he didn’t) the there should be considerable consequences for what he and his son did while joe was Vice President of the United States. There is no valid excuse for your profiteering in both the Ukraine and China. What you consider is good for President Trump is good for you you scumbag!!

  12. What Biden is saying is that a President should be impeached for what “ he might do “. The thought police are running for the next Presidency.


  14. Biden is an idiot to think that he can completely disacknowledge that he himselfdid what they are trying to blame President Trump for. I believe biden and his boy are crooks.

  15. So what happens when due process is not given? Can any of this be taken seriously? Can president sue Congress? What rights do American citizens have? Besides yelling fowl play?

  16. Pelosi like so many of the rich elite politicians are disgusting They know little to nothing about the Constitution Pelosi should be removed from her position

  17. Fox News: Please tell Trump to investigate the Congress for these 21 trillions of debt:
    Who did what and for whose interests and beneficiaries in exchange of what?

  18. I wonder how much trouble they're having with keeping Pelosi's medications and alcohol usage at just the right levels through this "process" and how long it will be before she breaks down again?

  19. What about what biden and family have done? biden and family need to be impeached from life. Get a job and stop stealing from us!

  20. Democrats believe they are above the law and above the people's choice. What they are not aware of is that the people can also bring them down

  21. What was the first clue that Pelosi was deceiving the American people? Was it when she stood in front of cameras the other night and literally lied on Schiffs behalf? Hahaha all we can hear is circus music. Secret hearings, parodies of actual transcripts, covering for one another on the daily, but yes we're supposed to believe that our PRESIDENT is going to be impeached by these seditious mongrels.

  22. Palosi : "we're going to impeach"
    Trump : "I want to know on what"
    P : "yeah we're not gonna tell you"
    T: "Nancy you are obstructing me"
    P: "we're not gonna vote either"
    T: "Fine, I'm not gonna tell either"
    P: "look look he's obstructing my obstruction so NOW we have something to impeach…"
    Nancy, as a US Veteran, tax payer, and voter,….. UN-F*CK yourself and your base, you can't build a case AFTER you've tried the person behind closed doors.

  23. How Many Treasonous AMERICAN Crimes Pelosi is allowed to do before dragging the witch to the pit in Hell? Is their any amount you can get away with?

  24. You not have ground or light to impeachment’s here the follows

    WRITE -ORDER The Mandamus Capacity.

    I Forest B write to order ask for release all documents to public American have all rights to know the hitting malicious materials, this must tacking act by any courts have rights to enforcement due from victims and Civil constitutional has repeatedly violated .

    My write from 2012 Judicially under the exdream situation I used the laws said the
    SUBJECT MATTER ( MANDAMUS CAPACITY) Democratic CANOT COME UP FOR THE ANSWERS BY PRESIDENT BARACK H OBAMA unanswered for EIGHT ( 8 ) yrs My write to all court order to Judicially to acts under this form of power and I can move any case to any appropriate location in the jurisdiction around of country.

    This tittle WRITE IS ISSUE A ORDER AGAIN UNDER THE MANDAMUS CAPACITY. Power of order to judicial and any Gov agencies as well to booth congress.

    Declaration my power write to legal system
    WRITE 1 st. Release those document
    to public .

    WRITE. 2: nd ours duty official President Trump, and Donal J Trump or Mr Trump CANOT discharge or subject for impeachment due have not.committed crimes witch locked of ground or LIGHT TO IMPEACHABLE, witch is not to subjected ( light or ground ) from any unlawful authority to threaten President .in publicly threats to arresting Trump or Donal Trump and President Trump to assassination I granting my POWER WRITE TO ARRESTING THOSE INDIVIDUALS AS SUBJECT TO PRISON TURN
    This cannot be violated or ignores This a first condemned laws in USA. Please to visit the ( MANDAMUS CAPACITY WRITE ORDER ).

  25. Release all documents how Democratic contradictories offense so much includes national security outing AMERICA FOR SALES

  26. Well Biden if that's not the pot calling the kettle black. If I were Biden I would keep my mouth shut about impeaching anyone.

  27. Who conducts secret trials??? In Congress??? The ds via the Dems are showing the world what they intend to do to every citizen, if they are allowed to establish their nwo.

  28. Joe Biden said nothing in his speech. The checks and balances of the socialist communist party is clear. There is no checks and balances. It is sham. Do not cooperate with the sham.

  29. Lies, endless lying.
    2016 to present history will call this The (US) Humiliation Years. Y'all need to spot spewing hatred it's unAmerican.

  30. Pelosi is holding out till after the election hopping that they steal enough seats to push it through, only problem is that in the process they are digging up their own misdeeds. Which hopefully people aren't too blind to see.

  31. Dem. librals in Gov't or out in everyday life all act the same way. Sneaky and underhanded, lying and covering up their own misdeeds. I know because I grew up within one and that is how they acted all my life. This whole impeachment thing they are trying to pass off and the way they are handling it is out of an old playbook. It may look as though they are winning but it all catches up with them. They cant keep the lies straight.

  32. Upstanding and forthcoming Nancy Pelosi is only exposing the truth about criminal bastard TRUMP, who is stonewalling every effort to get to the truth, stopping HONEST people from testifying while continuing to hide his INCRIMINATING TAX RETURNS…The Trump Crime Family is defrauding you DUMB AMERICAN PEOPLE

  33. I really wish they would quit reporting this as seeking assistance in the 2020 election. Quit giving time to that bogus statement. It’s misleading and needs to stop being said.


  35. Biden says President Trump should be impeached… that's rich, especially coming from Creepy Uncle Joe.!!
    Pot, meet kettle.

  36. Ok, so picture this…. You or I are hired to do a particular job, let's say to make widgets. Instead of making widgets, a group of employees decides to spend ALL THEIR COMPANY TIME undermining the factory manager for their own gain. The company owner turns the other cheek while a small group threatens the company's existence. We, the people ARE the owners. Adam Schiff and his group are supposed to be making widgets, that's what they were hired for and are getting paid to do. I say DO YOUR JOB while you are on the clock. Use your personal time and personal resources to put on your little show. If they can't multi-task, they need to be fired. If they were doing their job along with this ridiculous charade, there wouldn't be much anyone could say about them. We, the people WILL have the final word. Election time can't come fast enough for me. I'm sick of the lies and rumors, do your job.

  37. The GOP, Trump and Hannity are dead to me. I was fooled by Nixon, whom I voted for, and now betrayed again not only by a Republican POTUS, but by the entire GOP. I've voted a straight GOP ticket for 40 years now… never again. Answer me this question: "Why has Russia, after over 2 years, not yet paid for their crimes against the USA in the 2016 election?". The lies of FOX actors such as Hannity are literally treasonous. Trump must go, but more importantly Russia MUST pay!

  38. then why was you not impeached from be vice President, when you where in that office for your pay to play, was it because of a Corrupt ADMIN.And who was president then.

  39. I think what Joe meant to say was the President should be impeached because he poses a threat to my criminal activities and the criminal activities of the Democratic Party

  40. Biden you are worthless. You are as bad as Pelosi and Schief. Why are not the Republicans up in arms about this dog and pony show??? What ever happened to due process? It is like going into court and you only have procecuters and your told.. you can't have a defense attorney.

  41. WHEN is HILLARY going to JAIL ??

    Hillary FOR PRISON
    2 0 2 0
    Make America even better.

  42. Heheheh, did you notice Biden's 'BRAINLOCK' MOMENT..Hahahaha..trying to 'harangue ' our President…Hahahaha..what a laugh!(Sad part is,if he's nominated for their party, people will 'VOTE FOR HIM !'..)

  43. Due process doesn't exist with the Democratic 'puppets '(of the Globalist cabal..)..This whole 'impeachment charade' against our President is all about 2020!..BY HOOK OR BY CROOK is their (Dems..) motto 'behind closed doors ' any means necessary (to hell with the constitution and the public..)These treasonous cowards do not care about the American people as is evidenced by their total disregard of lawful procedures!

  44. I just found out sciff sister married George Soros son an more I found out about these Democrats I believe they all should be charged with contempt an any other crime they have committed.

  45. Revolution in American time to take our country back from these corrupted politicians and the deep state globalist democrats socialists communist

  46. Biden you are Corrupt you and your son need to leave the USA before you can't you old fool you think we don't know what you done .go before we put you in prison

  47. Biden Karma caught up with Cunningham. You and Pelosi are next. Karma will take Nadler and Waters next. The Almighty has seen enough. Your day of reconning is fast approaching.

  48. This Coup would have been put down already if?this happened in any other country. We are to politically correct to call a spade a spade.

  49. Biden's only remaining purpose is to keep the light of day off of more viable dem candidates. He is now just a colorful and loud decoy. When he figures that out he will go back to eating junk food, drinking more scotch, and not brushing his teeth.

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