Rent the Runway Employee: My Business Casual Interview Outfit

Rent the Runway Employee: My Business Casual Interview Outfit

hi I’m Alison and this is what I wore to
get my job at Rent the Runway when I was getting ready for my rent the runway
interview I went on social media for rent the runway to see what other people
were wearing and that really helped me I just picked something out of my closet
that was really bright thinking maybe that would help them remember me and it
was something I felt really comfortable in too and one thing I remember is that I
chose to wear my nose ring which is something I would normally take out for
an interview but I was thinking to myself these people just need to accept
me and if they do then I know it’s the right fit if I were to tell someone how
to prepare and be dressed for an interview I would really say to pick
something that really exemplifies who you are and that you feel really
confident in the one thing I consciously avoided was actually my classic
interview outfit that I’d had for many years which is this navy blue suit and I
was determined to wear anything other than that suit basically so I got
dressed the way that I felt was right and that’s how I got my job you

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