Rep. Buck on impeachment: Schiff had his opportunity and he blew it

Rep. Buck on impeachment: Schiff had his opportunity and he blew it

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  1. My question is: if it is found that there is no crime committed and President Trump is found not guilty, does that erase any impeachment title?

  2. Pelosi, nadler, schiff shummer and their corrupt cronies should be sued by the people and made to pay for all this nonsense out of their own pockets. TREASONOUS TRAITORS.

  3. Pelosi as Lindsey maybe religious to her own self made God but then tell me what bible does she believe in? Where and who does she get her spiritual guidance from? ..Must be the voices in her own head.

  4. Schiff calls witnesses but it's too late and people get sick and tired on Impeachment. Meanwhile Senate Judiciary committee may respond by calling Hunter Biden and faked whistleblower.

  5. The dims know executive privilege is valid. They would have lost in court. Now they lie and whine. Give them nothing.

  6. Thank you Schiff for standing on morals, dignity and principles. Our democracy can't survive w/o u & Democrats who are the moral authority in this country. God Bless Patriots Democrats

  7. Appreciate Liz & Rep. Buck! Most dems have no regard for truth, facts, integrity b/c "the end justifies the means."

  8. Shifty Schiff is the worst! Trump is the best! Demos are lost — no platform — no candidates — no case: they only have their lies. Shifty is a criminal in my opinion — violating the rights of not just Trump, but all Americans! A Traitor?

  9. Especially the Bidens. This request for investigating the Bidens carries an even more crucial level of investigation because it is involving a very high level US politician. That Biden was that stupid is not Trumps fault. When you are a potential President of the USA and you allow this level of corruption to infiltrate your family and create access to the highest level of national power, most definitely needs to be weeded out NOW!!!! So yes we need to know how Ukraine was courrpt and who they were being corrupt with…and if it is a potential President of the USA then hell yeah we need to find that out ASAP!

  10. Being a "religious" person means little…'s just following an organized church's script. If she isn't a follower of Jesus himself
    Pelosi has nothing…..and the fruits of her bahavior certainly bear that.

  11. Schiff is trying to start a revolution in our government along with Pelosi, Omar, Waters, and Schumer Biden should bow out if he would use his influence as vise-President who knows what he would do as President.

  12. The damage HAS been done……………. This will NEVER go away. It's pure Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Bolsheviks/Jacobin (Democrats) have adequately succeeded in permanently poisoning the well, dividing the nation EVEN more. The Bolshevik/Jacobin plan IS working. They will NEVER let this go and just you watch……., will continue to push this to NO END.

  13. President Trump is SUPPOSED to force Ukraine to look into the massive fraud that Joe Biden & Son bragged on video about committing in Ukraine. That is exactly the kind of criminal activity that our president is mandated to prevent. It's his job and he's doing it very well. Don't impeach Trump, give him an award for reducing international crime.

  14. I think the cash is out of the bag the people now no about so much corruption in house they need to clean it up that's why they are so afraid of trump he's a theat to there way of life it's not business as usual they don't want to lose what they have which is a pretty good life being in government is a great life once your in your in that's not fare to the rest of us we live in shame I'm disabled I worked all my life and now I can't pay attention it's just not fare

  15. Screw the Democrats they have been doing the American people for years and now it coming to lite they will dissmiss the case so it won't come out and that sucks it's not about Mr trump it's about what they stand to lose and that's sucks

  16. The democrats are doing everything,
    1. lying through the news about conservatives,
    2. Planning mass voter fraud to win elections (already happened, thankfully they failed) they will do it bigger in 2020. Where is voter ID?
    3. Planning and already committing mass shootings to try and influence change to your second amendment. Yes.
    4. They brainwash and indoctrinate your kids and students at colleges to Marxism and teach that "white man bad and America bad."
    5. They take over Hollywood, putting liberal leftists politics into movies (subtley) just pay attention, you will notice it.
    6. The list goes on and on… THEY ARE AT WAR with you, and do you even know it?🤔🤔

  17. If President Trump should be impeached for what the Democrats says he was doing then Ex Vise President Biden should be disqualified because he did worse by interfering in a criminal investigation involving his son.

  18. The democrats see it this way: if by some miracle they can get rid of the President, the Biden matter can be swept under the carpet, killing two birds with one stone.


  20. Since there is no crime presented, this must be adjudicated as an attempt to overthrow a sitting president and constitutes treason. The driving people in this sham need to be hung so that this does not happen to another president. Rules changed to allow hearsay testimony need to reversed to accept only first hand evidence.

  21. It needs to all come out we the American people deserve that much they ly about 911 bengazi syria.who nos what else has happen we don't no the half of it I bet spying on Americans lying to get warrents to get ride of our duely elected president how can they think they can get away with it what would have happened to us if Mr trump didn't run .our country would be so bad thank you Mr trump for your service God has to have his hand in this it just unreal it's like a bad movie politics are do corrupt it's sad some of them are there to help make it better for the American people it only takes a few bad apples to spoil a pie but we let this happen American have woken up and now maybe it will get better I hope so maybe my kids kids will have a better life .please God help our country give Mr trump a path of truth to follow and God bless hiß family these are strange times .I'm almost 60 I've never seen it so bad .sometime I can't sleep.amen

  22. Every time someone, anyone says anything affirmative to Trump or Republicans fair process, democrats immediately declare those individuals must recuse themselves… DEMOCRATS MUST BE IMPEACHED… They are abusing and destroying the American constitution, rule of law and simple ethics and due process!
    These democrats don't give a toss about law or common civility or common sense! They are crazed and they are frantic in their attempt to stall their OWN exposure of corruption and criminality to the American people. They are well and truly screwed.

  23. I am beyond sick of all this. There is no valid justification for this impeachment. It has been a witchhunt from the beginning. The dems should all lose their jobs. They need a cease and desist order to leave Trump alone.

  24. Mr. Cruz: Bidens don’t need an investigation during an impeachment process. Do an investigation into Biden corruption separately though, by all means. Long overdue. Start shining a light there and don’t be surprised at even more cockroaches from the Obama administration scurrying for cover. It takes more than one term to create a swamp this deep and make it systemic in the federal government FOR YEARS with the full cooperation of beltway media coverage, ignoring or spinning swamp secrets. Don’t forget the boysther’s would praise us for. Get involved. Be a truth-seeker then spread the word.

  25. Thank you Senator Cruz! You’re exactly right. His Oath of Office requires him to do that. And yes, it is bad. If they fail here, it won’t stop, unless they are arrested.

  26. Like a drowning man the dems have no way of beating Trump in November anddddd they are frantic. Poor Ginsberg hanging on by a thread as they will not let her retire. Trump will win in 2020 and pick 2 more supreme court justices and another 100 judges… his legacy will stand for 50 years.. and they can't do a thing about it. Keep America Great !!!

  27. 2Q says Nancy Polosie is a Heretic because she uses the father as her fallowing of life,s moral compass she abides by . She cant hate because of her Upbringing , and unquestionable Faith in What ? There is 2 much proof she loves her God all Money. twitter i leave you with whats coming . Aloha.

  28. Can anything be done to stop the nonstop harassment and bullying of the POTUS?! This is just absurd and needs to just stop already! It’s so ridiculous and some of the press is in on it for sure.

  29. What if the whisper blower or witness back off, they can't be bother at all. It because it was waste of the time and waste of tax payer.

  30. President trump has been our best president since Regan so leave him alone let president trump be a president and Joe Biden and his son Hunter did get 50.000 amonth so I agree with our president lay off.him

  31. Dear Rep Ken Buck… I hope you're keenly aware of the fight between the dark and the light that is unfolding at the macro level here with impeachment…. because Colorado is not only neck-deep in Luciferian leftist liberal swamp corruption, we are BURIED AND SUFFOCATING under the weight of it! I am a 5th generation Colorado native and this state has DESTROYED every good and decent person and opportunity over the past two decades, but PARTICULARLY under the state senate from 2006 to the present! How you got elected in this swamp hell is beyond me but I thank GOD every day for you and pray that He give you the strength to help return our beautiful state back to its original glory as a proud RED state, not a mini-Somalia run by Islamic-leftist-billionaire-globalist-fascists, which is, tragically, the very monstrous entity we, ACTUAL COLORADO NATIVES, CITIZENS OF THIS REPUBLIC & YOUR CONSTITUENTS are struggling against now!
    We are here.
    We want our state back.
    Please help us get it back!
    A fellow Coloradoan and once-proud, hopeful Native.
    P.S.- I was a lifelong Democrat. Liberal to the core. I didn't leave my party. It left me. In the DUST!!!

  32. these stupid democrats in the house think its their show they lost their chance move one and put these house democrats in jail !

  33. Adam Schiff's congressional district is in and around Hollywood so he reflects the values of Hollywood and its celebretards as well as a big chunk of the porn industry.

  34. I suggest the impeachment only be allowed if Trump can call both BIDENS to the stand. Watch the Demorats run like whipped step kids.

  35. Biden isn't anything Trump needed to fear back then, Nor now.
    Hunter was the real target; How exactly did Biden's crackhead son just so happen to acquire that job cushy job at Burisma without someone twisting a few arns?

  36. These Americans are just all talk on republican side . Graham doesn’t tell Pelosi anything to her face none kf them do , they just perpetuate the scam

  37. Yes waste more of our tax money you steal from us it’s not like there iare dying children in hospitals who need money more than these politicians


  39. In The Name of Jesus I wish USA will Wake Up… Pleaseeee we should know the difference from right and wrong. We are so divided but I have love for you all… I pray for us all

  40. president trump created the greatest economy in usa history !!! kept his promises !!!!!!!!!!! 100 mill trumplicans will reelect president trump 2020 magakag !!!!!!

  41. The Democrats are going to stretch this out as long as possible. The criminal behavior must be hidden that involves the Biden's, Clinton's, Obama and his appointees, Pelosi and Kerry's adult children, and a list of others. Hillary Clinton was a guaranteed winner for president so there was no fear of accountability and the impossible happened because of those deplorable Americans choosing Donald Trump. Imagine how the Democrats feel about Americans now. They showing it by trying to remove the people's choice.

  42. Schiff has made himself the country’s biggest TOOL no one that I know thinks this guy is worth anything to us people that work!
    You Schiff and you Polosi tool box and the rest of you Democrats have guaranteed a TRUMP win 2020 thank GOD!

  43. To all involved in this FRAUDULENT scam we are watching YOU!!!!!! The demoshits have all ready sunk their boat by overloading it with Obama's/ clintons crap we will flush any republican that sides with this scam !!!!!

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